GTA V PC release patience with amazing mod

By Alan Ng - Jan 18, 2014

It goes without saying that Rockstar are taking their time with the highly anticipated GTA V PC release date. As some fans continue to sweat and get angry though, others have taken matters into their own hands in the most amazing way possible.

Earlier on in the week, we told you about some possible GTA V PC gameplay footage that had apparently leaked. Unfortunately, GTA V publishers Take-Two removed all evidence of the video before many got to watch it, but from what others have told us – it could be real.

Now, as we await a possible announcement from Rockstar regarding the PC version, just feast your eyes on the video below. A team of dedicated fans have begun work on recreating the entire GTA V game, on the GTA IV engine.

This ambitious project is going to take some time to get to a stage of completion, but you can already see the strides that have been made in the excellent teaser below. There’s even a model of Franklin that has been created as well – it looks awesome.

There's even a Franklin model!

There’s even a Franklin model!

Some of you may be asking why would someone go to this length when Rockstar will release GTA V PC in the future anyway? There’s no harm in making the wait a little less stressful though – watch the video and we think most of you will agree that it is looking great.

Are you happy to play mods GTA IV on PC while we wait for GTA V to come out?

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  • booo


  • Kpv Sarath

    U **** it will be released otherwise go and hang yourself

  • Zen Shot

    GTAV will NEVER be released on PC.

    • Anonymous

      Where is the proof that it won’t, considering that a Brazillian Company hinted at it?


      • Zen Shot

        “…a Brazilian Company hinted..”? lol ok……

      • Zen Shot

        “…a Brazilian Company hinted..”? lol ok……

    • Anonymous

      Another console **** trying to convince themselves that that consoles are better than PCs…