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FIFA 14 best goals of the week amazes

We have a lovely treat to end the week now for all FIFA 14 players. After EA announced and released the FIFA 14 TOTY selections, we can now get back to business with round 12 of EA’s FIFA 14 best goals of the week competition.

We continue to be amazed watching these best goals compilations, and this weeks is no different. EA has hand picked 5 goals which they think deserves the spotlight, although we’ve already seen some of you question those decisions.

Goal B specifically is the one which many think shouldn’t be on the list, but really you can’t argue with some of the other selections. Neymar’s goal is pretty amazing, while Goal E is also a little bit special.

Do you think you can score a better goal on FIFA 14 and deserve to be chosen by EA for next week’s video? Take a look at the quality of goals in this clip and let us know your thoughts on them below.



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