Pokemon X and Y Pokedex for Volcanion, Hoopa, Diancie

Following on from our earlier article this week which seemingly confirmed the location of mystery Pokemon Volcanion in Pokemon X and Y, we now have some big news for you. If you still have doubts on whether these three Pokemon are real, we now have images showing the Pokemon X and Y Pokedex entries for Volcanion, Diancie and also Hoopa.

These three Pokemon have been a massive discussion point for Pokemon fanatics around the world. Game Freak and Nintendo meanwhile are still remaining silent on the highly anticipated Pokebank release date, while also refusing to reveal details of any forthcoming Pokemon X and Y events.

They may have to speak up soon though, as for the first time it looks like we have accurate images showing the Pokedex entries for the three elusive Pokemon. The move lists also match up to what we previously told you here, revealing Steam Eruption, Diamond Storm and Hyperspace Hole as the three special moves respectively for Volcanion, Diancie and Hoopa.


Let the pictures do the talking here and carefully take a look at the stats for each Pokemon. Volcanion looks like an absolute beast, with a power stat of 110, compared to Hoopa with 80 and Diancie on 100.


Now that these pictures are out, we wouldn’t be surprised if we finally get a release date on all three by the end of the month – or at least a confirmation that these events are genuine.


Take a look and give us your reaction to the pictures below. Are you starting to get excited now, or are you more worried about the Pokebank delay?



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