GTA V update removes money, causes anger

By Alan Ng - Jan 17, 2014

Earlier on this week we told you that Rockstar had closed down the GTA V Online servers, in a surprise bout of maintenance that lasted over 15 hours. Now, we can confirm that GTA V Online is playable again, but it looks like the GTA V unlimited money that you have been living off for the last few weeks has all but disappeared.

We knew that Rockstar were planning to take action after shutting the online mode down completely and now we know what it is. The developer has finally taken action against those using GTA V DNS servers and those who have hosted GTA V money lobbies.

If you have been given money in GTA V online without asking for it, you should be logging into your game today and find out that Rockstar has now removed this money. Any items, property or vehicles that you have bought using the dirty money though, should still be with your account.

While most of you will be happy to part with this money, we’ve been getting a lot of feedback from you telling us that Rockstar has also been removing money that you earned yourself – thus making a lot of players unhappy again at the moment.

For those that have been exposed as a ‘hacker or exploiter’, Rockstar has warned that these players will be dealt with via ‘in-game punishments’ or in the worst case, players could also receive permanent bans from GTA V Online altogether.

You can read through the whole thing from Rockstar’s statement here. Let us know if Rockstar has removed money from your account over the last few hours.

Did you earn this money legitimately, or was it handed to you by other means?

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  • Davis

    I personally speaking did hack the game but not for online purposes. I hacked the game to create false money offline as Trevor, Michael, and Franklin but I also earned some of the money on my own through the Lester missions and the main missions. They have no reason to take that away. If they decided to eliminate all the ‘dirty’ money then they should have found only that money and not the clean money. This really outrages me as both a gamer and X-Box user. I have no reason to work for in game money, that’s why it is called a game and not life.

  • Ace

    I work in real life for my money. Why do I have to work for money in gta as we’ll. Me personally, I took the hacks as a huge favor. I no longer had to do countless & repetitive races & survivals for cash. Now they took the money away so they can get micro transactions off the people who don’t feel like working in rockstars hours on end for fictional money in the economy known as gta online.

    Sorry but I just witnessed one of the greatest gaming companies of all time turn into a generic money hungry corporation.

    • j

      When you start up call of duty for the first time do you expect to have everything unlocked as well? You sir are why there are micro transactions in video games people don’t like to actually play they want everything given to them

  • SashaDemagio

    I a done with GTA Online, Rockstar has ruined the enjoyment of the game…

  • Shawn Dagenais

    I was taken away all my money and left with 50,000$ what the hell I killed someone that had a billion dollar bounty an have nothing to do with hacking for that matter . I also made over 200,000$ doing missions and a lot of races to get it and u took it all I want all my money back it’s not my fault he had a bounty of that amount, u should make it more fun on getting money like bank jobs and robberies maybe there would be less hackers

    • j

      Go look at your money earned money spent stats and then come back and complain that they stole from youm

  • Jeff Hyde

    I no longer want to play this game. I was rich now I’m not. WTF!! Don’t care if I killed a bounty worth 4 billion, not my problem. These server numbers only exist because of the devs. I’m done and I will never spend any real money on this game. It was broken on release and now there playing games with my time. I say good day!

    • jake

      Were you rich before getting the modder money? No? Quit complaining nobody cares if you wont play anymore

  • steveo

    someone just game me some money and I earned about 1000000 now all I have from 500000000 in 148000

    • jake

      Its because you spent more than you made

  • jake

    Basically.people claiming their money was taken need to go look at their stats. It says clearly how much cash you’ve earned and how much was spent. Most people are lying about earning the millions that was taken. If you yourself claim that rockstar has indeed “stolen” from you. Go and look at your stats and see your differences in money earned/spent that is why your accounts have way less money. I still have my 440k that I signed off with.


    Hey rockstar how about you stop worrying about hackers and cheaters for a little bit and worry about working on useful updates like bank heists that give you more money so people wouldn’t have to cheat to get it!! Common sense guys

  • jake

    They took money based on how much of the modder money you spent. If you were given it they left enough money to sustain some missions and ammo. And you get to keep what you bought. Overall I think that’s pretty damn fair. I for one think they should remove what was bought. Seeming as those that earned everything themselves and those that weren’t given millions to just spend are now at a disadvantage.

  • GTA?

    If they perm ban me i will take the CD out put it in the case and sell it and get another game.

