Elder Scrolls Online beta players give mixed reviews

By Matt Tran - Jan 17, 2014

Players eagerly awaiting the release of the Elder Scrolls Online will probably be very interested in what to expect from the game. Luckily we can share some reviews details with you which are mixed, coming from gamers who signed up for the Elder Scrolls Online beta, spoiler free and in accordance with the NDA.

Excitement is growing for the April 4th release on PC and Mac, we have spoken recently about talk of the Elder Scrolls Online being a World of Warcraft killer, a theory which a majority of people do not believe is going to happen. Reviews from many beta players have confirmed this too without breaking the non disclosure agreement, passing the gossip off as ‘trolling’.

A thread was opened recently on the Reddit forums, with one user asking if the Elder Scrolls Online was a unique game and if it was worth looking forward to, as a repeat of the WoW experience was not wanted. Over 450 comments from beta players have been posted on the thread, with initial reactions feeling very positive, declining somewhat as the forum continued.


The general feeling from a lot of gamers is that their expectations for the Elder Scrolls Online was set relatively low, hence why they have been pleasantly surprised. A majority of the positive comments highlighted the game as being really fun and immersive. There has been particular praise for character progression and the Guild Wars system which many different players say that they loved.

Many of the more negative comments focus on the lackluster combat experience, with some gamers even claiming that the ESO is unplayable. There has also been anger aimed at the subscription fees of $15 a month which seems very heavy for an online game. We saw one user criticize the game for being too much like Skyrim, which surely could be seen as a positive point given how epic and successful that was!

Elder Scrolls Online for PS4 news update silence

A comment that summed up the situation perfectly was that the success of the Elder Scrolls Online is going to depend on each different players expectation of what they think an Elder Scrolls game should be. Players expecting another version of Skyrim for example could be left either ecstatic or devastated, it will be interesting to see reactions and reviews when the ESO goes live.

Judging by the reviews summary the Elder Scrolls Online may be a love or hate scenario with the outcome boiling down to preferences and opinions, will this stop you from trying out the game when it launches? If you have played the beta then let us know how you found it and if you will be playing the game on release.

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  • Bluewraith

    TRULY disappointed
    first beta wkend > nice, second > average, third > bOOooring….
    why ? passsed the enthusiasm it is not elder scroll game… it is bad MMO adaptation in elder scroll world.. no sensation no intimacy no gut feeling, poor ambiance lighting for me the game is not finished and everyone is in the same map, the dungeons are so crowded that it feel like the city street in NY… Where are the traps ? where is the interest when there are 50 people waiting the boss to respawn… what the point of playing a thief when 10 warriors are patrolling to kill everything. Should have been more servers with less people on each, difficult dungeon for max 2 people skyrim in coop mode should be wonderful…with real traps… not 25 thief who hide in the same shadow.

  • Link

    Played the beta, loved the game, loved the art style. Just wish there was more to do than just quests, I geuss theres black smithing and a few other things, but I’d like to see more minigames and stuff to do. Then again I didn’t have much time to check out everything. I think the game is great.

  • Stefano Diem Benatti

    I never played an elder scrolls game before this one, but i have played plenty of MMOs over the years. I really like active combat, such as GW2, and because of this i really liked this game. Maybe its not as immersive as an ES game (i wouldnt know), but as far as the MMO genre goes its pretty good one. Nice voice acting, good graphics, good story lore, and interesting gameplay in 1st person with limited number of skills, favoring good resource management and timing instead of keyboard faceroll. It feels like a fresh approach to a tired genre, even if it has a few issues.

    PvP (WvW style) is also pretty fun, actually a lot better than in GW2 itself. Very vast map to explore and clash, huge battle against castles with lots of balistas and trebuchets, and nice effects when walls and doors are hit and destroyed. Aside from siege weapons, there aren’t any long range AoE abilities, which is great because there is no spamming of AoE attacks/healing, making it a lot more personal and interesting.

    It has a few issues with PvE content, such as lack of enemy variety, respawn speed and too many players in a same dungeon instance, but i believe a lot of them will be addressed by launch. They added 1st person view not long ago because of community feedback, which is a very good sign, and because of this im hopeful.

    What i dislike is pre-order/imperial benefits, salty monthly fee, and bad group support. I pre-ordered it and so far i do no regret it.

  • Lezard

    – Character customization, both aesthetically and skill progression. Of extra note, the possibility to use ‘ or – when choosing names, something good for roleplayers (since orc names use prefix gro- or gra- and khajiit use prefixes like Ra’ or K’)

    – Huge maps to explore and very detailed graphically

    – Music/Voice acting. They even went them extra mile and had separate voice presets for each race (something Tera failed at, being able to have Aman shouting in squeaky Elin voice).


    – Crafting system. Easy and allows the customization of armor aesthetics. Problem is the resources nodes are very well camouflaged (think Iron Veins in Skyrim) and since the Beta had a lot of players, it could be difficult to find them during peak times.

    – Treasure chests have fixed spots, meaning they can be indefinitely camped. At peak times you can go throughout the whole prologue without picking a single treasure of the 1000 provided.

    – Character and mobs graphic design are kinda weak and outdated.


    – The world map is very vast, but feels empty.

    – Instances being shared by everyone kills the immersion of exploring a “long forgotten ruin” when 20 other players are popping in and out, jumping around and looting everything.

    – Combat system is very clunky. Despite seemingly being an action MMO, it feels more like a cleverly disguised tab-target, since some attacks hit you even when not being close to the enemy. Likewise, skill animations are awful and often do not properly convey the hitbox of the attack.

    – There are no “Kill x number of mobs” or “collect x number of items”. Most quests consist of going somewhere, talking to someone or triggering some object, going back and collecting the reward. Add to the fact mobs give little experience, you can basically run completing quests without fighting at all and leveling up all the same. There are a few “Kill X Mini Boss” quests though.

    – For being the BETA of a game to be released in a month, it was very buggy, getting stuck on menues, lagging and getting CTDs despite exceeding the recommended requirements.

    • No.

      ” There are no ‘Kill x number of mobs’ or ‘collect x number of items'” Most people consider this a plus actually, it’s too MMO for them. Also I’m sure the reason there was a beta is for the bugs and glitches you encountered. Other than that good points. The dungeons and ruins weren’t “spooky” enough like Skyrim for me. They just weren’t very adventurous.

  • Guest123

    I’ve played in the beta and I have enjoyed it a lot. A few bugs here and there but nothing that can’t be fixed before launch. During the beta I took my time, went to explore to find skyshards, chests and what not.

    What I didn’t like was when I had a quest and had to kill a low level boss is that I had to enter some kind of queue to be able to kill him. There were so many people waiting for the boss to spawn that the second he spawned he insta-died from the nukes. I like to solo a lot and being forced to group up early on to finish a quest is not something that I appreciate.

    I am a lone ranger.

