Pokemon X and Y demand on Android, iOS

By Alan Ng - Jan 18, 2014

Have you had the chance to play Pokemon X and Y yet? To do this, you need a Nintendo 3DS or 2DS and many fans believe it is the finest Pokemon game to release to date. As good as the game is though, there is an overwhelming demand for Nintendo to swallow their pride and start to release Pokemon games for Android and iOS devices.

Over the last few years, fans have been desperate for Nintendo to expand their business and bring some of their classic franchises to mobile. It would seem a win win situation you would think – who wouldn’t want to play Super Mario Bros 3 officially on an Android phone or tablet?

Nintendo has distanced themselves from this possibility in recent times though, until now that is. We could be seeing a breakthrough in 2014, with Nintendo’s president finally hinting that they could be ready to move into the mobile space.

Here’s a quote from Satoru Iwata on this happening sometime in the future:

“We are thinking about a new business structure. Given the expansion of smart devices, we are naturally studying how smart devices can be used to grow the game-player business. It’s not as simple as enabling Mario to move on a smartphone.”

Although it’s obviously not a confirmation at this point, it’s refreshing to see Nintendo at least consider the idea. We would absolutely love the idea of playing Pokemon X and Y on an iPad or Android tablet, but then again Nintendo may be worried about hurting 3DS sales in the long run.

We hope this happens though, Nintendo should see that they can very profitable by making this happen with the right planning. Would you like to see Pokemon on mobile?

Give us your thoughts and reaction below.

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  • Aamir Islam

    “Swallow their pride.” That is just silly. They aren’t restricting the game because their proud, its because a huge part of Nintendo’s business is the making of hardware. If they did this, it would basically kill Nintendo’s hardware division. Why would I buy a Nintendo 3DS if I can just play all these games on my phone! That’s why. And what I think Iwata meant is that the 9th gen portable they will make will also double as a smartphone. Which would be more smart.

  • Izaiah Alexander

    This seems like an overall good idea. As the article mentioned, if Nintendo plans this properly, all will go well.
    Hey maybe we will even have Hoenn remakes for Android and iOS.