  • Trolex409

    I lost most of my money. Although, I thought it was very strange to get 50 million just from stealing an 18 wheeler. I’m now down to 100 k, oh well, I still have my cars and apartment. I just wish I wouldn’t have hesitated on the airplane

  • Concerned Citizen

    I doubt most of the lost money are even actually accurately tracked by the players. Might just be a case of losing track of your original money. OR you might have used the original money during your spending bouts instead of the couterfeit money? Possible..?

  • Knife_1

    I want my money back earned 100 mill by jobs apparently don’t know how I’m only lol 52. I had 90 mill that I won from a bounty now I got 300 k well 200k had to buy ammo and replacement vehicles. Rockstar give it back !!!!

  • MisterCee

    Yeah, I was given a few billion, and earned another 2B on one of those crazy high bounty’s. But before this I earned close to a legit 900K. When the servers came back online I was kicked down to a measly $52,000. WTF! The online mode still has glitches up the wazoo. Network Errors boot me offline out of nowhere, game freezes up. If they think the hackers a re not one step ahead of them, they are wrong. Already ran across a few tonight with the damn “god Mode” on. They can’t be killed, but they sure can kill you…draining my account on health costs. Whatever, it’s getting old! I might just go back and redo the entie Story mode again.

    • fred

      thats what im doing, to many douches in online

  • Eric Day

    Considering the entire game is based on commuting serious crimes for money, I think exploiting the weaknesses of their software should not be frowned upon. It’s hypocritical in a way.

    If they wrote better code to begin with, they wouldn’t have this issue. I almost feel like they started out with the intention of making a single player game, and then decided a couple years into it to make it multi-player as well, and now it’s showing with all the holes people are exploiting.

  • Who said vault 77?

    In Game Punishments? Could you imagine if they just took the amount of money you exploited and set it to the red, like a negative in GTA SA, so it had to be paid back.

    Plus I still see a LOT of people who hakced their way up to super levels untouched, and I’ve already heard horror stories of people with billions again already,

    P.S. Zombie mode on may 5th perhaps?
    It is after all Cinco De Mayo, the Day of the Dead

  • JRoc

    2 million before the gifted money and $500,000 now. Rock* cant get their sh!t together

  • Marino

    all the money I had was given to me. I haven’t really played after a few days playing as a billionaire. Kinda sucked the fun out of the game for me. I just logged on to my account. Both characters have been stripped of their funds except my secondary. She has 550,000 left. I still have all my cars and Pegasus vehicles though. As long as I still have my buzzard, im happy.

  • Troy

    I had 2.7 billion, I had been keep track of how much “legitimate” money I made which was around 550k little more or less but that’s what they left me with is 550

    but every vehicle I bought including the Pegasus vehicles are all still there

    even though I’m sad to see it go I’m glad the game getting back to widget to give me a reason to earn money and not just screw around

    I admit it was nice to be able to pick up any vehicle at any time and fully modify it, but honestly I kind of knew this was coming
    if I was truly concerned about having a large amount of money
    I would have bought 10 adders and sold them all on the following day and start new like everyone else.

  • Payoff

    Over Christmas various random players sent me nearly a billion $$$ – but before that I had close to a mill that I had earned myself – since this update I now have only 400k – so I’ve lost around 500k of my own cash.
    BUT – If it means an end to streams of noobs in tanks and almost invincible players with 800 ratings, then I’ll happily pay it to get the game back to normal!

    • Mister Cee

      I dont understand WTF they did, what the process was to remove % of money. Same here, I legit earned close to 900k, only to be sucked dry knocked down to $52,408. Yet some of my friends actually gained money, some 20k, one friend over 130K! Talk about deflating,

    • jake

      It is because you spent more money than you had earned so they took some of your original funds to make up for it. You get to keep everything idk why everyone is throwing such a fit. Y’all are acting like babies


    Rockstar took a billion dollars off me and left me with a round about 500 thousand left so they took the money that was randomly given to me and money that I took from million dollar bounties but I still got all my vehicles and weapons

  • Jaguara333

    Rockstar removed 60 million from me that was given to me by a random hacker over a month ago. Rockstar left me with 3.8 million which I had earned legitimately…so they ONLY took the amount that was shared with me improperly. I had not spent any of it, so I don’t know if they took items back from others.

    • jake

      This right here. Notice how he didn’t spend any of the This guy still has his original money because he didn’t spend more than he made.