  • Wyndguard

    I think both camps make valid points.
    The good:
    1. Graphics great
    2. Sound/Voiceover great
    3. 3 WAR PVP great, DAOC realm wars was highly successful and so this will work for them and ties to the time period and history well.
    The okay and possibly good:
    1. Crafting, devs admitted it needs a overhaul. But there are fundamental game design decisions in other areas that affect this system. For one endless arrows and poison for characters for example hurt crafting , as do other game design decisions.
    2. Combat, the action combat I think is a great idea it needs tweaking for sure. Also the npc’s are getting better already, some burrow underground then come up and strike, others do flips over you and strike etc.. I think this will get much better as time goes on.
    The terrible:
    1. Enviroment is empty and on a rail system. Terrible design considering your name is Elder Scrolls online. This is a shock to me and will be for many many players.
    2. Immersion has been stripped away for shared grouping free for all areas. WOW what a terrible decision, this goes against all design of this series. Today with the advancement in instancing they could of easily kept this immersion feel and also presented public areas and dungeons without breaking immersion, the whole beauty of instancing if done properly it allows you this type of flexibility and creativity in a MMO.
    3. Community, what community and really with the other bad design decisions where is the community building incentives. They have so much in the foundation to actually use to create it but just skip it by. For example lock picking, hello? ever think that maybe using crafting and other things like disarm trap skills to the chests could be a great community incentive? Yes will nope, chests are stuck to the ground like a rock and lockpics are easily obtained and takes no skill but learing how to twitch the pins via a sub game. There goes the community and RP building once again missed oppurtonity.
    I just think developers seem to try and please all target groups to maximize their profit out of fear of not making enough money to cover the development costs. To me due to the terrible design decisions this MMO will be just another standard MMO with no real changes to the genre and certainly no real loyalty to the series.
    Either way go in have some fun for a few months then fade away bored as usual with these kind of MMO’s and move on to the next carrot.

  • Jason Walsh

    It’s kinda funny to read the comments from people disparaging others for complaining about the costs. Even if you’re some filthy rich jerk, you might want to think about who you are giving your money to. Otherwise you are just a filthy rich clown, and then who cares what you’ve got to say, seriously, you begin to sound like every other message-board moron out there who can’t see past their own nose.
    For people to say that they don’t think it’s worth what is being asked doesn’t make them inferior, it makes them smart. It doesn’t matter how rich you are or aren’t, I don’t want to be that sucker who complains that I gave any amount of my money to a company and then feel like a jerk because I’m not getting what I want and no one cares (boohoo), because they’ve already walked away with my dollars and all I’d get is automated responses from tech support or whatever.
    It’s worth considering; so many people feel strongly about subscription costs that it’s really risky business. You don’t know every person’s situation, let alone the anonymous people you troll with “cheapskate”, it’s so obvious these comments are coming from typical internet jackasses so if you don’t want to look like a moron, think twice before posting.

    • Cary Rose

      The truth of the matter though is that video games cost money and every game you buy is a reasonable risk you have a month to decide if this game is what you want after purchase and as long as the content matches the cost there’s no reason not to pay. The hard truth is if you can’t afford 15 bucks a month maybe you should reevaluate your income and whether you can afford to game at all. If you just WON’T pay a sub fee then you really don’t care about the game enough and its not for you. The bottom line is complaining on the net solves nothing.

      • Jason Walsh

        Thanks for the financial advice, I’m sure people will get a lot from that, but my point was that if you decide that the product is too expensive for what you are getting, that doesn’t make you a cheapskate, and if you say that, you are a clown. Simple. And what’s the problem with people discussing how they feel about the game? Who said it needs to solve anything?

      • Jason Walsh

        But who decides if the content matches the cost? Surely people can have an opinion without being complainers or cheapskates. Broaden your mind.

  • Hideous room

    Erh…in what imaginary world is $15 a high subscription fee? The sub fee for The Old Republic, which I am currently playing, is roughly 13.4 euro, equal to $18. WoW had the same fee back when I played that. $15 is cheap in comparison.

  • Observer

    Ive been in beta and im going to play this game at release. But fact is I will play ESO just to get some fresh scenary and do something else for a while.
    I cant really shake off the feeling that so many will be really disapointed in this game. I mean, as an example there is no real use to sneak anywhere since all quest areas like “long lost temples/caves/hideuts/ruins” are public. its more players in there then there are mobs… its litterally a killfrenzy even so first come first served while the others will find themself standing and waiting for their turn to interact with quest objectives. for me that totally ruin the immersion ive used with in regular TES games. I dont find it logical being sent to this dangerous place no one dared to ventured in 100 years to get that unique item when there litterally is crawling with people doing the exact same thing.

    Still, other things have a really nice feeling in the game, music and graphics are more then decent, questing is not that boring as some other games. PVP seems fun when one get used to it, crafting ok aswell.
    I think i will find a way to have fun with it anyway =).

    The only thing I hope for is that they stick with their current paymodel and ignore the cries for f2p. Nothing destroys a game more then the man made abomination “F2P”-mentality. Urk! Might just cancel a game rather then to go that way.

  • Juz

    I pre-ordered the CE edition and now after Beta I have buyers remorse. I want to cancel TBH but will try it one more time (I tried healer, range and melee will try tanky melee now) before I make the final decision.

    Don’t get me wrong I loved some parts, the character creation was up there to Aion (before it went F2P), the music suits the zone and the forest areas always look great but game play just felt so awkward, there was no fluidity in the movements, I couldn’t immerse because I was too aware of moving my toon around, it was just clumsy. I wished I could enjoy third person view but the camera was off, it wouldn’t let me center my toon until I was zoomed right out and the angles of the camera was off as well. Might be beta issues but at this late stage I’m nervous thinking that part is already sorted and if that is the case yes you can play POV but what’s the point of getting the CE/bonus pack pets when you can’t see them playing POV. The cons just out weighed the pros in that last test.

    Also it ended up boring me, felt grindy and honestly it just made me miss Skyrim so I ended up leaving the ESO Beta and made a new game on Skyrim and ended up playing that for a few hours.

    So first impressions isn’t great for me but I will give it one more shot before I make my mind up.

    • Death By Pudding

      I would never buy anything before trying it out, food not included. Sorry to hear that you didnt like it that much. I enjoyed it and I did order Imperial Edition.

      • Brent Feinberg

        Same exact deal with me Juz. I have two copies of the Imperial edition ordered, one for my wife and I, and after the Beta, I actually felt depressed. Maybe my expectations were too high.
        I found the graphical textures to be lame, and the camera was off center. Also, why the hell is their a crosshair in 3rd person view? No mini-map means I have to constantly turn around to see if my wife is behind me or has wandered off somewhere.

