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Pillars of Eternity character sheet stats

Obsidian Entertainment know that some of you will be eager for more Pillars of Eternity information, and so you will be pleased with what the developer has been sharing. They have been sharing details of the games development, such as how far things have progressed, along with treating us to a few new images.

The latest new update for Pillars of Eternity, which will be released later this year for PC and Mac users is that the dev team have been working flat out and have come up with some interesting content for the game.

Obsidian also shared a screenshot on its website of a character sheet of stats, and as you can see it is laden with a host of interesting statistics for an 8th level Paladin, which is a very high level to reach in the game.

You will also notice a list of attribute scores as well as a few other bonuses that you will come across during your time in the game. There are also reputation scores and other fascinating stats, which can be seen in the image above, which goes larger when you click it.

By visiting the Obsidian Entertainment website you will see several other Pillars of Eternity images.



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