Xbox One’s Titanfall just behind Destiny’s PS4

By Matt Tran - Jan 16, 2014

Two games both getting a lot of attention right now would be TitanFall on Xbox One and Destiny on PS4, so today we thought our readers would love to take a closer look at how these games are performing on the pre-order charts.

To date, Destiny for the PS4 is the title with the highest amount of pre-orders, with a standing total of 213,625 copies already reserved. The pre-orders chart works on a weekly basis, the week ending January 11th saw a change of 6,062 units. These indications show that thousands of copies are ordered each week, Destiny could easily clear over 1 million between now and launch.

Not far behind Destiny in the table is Xbox One’s Titanfall, which has so far taken a total of 199,920 pre-orders. The weekly change for Titanfall is much more than Destiny’s however with 11,481, we expect this is because the game is launching on March 6th opposed to Destiny which releases on September 9th. If you are a big Titanfall fan then check out this limited edition themed controller for Xbox One.


What is also interesting is that the Xbox One version of Destiny is the next most pre-ordered game with 182,553 units requested. The weekly change in orders is also steady like the PS4 version at 6,519 as of January 11th. You can see the ranking of other games in the pre-order chart by seeing the top 30 table here.

Have you reserved your copy of Destiny or Titanfall yet, or will you wait until the games launch first?

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  • sirkato drago

    Destiny won’t be out till maybe the end of this year, usually big pre-order numbers kick within a month before the game comes out. Games are not hardware.. you can download a digital copy if you want.. And the looks of it! destiny will do better!

  • KySky

    My preorder days are over especially since the rash of bugs effecting most of the new releases. Where has QC gone to?

    • Grunka Lunka

      I didn’t preorder anything other than Borderlands 2 and GTAV. They were both great with little to no bugs. Can’t speak for GTA Online, but as far as I’m concerned, that was like free DLC, so I have no complaints.