  • Death By Pudding

    I have to say that as a “solo player” I really REALLY liked this beta, and I most likely will buy Imperial Edition. The voice acting is solid, music is just gr8, the atmosphere is just fantastic and that combat was solid too imo. I do understand that not every1 will like this game but hey, is there one game, mmo or fps or anything, that every1 would like? I dont think so! 🙂

  • Sir Lickems

    I played the beta over the weekend, and I’m not impressed at all. It’s an exact copy of World of Warcraft down to the color coding that they chose for gear quality. The quests are over the top — save the world at every turn — and yet still manage to be quite boring. The combat is WoW minus the number of abilities, hit numbers, and auto attacks. (You are actually auto attacking but with left and right click.) I really wanted to love this game, but it is absolutely nothing like Skyrim. Had it been, it would have been the mmo to end WoW. But, it can’t end WoW, because it is WoW.

    • Pissnelke Haare

      I absolutely disagree. Even you are saying “minus the number of abilities, hit numbers, and auto attacks” and there is no hard lock on a creature. the combat is completely different! did you ever play WoW? your whole text basicly describe the difference between the combat of WoW and TESO. i just loled sorry.

      • Sir Lickems

        Yes. I played WoW for 5 years. Yes, 4 aspects of combat are different, but that’s all. There are far more aspects than 4. I’m not going to explain how you’re targeting a box not the actual creature (like WoW) and how similar all of the abilities are. It’s just the feel. Let alone the game outside of combat which is a typical MMO in every way. I just had hoped it would be a sort of Skyrim online as it was presented. It’s not at all.

    • Death By Pudding

      Wow.. I really disagree with you. Combat is no where near to WoWs “stand still and spam macro button and eat pudding with ur other hand” style. Combat was more skill based in this one, more action. I just liked ESO atmosphere and those guests, no need to “kill 100 pigs @ durotar”. But this game isnt for every1. Im still positive that this game will get much much players. My beta experience was solid, not a single bug or problems with server, and that was just WEARD, one big mega server and it went so well..

  • Javatar

    I should add, for amusement, my first character stepped into a stream and fell out of the game, literally. She was just in an endless roll of clouds falling and screaming forever.

    My second character stepped into a puddle and was suddenly dead, for no reason at all. At least he could revive.

    At that point I thought to myself… am I playing Dark Souls?

  • Javatar

    Just had my first Beta session with ESO this evening. Frankly, I’m miserably disappointed.

    Elder Scrolls games are characterized by a vast world that becomes immersive because of all the wonderfully unnecessary details. There are caves with a few trolls in them, long winding roads through the mountains that you can ride down on your horse for an hour and hardly run into an enemy except for a few stray wolves, towns full of npcs walking about having conversations with each other; the music is beautiful, the voice acting is thoughtful, etc.

    ESO has none of this. It starts you off in a ridiculously improbable situation that offers little story and less immersion. The prevalence of players means that collecting ingredients is a race–can I get to that geode before someone else does? The voice acting is silly and stilted and the npcs seem to stand in place–where are the wonderful schedules from Skyrim, the hours of wakefulness and sleep, the sunrise, sunset glory and the Northern Lights? The graphics look like a bad farce of Skyrim, especially the horrific little bit with a Dragon Priest whose voice seemed like a SouthPark skit. Monsters are right there outside the settlements with over-the-top quests littering the surrounding countryside so that any random civilian would stumble on them–not tucked away in a cave or between glaciers in a place where one might actually imagine an adventure would lurk. Most of the NPCs have little or nothing to say.

    If one wants a big online world to run around and have goofy combat adventures, WoW is fine. I hate WoW. When I play an Elder Scrolls game, I expect an immersive world where I can linger, crafting quietly, arranging my house, talking to NPCs and watching them go about their days whilst I occasionally fight a Dragon or plunge into a dungeon only to return and spend some time talking to my wife and kids or breaking and entering to pick a few pockets and maybe even rob a book I haven’t read yet. I thought multi-player meant I could share this experience with a friend or two… how naive I was.

    • Sir Lickems

      I couldn’t agree more. Very articulately put. The game is horribly typical.

    • Jason Walsh

      Nicely put. I didn’t Beta, but was keeping a close eye for news and have been kinda see-sawing over whether I will buy in or not. If your description is accurate, It’s very much a game I wouldn’t be interested in which would be a sad realization for me.

  • GwShonie

    The lead-up to this is very reminiscent of SWTOR to me.
    I’ve been through enough MMO releases to know that very few changes are made from beta to release. If it’s not good in beta, not much will be different come release. Anyone who thinks differently hasn’t played enough MMO’s at launch.
    EA/Bioware couldn’t make a subscription-based MMO work, what makes anyone think ZOS can? Times have changed, the majority of people won’t pay that anymore. The first month may be ok, sales may be ok, but 90% of the people will be gone after the free month ends. The people willing to pay that a decade ago have all grown up and moved on in life. This generation doesn’t pay subscriptions.
    Teso f2p and cash shop incoming

  • No.

    How funny, the article mentions how the general attitude of the beta testers is mixed reviews, which is perfectly exemplified in this very Disqus discussion. lol

  • Pissnelke Haare

    i played a lot of MMORPGs and Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim. I played the beta.
    I do like the Sound, graphics, character creation, the minimal interface and the hotkey integration. I don’t like the feedback when hitting an enemy, don’t see when you pulled a mob, class balance, drops?!, the levels are so generic and boring as hell, i don’t like the progress of my character over the levels, no bubbles –> no interaction with other players. But on top of all this, i miss the math, the numbers, the play with the stats.
    For me it’s not a MMORPG because of the missing interaction and all the numbers and stats and it’s not a single player game either because the world is dead and strange.
    i’ll wait for some patches and updates, maybe a year, then try it out…

  • Simon H

    Regardless, the Beta invites are ever expanding. There will always be people that don’t take to games, and those are always the most vocal. The real news will be in the sales figures and population from launch. If it hits critical mass, the likely effect will be a short term continued growth as friends of friends jump on board too. If not, all depends on the appeal for continued population.

  • Simon H

    That quote said it all.. “A repeat of the Wow experience was not wanted”. WoW really doesn’t need a killer. Players are dropping off like flies already. For me this one looks like the way to go. Even if a small chunk of the WoW population jump ship it may be enough to sink it.

  • c0m4ndo45

    The comments section of this article proves only that it’s author was right. Posted about mixed reviews, got more mixed reviews/comments.

  • Ryan

    I might buy the game and then just play for the first month. I agree the beta was okay, I have mixed feelings on that. My biggest complaint was combat, and I tried to scream at them to make it smoother and make the auto attack faster and separate out the charged up attack to a different button, but to no avail I think. I shall meditate on this. Imperial edition makes me want to at least buy it, cause I didn’t like the other races much lol. Rings of Mara is cute nod to marriage in game, or can use with friends for bonus exp.

    • Blencathra

      You can change which button is used for what with the interface. I plan on changing the Q as I kept pressing it by accident.

  • Mathew Chilton

    I have played every MMO since 1998 starting with Ultima online, that has released in the USA. The one exception being anarchy online. That said, TESO is absolutely nothing new, nor anything special. It is a mix between Age of Conan combat and TERA combat, it’s pretty slow. That said, it doesn’t matter the speed as it is RIDICULOUSLY easy. I found most world bosses I encountered were duoable if not soloable (I solo’d 2). You will still be hopping from quest hub to quest hub.

