Xbox One strikes back at PS4 with US December sales

By Matt Tran - Jan 17, 2014

The fight for dominance in the gaming market continues as Xbox One strikes back at the PS4, posting good December sales in the US. Microsoft’s console had been suffering at the hands of Sony’s when we saw the first batches of sales figures, it looks like the playing field is starting to level out somewhat.

The overall who’s winning question is a tricky one to answer as the Xbox One and PS4 have ousted each other in various personal battles. The PS4 sold the more consoles on launch day and at a faster rate then the Xbox One did in the US, however new figures have shown that the Xbox One sold an approximate 908,000 consoles in December which Microsoft claim is more than Sony shifted. Visit IGN to see a large range of in depth figures.

If it turns out that the Xbox One did sell more than the PS4 over Christmas in the US then this will be a big boost for Microsoft. Whilst Sony has not released their official figures for last month, they did announce they had already sold over 4.2 million units worldwide. At last count Microsoft declared that they had so far sold around 2 million consoles, although both of these quantities will have changed dramatically since then.


Microsoft’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb has had his say on the matter by modestly admitting that Sony had done a good job and should be commended. The Xbox One rep claimed that both platforms got off to a great start and will sell tons as the consumer has choice. Hryb also took a dig at those who express hate against rival consoles, saying that it needs to go away, this is gaming after all and should be fun.

Do you think that the personal conflict between console fans needs to stop or is it more about a showing of loyalty? Let us know your thoughts on the PS4 and Xbox One battle, which did you buy?

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  • Josh101

    All the hate needs to stop eh? Well, Microsoft shouldn’t have tried to force no used games DRM, 24hr online checks, Kinect camera with known involvement in the PRISM scandal. Also, there are a few things they skip out on. The PS4 was sold out over the entirety of December. Also, Sony sold over 1 million PS4’s in the U.S. on launch day and within 24 hours. What Microsoft did in 30 days, Sony did in 24 hours. PS4’s sold on Ebay at a rate of 2:1 over XboxOne during the December. Also, Microsoft’s last announcement was 3 million sold. Remember, Microsoft didn’t change their stance on the DRM and all the anti-consumer tactics until they saw pre-order numbers and panicked. They were quite happy with telling everyone “If you don’t like it, buy a 360,” until just this.

  • Reuby Doobe

    I think wr should share servers. Then we can kick sxxt out of those losers. Ps rules.

    • Paul

      MAybe one reason why Microsoft sold more in December was because xbox ones were available to buy where as ps4 was out of stock so couldn’t sell as many due to shortages