    Part of the reason it lacks the immersion of TES games is that everything is revealed for you. You do see things like towers, towns, ruins, etc on your compass, however you not only know exactly what they are (Your compass tells you as soon as you face that direction), but you know if there are quest NPCs there as the giant quest icon appears on the compass as well. To clarify, you could be really really really really far away, point at a ruin icon and get the EXACT name “Ruins of Bob the Great.”

    There is absolutely no exploration, it is all explored for you. The quests hold your hand and walk you through every step. You cant swim (not underwater anyway, you can skim the top), You will NEVER be curious about anything or wonder what’s around the corner, or find any super cool things that your friends havn’t found yet, ITS ALL MARKED ALREADY.

    That said, it could have still been fun if the combat was at least a tiny bit challenging. However, if you’ve played WoW, rift, ToR, any of the current gen MMOS really, that’s the difficulty combat you’re looking at. Solo the entire thing, need no one. Even the group dungeons do not require more than 2 or 3 people (at least the only one we had access to).

    I’d say if oblivion dumbed down morrowind, and skyrim dumbed down oblivion, TESO dumbed down the entire genre.

    TL;DR dont expect a challenge, or an Elder Scrolls game. There is no exploration or excitement.

    • Kunami

      I completely disagree with everything you wrote here. The fact that you don’t even know how many MMOs exist is enough reason to disregard your post. I could list 30 MMOs I’ve played and I wouldn’t even reach 1% of the MMOs online right now!

      Comparing Tera and AoC to ESO is a joke! They’re nothing a like! Where are these quest hubs? I didn’t see them in beta! maybe you were playing the wrong game? possible a AoC mod or something…I don’t know. Did Tera and AoC remove cool downs as well? Did they get rid of they’re auction house? Can you join five guilds! Do they run on a mega server! Can I just switch my armor class? Can all characters use healing skills?

  • Phantomgamer

    I have played most MMO’s that have come out. Started with Everquest and kept going. The longest one was WoW. The shortest was Anarchy Online.
    Most seem to have the low levels and mid levels well covered but tend to fall short when you max out your toon. You either get stuck in endless PVP or Raiding. Age of Conan was fun at the high end for about two weeks, then it got boring building siege engines. Most other MMO’s had their own failures once you max’d out. Even Wow got boring for me, doing that stupid Island over and over again to get enough burdens to buy the right gear. (Played Wow off and on since it came out till about a month ago, doing GW2 atm)
    Almost all were $15 a month or started that way then went free-to-play (like D&D Online). So, the $15 is not a deal-breaker for me. But paying the $15 a month for an MMO, you expect it to be a cut above the MMO’s that don’t charge a monthly fee.
    So, like the others MMO’s, I will give ESO a try, get a couple of toons to max level and see what the high-end content is like. Will it keep my interest. We shall see.

    • Simon H

      Agreed. I’ve seen plenty of MMOs I wouldn’t consider playing for. They just weren’t that good. Others had short term appeal.
      WoW was my longest player too. I was happy to pay the monthly fee for two reasons:
      1) While it offered that much in terms of gameplay and appeal, I wasn’t looking elsewhere to buy other games, so the net effect was, as a rule, I spent less each month.
      2) As long as there was a steady supply of new content, and I could have fun with friends exploring it, everyone made progress and was happy.

      What killed it. Simple. They catered for the top 5%. The top end elitist guilds. Difficulty ramped up, and many of my friends and more relaxed gamers hit a brick wall. They were left behind or simply couldn’t cope, with ever more complex rotations and tactics. It destroyed any fun and progress and created a class divide that was simply way too vast. Requirements for even trying dungeons grew increasingly. If you weren’t there at the start, there was no place for you. When friends left, I followed, and have no intent to ever return, even if free play were offered.

  • Solarmon

    Some things in Skyrim made it feel fresh and special. Some of them are in ESO, too; like for example the good character creation or the cool-down-less/few-abilities combat, but for my preferences, many things are not in.

    Looting what an enemy is actually wearing, for example. Having a very RPG like feeling by being able to interact with environment, plates, food, etc. We even had belts and scabbards!

    Also, I feel already weird having to chose a strange class with some strange skills without a real background story or cultural ties to it. Some skills themselves seem to be weird, more like in a asian game, superpower-like. Feels weird.

    So, what is new and different with ESO compared to other MMORPG? Apart from having no cooldowns on skills, I do not know. So, it does not seem very attractive.

    • Simon H

      Disgraceful. Complaining because you’re not able to undress your victims. I’m sure if you give it time someone will make you a suitable mod lol.

      • Elsa

        What he means, if you didn’t read, is that it is sad that he can’t interact with the online world around him.

      • Jason Walsh

        The funniest part of your comment was where you took what the poster said and then ridiculously distorted it and called THEM disgraceful for that. Gold. Do you post much?

  • Mzuark

    So I always just have this to say to detractors and people whining up a storm about mechanics or depth: Are you sure you’re not just asking for too much? In 10 years, Bethesda hasn’t disappointed me with Elder Scrolls game.

    I can understand subjectivity, but I feel like no one else can. They just try to manipulate other fans into being just as jaded as them.

    • Jason Walsh

      If you really understand subjectivity, why did you follow up with that pearler of a statement??
      The company is asking people to spend their money on some product. Not just a once off, mind you, an ongoing cost. People discuss stuff.
      Any monkey with a keyboard and enough time can negatively characterize the opinions of those he or she agrees with. I guess it’s harder to tackle the ideas without resorting to insults or characterizations, but it really is worth it.

  • Roy

    For me, the game is alright. It definitely has the elder scrolls feel, however it does lack in a few crucial elements that made the ES series great, but this was to be expected within the confounds of an online game.
    It certainly isn’t the most engaging mmo out there, but for fans of mmo gaming and ES lore, I can see it as a real boon.
    However those who are big mmo fans without the dedication to the ES series will most likely drop it after a few months, if even that. The same could be said for those who enjoy ES but not MMO’s.

    The game is decent enough, but falls a bit short on the 2 things that it is, thus I only see the die hard fans of both mmo’s and ES sticking with it for any length of time.

    Better played on PC (not a master race suggestion), simply because you won’t have the added console fees on top of your subscription.

  • ccrashh

    I was in the beta the last round. Found it cluttered and confusing. With no mini-map it was difficult to navigate. Some items are interactive and others, that look identical, aren’t. You have to click on everything to be sure. Quite tedious.

    • Mzuark

      That’s pretty much the MMO experience.

    • Mathew Chilton

      You have to be kidding. Every single thing is marked on your mini map before you even explore it. You can just point at a marker on your compass and the name of the location pops up on your screen, even from a zillion miles away.

      • Simon H

        Welcome to Skyrim

  • Mark Jinks

    15 a month, 180 a year and ps plus 40. im out…

    • Richasfuck

      Haha socialist lower-class punk

      • John Brown

        Playstation Plus won’t be required. Xbox Live Gold however will…

    • Simon H

      How much do you spend on games each month, with 1-2 week appeal? I take the outlook if it’s good enough it’ll most likely save me money lol

  • Ebon

    I had the opportunity to join the most recent beta session (10-12 Jan) and I loved it. The game is pretty much what I expected it to be: great graphics, engaging combat system and character development similar to Skyrim.

    Sure, some bugs and still some tuning to be done, but that’s to be expected: it’s not live yet. I think it’s funny people complain that some creatures are too easy to kill. That’s so easy to fix: add more htipoints and/or damage. That’s what tuning is for.

    People should be looking at combat mechanics and character development instead. Tuning is something that never really stops in an mmo. There will always be “too strong” or “too weak” factors that require tweaking, even long after release day.

  • Steven Ketza

    Anyone complaining about having to pay for the game and subscription are either cheap or really new to mmo’s. If you don’t like the pricing model, there are other games for you cheapskates.

    • Mzuark

      Yeah, pretty much. True it’s a little expensive, but so is WoW and that has millions of subscribers even to this day.

      • Steven Ketza

        I have been playing mmo’s for about 17 years or so. I had to pay 15 bucks a month for pretty much every mmo I have played. I do work for a living but I also understand that my 15 bucks a month is also helping keep the game going. Yes the free to play models do make more money, they also cost the players more money in the end. However monthly subs usually keep out the less desired players who are trouble makers or just want to screw around and mess up other peoples gaming experiences. If you can’t afford 15 a month, you should be focusing your time on getting a better paying job and not gaming online anyways.

      • Simon H

        Have to agree. WoW is still the best of the competition. The only reason I quit WoW was when they catered too heavily for the elitists and killed the game for everyone else. Friends left. I followed.

        The paid subscription model though is a good idea.

        Key thing is getting people familiar with the game the moment they get there, and ideally in touch with their friends instantly to help them out on the right foot.

  • Guest

    I was in the beta and I loved it a lot – yes I am a fan boy of the elder scrolls series but I think this will be a game that a lot of people will enjoy.

    I would say loads about it but of course I cant but I can admit the game was not perfect – yes there were some issues which caused some frustration but as soon as they fix these issues and take in all the constructive criticism from the beta testers I think this will be a great game to rival the MMO franchise.

    Also PvP was immense .. I loved it 😀

  • Ryan

    Beta testers are notoriously unreliable as a source of objective criticism. Half of them are happy just to be in a beta, the other half are fanboys.

    The ones giving harsher criticism are the ones who have been playing it long enough for the elation to wear off.

    The game will sell. You’ll have a few million copies sold within days of release, only for the numbers to drop like a stone within six months when gamers realize, yet again, that a MMO failed to attain it’s lofty goal.

    Seriously, how many more times do gamers need a Ryzom, Vanguard, Matrix Online, LOTRO, STOR, DC Online before they finally come to the realization that MMO’s rarely deliver what they promise.

    • Mzuark

      I don’t know what people THINK MMOs promise besides exploring a huge world with other people.

    • warlord greebo

      No dude. If a game is going to flop… you hear about it. In the case of ESO, I do not gather that from the ether.

      This is a very positive thing.



      • Simon H

        I’d have to agree. If I’d seen the Beta content I wouldn’t be allowed to comment on it, but IF I HAD seen it, I can say with absolute certainty I’d have liked it. Sure I’d have had the odd gripe and fed that back as feedback, but you expect that with everything.

        IF I’d seen it, I would probably have purchased the digital imperial edition already and read this thread out of interest.

      • Jason Walsh

        Bet you wish you’d actually read anything on this page at all before you put that up.

      • Ryan

        I didn’t say it would flop. I said the game will sell but numbers will drop like a stone within six months of release. That sound anything close to flop? No? Alright then.
        P2p is a legitimate complaint especially when ESO will be directly competing with F2p games released around the same time, which is why ESO p2p scheme will be canned within a year.

  • Kronk

    I for one want the sub fee to remain. I do not like pay to win systems and would rather get rid of kids who cannot afford the sub anyways. The game looks great, the quests are undeniably elder scrolls which is where this game will shine. i will be playing at release and for many years i am certain after! The whole oblivion factor has many possibilities for end game and dungeon content that would make any mmo player salivate at the glands. This game will be the new wow killer guaranteed.

  • Pantheon

    If the price keeps the less passionate people away, I’m happy. Yeah $15 per month is steeper than some other MMO’s but if it eliminates pay to win cash shops, again I’m happy. I’ll probably buy in and give them 3-4 months, but if I don’t see some general improvement in gameplay or the available skills (in combat) it could be very disappointing. The skills themselves are pretty good BUT don’t let me fully develop a certain number of skills and then in the heat of battle only be able to use a percentage of them. Too many skills is overkill, but too few skills makes for BORING gameplay.

  • Rob

    The design of the game is good. Very skyrim like. But I didnt try to party or go in depth to the complex systems that mmo’s tend to have. That could make or break the later levels. But the quality is there. Especially if you are a fan of skyrim.

    • Simon H

      I’m sure you mean you imagine that’s what you’d have done, if you’d played the game and not been subject to a Non Disclosure Agreement 😉

      I have to agree. I “Imagined” playing it too, and rated it sufficiently highly that I subsequently “imagined” buying it. I’d recommend other people do the same 😉

  • Shade

    I played the BETA and it is going to be the first pay to play game I will play. I played a few trials of WoW but never got sucked in enough to pay to play. Played LoTRO and never stuck with it, but ESO has me sold and I am very excited.

    It will be as immersive as you let it be. Being an MMO, there will never be complete immersion like other Elder Scrolls games simply for the fact there are so many people running around all the time, and many not having names that fit the world or whatever.

    What Im loving most about it is the sense of nostalgia and the wonder lust for the unknown. Creatures from ES:III are back, New unexplored regions of morrowind that have the same style as morrowind from ESO:III. Skyrim areas look and feel like Skyrim from ES:V, same goes for Cyrodiil. I would play this game from a simple archeaologist/historian/geologist point of view cause lore is well fleshed out.

    I played it Solo most of the beta and the story is compelling so far, and playing solo is challenging at times, but not impossible. Combat has room for different strategies, not limited to attempting to avoid it and sneak around enemies.

    $15 dollars a month does sound steep, but from my point of view, there will be so much content and things to do, replay value, and no micro-fees, $15 pays for it all. Take a break for a while, $15 dollars down the road and you are right back in there.

    In short, im #@$’n stoked.

    • Simon H

      Cough.. NDA.. cough..

      Just to clarify, you imagined playing it, right, and didn’t actually play with a NDA. I imagined playing it too, and it was very good lol.

      I don’t think it deserves the trolling it gets from some persistent individuals. The design team are VERY good, as for that matter are the rest of the team. They pay great attention to detail and things are looking very promising.

      I find it funny when these articles attempt to rip to shreds claims it’ll be a WoW-Killer. THAT, we will ultimately have to wait to see.

      However, ask yourself this. Why do terms like “WoW Killer” keep coming up. There do seem to be a lot of ex-WoW players jumping on that bandwagon.

      • Plumpis

        It keeps coming up over and over again because they fail to “kill wow” over and over again.

  • factory_666

    I loved what I’ve played, being a TES fan and having played a couple MMO’s in my days. Funny enough – I loved combat in particular, mostly for the fact that it’s much more player-skill based than usual MMO’s pr even TES 3,4 and 5.

    You can certainly play it like a regular hotbar-rotation RPG against same level mobs, or you can engage mobs of higher and much higher levels than you and still survive, although the latter requires you to manage the timing, resources and positioning and watch carefully for enemies’ attack cues.

    This also fixed the easy-difficulty problem. The enemies and quests I took later in the beta pushed me pretty hard and some of them required many attempts. Learning how to take advantage of the action oriented combat system and being able to survive pretty dicey moments against enemies of 20% higher levels or so was very satisfying. Not Capra Demon intense, but still quite challenging.

  • Katyna Ashe

    The majority of player input and review is going to be negative right now. Why? Because those who respect the NDA and have high regards for the game are keeping their mouths shut. So the current comments from ESO are going to be negatively bias.

    • Jefe

      False. There are plenty of disappointed testers who are respecting the NDA, as well. Zeni sees the survey results, they know what’s up. Why do you think the NDA is still in effect? It would be a big blow to their marketing efforts to unleash disgruntled beta testers to spread the word right now.

      They’re either scared because they have no ideas how to fix things before launch or they actually have some fixes up their sleeve before the next beta session(s) & don’t want pre-mature bad word-of-mouth before they can correct some stuff. Hopefully, it’s the latter, and they can get the game sorted & get most testers hyped up before lifting the NDA.

      • Katyna Ashe

        The game isn’t released and no not everything is perfect. But the game is FAR from being bad or even mixed. Reality is trolls are coming out like crazy, and there seems to be a HUGE audience of infantile or testosterone driven ESO haters (and they really are). They don’t give the game any good criticism in beta or out and are simply trolls nothing more or less.

        ESO development isn’t scared to fix anything and have made huge strides in what will ultimately prove to be a successful game. But ultimately the game won’t be for everyone. And even post release there will be areas ESO can improve. Generally speaking though most will likely find the game to be very enjoyable if they give ESO an honest attempt ignoring what ESO backers or haters are saying.

        Simply put there is an overwhelming percentage of people who feel they have to hate/love the game. This is probably due to the very different expectations everyone has, and the fact that people are basing their perception on beta reviews and reviewing a game in beta is a terrible way to do it unless the game has reached open beta. Reality is only a handful of beta players have enough insight to be responsible, understand beta content is pre-release and many systems will change. And that good feedback is necessary for change. Unfortunately many go into beta and review the game, and then yell and scream like children because they reviewed a game which wasn’t released. Consequently these are the exact people which no beta needs or wants. Its unfortunate for ESO they have such a large number of tests who fit this bill. But every major game does and part of the success is wading through this angry audience (many of whom buy the game, play it for hundreds of hours and still complain after that they didn’t have fun, that makes perfect sense right?)

        • Simon H

          lol. I like to think most of them are WoW employees or guildmasters, all worried that their players will all jump ship and leave them on their own.

    • Simon H

      NOT AT ALL.

      The majority of negative feedback appear to be from trolls. There IS an NDA in place for ACTUAL testers.

      In real terms, there are very few actual testers with anything bad to say. The vast majority are respecting the NDA and remaining silent. I’m saying that purely based on numbers publicly known and threads.

      Another HUGE wave of invites is out for this coming weekend, as announced in the news. The vast majority seem to be very positive, but threads like this really won’t make any difference. You all know from your own experiences why you buy games. I don’t anticipate more then 1% are swayed to buying or not buying by a posting in a forum.

  • Apoll

    World looks great, and asks to be explored. Crafting easy and complex at the same time. The reverse engineering feature like EvE online is great addition. No instances, everyone is there together. Has treasure maps/hunting like UO also.

    As PvE goes, as good as Skyrim/Oblivion. Dominion has better quest dialogs imho (more humour) especially when Khajiit characters are involved.

    Was unfortunate that on the last beta the Cyrodill gate was off, so no RvR. On the previous session though, was feeling better than DAOC on it’s good days in 2002-2006. 180 people were trying to take-defend a keep, and only two MMORPG feature that concept (DAOC & EVE Online).

    No levels, as such. The more you use active skills/styles the better you become. And they fork to multiple advance skills (you pick one) with different secondary abilities to tailor your character better.

    AI on second island, is pretty good. They surround you and you have to use the ground to your advantage, spent stamina wisely or even at level 10 you are dead by 2-3 level 5-6 AI.

    To describe the game with the RvR part is tad difficult for most people (those you haven’t touched DAOC)

    You can think of it as the light EvE Online, DAOC 2, Skyrim where the war between Imperial & Stormcloaks is between players on Cyrodill (Oblivion map). Or the fantasy version of Planetside with PvE.

    PvE also in “empire” isn’t that must. Get to L10 and off to Cyrodill. Has better bonuses to PvE or fight for the alliance against other players there.

  • CaptainCamper

    Feels like Elder Scrolls for about the first 30-60 minutes of game play. Then it just turns into typical fetch, kill and search quests with very little depth and character. Only played 7-8 hours so a little early for a final judgement on an MMO, but it’s not looking good so far.

    • factory_666

      Before I saw your comment I was just planning to post that the game feels a little slow and linear at first but starts feeling like a single player TES game 10-12 hours into it. Different people – different opinions after all.

      • CaptainCamper

        Hopefully I hit a bit of a dead spot and it opens up a short time after 😀

    • Simon H

      IF you did actually play it, and assuming you broke the NDA and like to live life dangerously, I would hazard a guess you’re in a minority.

      I’d place my bets that there are testers who didn’t like the start, and found it too simple and enjoyed it increasingly more as things ramped up in the later game.

      I have reason to believe it’s shaping up VERY well and looks worth buying 🙂

      Of course I wouldn’t know – I either haven’t played it or can’t possibly say.

  • Aleksander.dev

    Played til lvl 11 on 2 chars and must say i like the game and looking 4ward to play it again.

    The negative part of this game is solo vs party.
    I tested both.
    Solo play was not easy and I was struggling with some “bosses” That where equal and a 1-2 lvl’s higher than me.
    In party, it was way to easy.
    So some form of scaling is needed.
    Though i do not think it should be possible to level faster in a party.
    So xp given in pt should have a penelty. Or solo a bonus.
    Otherwise there’s no fun in solo playing the game, which I think is an important aspect/possibility in the game. Allowing Skyrim players to have fun adventuring alone rpg style and mmorpg players play mmorpg.

    Also hit effects where terrible in the beta. But i think this will be changed for the release 🙂
    Dos not feel like your hitting creatures etc.

    Last a major + on this game.
    Your ability to move and performe combat has a lot to say in the end result.
    When you first encounter, lets say a small boss. that kills you in less than 10 secs and you think i cant beat this.
    Well in this game you can! If your good enough.

    • Simon H

      Erm… how to put this…

      I can’t comment on the content, having either not seen it, or saw it but can’t comment on it due to NDAs…

      Just at a completely wild guess though, assuming you’re familiar with games like WoW, did you by chance find that SOME encounters were seemingly very hard, and looked more suitable for someone a couple of levels higher? Perhaps there was some way to identify epic / legendary creatures by their name plates, so you’re forewarned which might pose a far greater challenge?

      I would hope during such test phases the devs will be logging the levels and classes of people to beat such encounters, or indeed the lack of, and make appropriate adjustments. That’s the sort of process most MMOs would take, you would think.

      • Aleksander.dev

        Well yes, the monsters i had trouble with was bosses, that where + – 1 level from me.
        And i don’t mind though battles, but what i do mind is that a full party can come and kill that boss super easy.
        So basically a full pt will beat the games quest line 10x faster than a solo individual would be able to.
        So scaling her would be nice, acording to number of player in the party.
        Though being in a party should also have it’s advantages other than begin social.
        And id prefer it to be better drops or a 5%+ xp/skill point bonus etc.

        updating TESO as we speak for a new weekend of beta testing.
        Cant wait 😛

  • Bethesda

    I really like the game. However the two things I’d like to changed are the difficulty and the monthly fee. The game right now is too easy, especially if someone helps you. I think that the enemies need to drop more gold than they currently do so you can actually buy a horse. (3 tests and still no horse!) Lastly the monthly Subscription needs to be droped down to $5.00 in order for me to buy it. That being said I highly recommend the game!

    • Simon H

      You’d think most games WOULD be easy to start with and get harder later on gradually wouldn’t you….

      3 hours doesn’t sound like a long time to me to earn a horse. Id be happy if I could work for 3 hours and buy a horse…

      Perhaps you need to be a little more patient 🙂

  • Anonomouse

    Combat could be improved, I think even age of conan which is pretty old now had a nice idea with the combat least for the close ranged melee classes I played back in the day. If I remember correctly you used 123 and Q and E so you can hit your weapon in different directions. 1 was top left, 2 was middle, 3 was top right, q was bottom left and e was bottom right. Am I the only who liked that? It gave you a good feel of control of your characters attack.

    I played the latest beta the combat isn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but there’s not much in the way of feeling there like you’re actually hitting something. Elder Scrolls games never had the best animations or combat.

    I love the graphics, the big open world I played with everything maxed (possible the graphics will improve even more they might not have added everything) got great FPS compared to most MMO’s which tend to run bad regardless of how the game looks. I’ll be buying ESO for sure but combat and animations need some work.

    A lot of people playing aren’t even MMO players I think this game is for MMO players and of course if you like Elder Scrolls then it’s even better. But if you like the Elder Scrolls single player games and don’t like MMO’s you’re probably better off not playing.

    • Simon H

      I remember Age of Conan. By far the worst MMO I’ve ever played. It was soooo boring. They tried to make the graphics and everything as realistic as they were able to at the time, and succeeded in making a massively boring flop of a game that promptly died out.

  • Unimpressed

    Whilst I agree it looks like an elder scrolls game, it feels nothing like one to me.
    Class based character creation. limited to skills specific to that class. How can anyone claim this is like the previous elder scrolls games? the class free system in which you designed your character around the skills you wanted was central to the elder scrolls character design – Gone.
    Skill based combat in which you aimed to strike at enemies heads, archery in which you took pride in that headshot from half a mile away – Gone.
    Bows in particular now have a very limited range and aiming makes no difference, if you have them targeted and the’re in range, your arrow goes for the center of the torso, even if you’re aiming 10 foot to the side of an enemy.
    Combat is slow, and lacking any kind of input other than how long you hold down the mouse button to power up attacks, and pressing ability keybinds on cooldown (sound familiar?)

    • factory_666

      There are no cooldowns. You can spam any spell as long as you have magicka – exactly like in TES 3, 4, 5. Of course you can choose to manage resources and alternate between spells and abilities. But that’s not because of cooldowns.

      As for classes – each offers a really good variety of spells that allow you to make any class adopt the playstyle that you want, especially considering that any class can use any weapon and armor. I understand your gripe with lack of 100% freedom but in an online environment it should help prevent generic builds, think magetanks from Ultima online.

      I for example played a nightblade, but it had nothing to do with your regular rouge class – I was a healer, with offensive CC pedigree wearing heavy armor and bow for backup. It was pretty much my character from skyrim and i don’t think it a generic combination.

    • Simon H

      Feels nothing like an Elder Scrolls game, because you use mouse buttons and the keyboard?

      Yeah that sounds nothing like ANY game I’ve ever seen. I play with my mind, and optical sensors that detect eye movement, and sensors to pick up brain activity. Ahh you might struggle with that one.

  • Rj Hall

    I played the Beta and being a huge fan of TES games, I loved it. They stuck to that familiar feel of any TES games with exploring, and being rewarded for it. People keep asking for that “Next gen MMO” , but really, WoW was successful because it captured it VERY well. It had near perfect combat mechanics, great PvP, large areas, large impressive raids (Not so much anymore though). So when making a new MMO, you can’t really get rid of those features, because that’s what an MMO is. So yes majority of your MMO’s will be like WoW, but with minor differences. ESO captured it really well, It’s still in Beta with plenty of time to fix bugs, and alter stuff here and there. I say give the game it’s chance, it’ll change as time goes, just like they all do. Will it be perfect? No probably not, but subscriptions gives the company money to work with new content and to have their team crunching down on bugs/glitches. They’re humans too, no game will ever be perfect. Lower yourselves off this pedestal that won’t be reached in the MMO genre. I say give ESO a chance and you’ll love it. I loved it, and was sad when Beta ended honestly. I will pay for the game, and pay $15 a month just like i did for WoW. -end rant. P.S.- Learn to deal with bugs when the game first comes out, it’s a massive game with only so many people testing it, so expect a bug or two, just report it and move on.

    • Simon H

      Surely not. Bugs on release?

      lol does anyone remember WoW’s launch. Server fail 🙂

  • Steve Rodrigue

    I’ll resume my opinion: can’t believe 10 years later developers still makes the same MMO over and over. ESO is not bad, but I it’s not the next-gen MMO I wait for.

    • Anonamouse

      What do you think it should be like then? if they stray away too much then the game wont even be an MMO. This game felt like a modern MMO to me, maybe trying a little hard to be like single player Elder Scrolls games.

      I don’t know what it is I love about MMO’s but in ways I think I prefer ESO to the single player games.

      • Steve Rodrigue

        Most MMO’s have really static worlds, no sense of evolution, influence. Player should have the “power” to influence the world. Casual players should also feel they are part of something bigger. Low-level players should feeld they help their guilds and/or faction by doing stuff that would help higher-lvl players or would influence the world they play in.

        At the moment, for me, all the MMO’s feel like the same recipe done with different spices. You pick the spices you like the most, but you end up with the same thing over and over again.

        • MudcrabElite

          Releasing broken expansion sets which add exponential number increases to both dmg and health doesn’t make a good MMO from my experience. When you look at MMO’s like WoW a lot of beta testers (myself included) do not like the direction the game went after TBC for instance. Everything was about the grind back then. You had to have the experience in the lore and knowledge of your classes lore in order to progress.. Now all it’s become is a giant cluster-fuck of mashing buttons and sub par raiding to scripted battles for the best in game loot for both pvp and pve…

          ESO so far has made me feel like my character has progressed throughout his adventure. He progressively became tougher, created his own armor and weapons and did all the work required for me to enjoy an experience where my time put into the game = the enjoyment I got out of it.

        • factory_666

          Based on your comments I can say that you should really try ESO Beta if you have a chance – they’ve done pretty cool stuff in regards to changing the world based on player’s actions. I’ll respect the NDA and not reveal more, but I’ll say that you should certainly stay tuned either until they drop NDA, explain player choice themselves, or game reviews actually start coming out.

        • Steve Rodrigue

          I tried it, I played it for a couple of hours and I didn’t got into. Didn’t felt anything dynamic.

        • factory_666

          Yeah, I’m afraid you won’t see much of the game in the first couple of hours, let alone world changing choices – the game really started for me once I got out of the starting areas and leveled up a couple levels.

        • warlord greebo

          WoW clones maybe?

          The range of mmo I played has been very different.

          To me there are two kinds; one with rules and ones without.

          The ones without rules are great for hardcore teams, but fail for longevity. As the hardcore teams just roll the noobs till they all leave. Ex; Shadowbane.

          The ones with rules… immediately are under scrutiny for ‘providing fairness.’ But since this really is the New Wild West.. it is impossible to really provide fairness and provide functionality. Ex; SWTOR.

          For instance, premade pvp teams vs randoms….. we know its unfair. But it gives constant action.

          Premade v premade; they gonna be pissed cuz they probably will be waiting hours for other premades to que against them.

        • Simon H

          You need to play MINECRAFT. Sounds just your thing 😉

        • Steve Rodrigue

          ha ha! Nice suggestion, I tried it, but never got into it. Even if I love LEGO and (MMO)RPG in general.

  • Ian Hawley

    Typically I play in third person. With the, very Skyrim, controls, I found the combat in the recent beta to be quite rewarding and the game to be immersive and good looking.

    I don’t know what I can and cannot say, but I felt that I always had something to do and that there were plenty of stories being told, that the game was gently tugging me towards some but equally I could decide to wander off and look at something, just because it interested me, just as in Skyrim, I will happily ignore the plot and go exploring, adventuring you might say. I think this is the first MMO that is like that for me, because it felt more about exploring the world, the various points of interest, than leveling my character. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to improve my skills, but I wasn’t grinding things out for the sake of getting better, I was exploring or following a storyline, and my character levelled and progressed almost as a side-effect of doing so.

    I’m looking forward to more betas and I imagine I will buy the game, even though I am a fairly casual player these days.

    • Guest

      I totally agree with this. The world was gorgeous and a lot of fun to explore, and I actually thought combat wasn’t bad either. I’ll definitely be buying this in April and shelling out the monthly fee.

  • Zen Shot

    The character creation tools were excellent. After that it was all downhill I’m afraid. Typical run of the mill mmo fodder. Nice looking but completely predictable and totally boring. Doomed to fail if they stick to a subscription based plan.

    Bethesda seem to be of the opinion that they already have a massive user base in Elder Scrolls fans but didn’t SWTOR have an even bigger one? We all know what happened to that game.

    • MudcrabElite

      How do you figure? SWTOR didn’t have a large starting playerbase… So I can’t really understand where you’re going with that… If you mean Star Wars fans in general, you’re mistaken as most don’t like playing all the Star Wars games that have come out over the years. SWTOR was a flop for an mmo simply because of how they geared it towards competition.

      ESO felt fantastic if you were into the lore and were playing it BECAUSE of fantasy feeling of the game. You call it out as a “Typical run of the mill mmo” but frankly, I feel the game did exactly what you would expect an ESs game to do, and that was draw you into world. If you didn’t feel that way, then ofc the game isn’t for you. Skyrim and Oblivion, for example, weren’t for everyone neither… Doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate the game for being what it is, and that is, a great experience for ESs fans.

      • Zen Shot

        I am very much into the lore thankyou having extensively played all of the games in the series so far. As for it doing “exactly what you would expect an ESs game to do”, for me it does the opposite. An Elder Scrolls game should allow you to do exactly whatever you like without restriction once you get past the incarceration/tutorial. ESO does not allow that. It’s nothing more than a same old same old MMO riding on the Elder Scrolls reputation. Make no mistake, it WILL fail as a sub based MMO. I predict it will go Pay2Win within 9-12 months.

        • factory_666

          “Make no mistake, it WILL fail as a sub based MMO. I predict it will go Pay2Win within 9-12 months.” Thanks for sharing your expertise, can you link to your professional bio now, so readers can check credibility?

        • Zen Shot

          Since when does someone have to have a “professional bio” (whatever that is) to have an opinion? Every person on the planet is entitled to an opinion. If it differs from yours, there’s really no need to get your panties in a bunch.

        • factory_666

          “Make no mistake, it WILL fail as a sub based MMO.” – That, does not read as an opinion. So it has nothing to do with my beautiful panties… or the differences, if any, between what each of us thinks about the game.

        • warlord greebo

          GREEBLE GROBBLE!!!

          The Cave Troll makes a prediction; and does so with authority.

          Unfortunately, when predictions are made by ungreebly cloaked beings making nefarious shapes with their decrepit hands…. to cast shadows upon the wall…

          they cannot be true and logical predictions based on reality.

          I think of it more like this; will it be fun to play? From a gamer perspective; thats all that matters. 🙂

        • warlord greebo


          The cave troll reveals himself… and he stinks for all to smell his fartly ways! HOW UNGREEBLY!

  • Scribbinge

    “a repeat of the WoW experience was not wanted”
    That pretty much summed up my opinion going into the beta. Turns out Zenimax delivered on that front though, as before anything else, ESO looks and feels like an Elder Scrolls game; which is impressive considering its new MMO format.
    The world is absolutely stunning, and you can’t help but explore, which the game rewards you for. Combat isn’t exactly complicated – but is arguably more varied than even single player Elder Scrolls games. So far, they’ve really hit the nail on the head, and I’m more than willing to give the game a chance to impress me properly at release. I just hope the end game content provides a challenge – easy PvE content was my number one reason for not liking the last MMO I got this excited about, SWtoR.

    • Scribbinge

      Oh, and I forgot to mention one of the best features. The character creation is utterly brilliant.