iOS 7 Safari with significant crashing problems

- Jan 16, 2014

Most web browsers run into issues and Apple’s mobile operating system should be no different, although the iOS 7 Safari crashing problems being reported are quite significant to those reporting these issues on the official discussion forums.

With more than 56,000 views, one user started a thread shortly after the first iOS 7 release and complained about how the update ruined their “iPad experience”. The problem focuses on Safari in iOS 7 randomly crashing almost everyday and while we have seen improvements made since, even more fixes on the way with the iOS 7.1 update, it seems that a number of users still have problems with iOS 7 Safari crashing.

You can see the latest page on the forum thread right here, and issues being reported in the last few days include a sluggish browser along with more freezes/crashes. Some users have visited an Apple Genius Bar and had their iPhone or iPad completely reset, which has not been exactly what these people wanted.


Solution to iOS 7 Safari crashing and other problems – you can wait to see what the iOS 7.1 update brings, not ideal if your phone is really troublesome, or you can head to the Apple forums through the above link and dig deep for fixes but we’re yet to see any satisfied users in those discussions.

One Product Reviews feels, “Apple need to just fix the Safari crashing problems rather than get users to completely reset their iPads, or iPhone. It just seems like a lazy fix at the Apple Genius Bar”. Another commenter added, “I have been investigating the iOS 7 problems and Safari crashing that reveals a pattern. It seems like first generation 64bit devices are hit hardest with less problems being reported for 32bit devices, I just hope this is something that can be fixed with an iOS 7 update rather than tied into hardware itself with no software fix possible”.


Our readers should note there’s also millions of iOS 7 Safari users happy with no crashing, so this could very well be a problem with selected iOS 7 bugs targeting 64bit devices more, which we hope can be fixed by software updates.

Do you experience Safari crashing in iOS 7 or other bugs frequently? If so, leave a comment describing your problems along with the device they are experienced on?

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  • jdon48

    Crashed yesterday, and just crashed today. yesterday I had no menu bar to reset it. today I did.

  • johnson dell

    Browser Tech Support 1800 935 0537

  • Legal Belieber

    Safari crashes quite often on both my iPhone 5 as well as my iPad Air.

    The iPhone 5 has the ‘original’ iOS 7. The iPad Air still has the version it came with.

    Think Apple should’ve fixed this already. These are things I would expect from an Android device not from an iOS device.

  • Peter 87

    Safari on IPad Air IOS 7.0.4 crashes every day many times, mostly when I am zoomed into web pages.

  • Kasey

    I had an iPad air that crashes regularly in Safari (and in settings – wallpaper – if you tap it twice). After rebooting, resetting, and finally reinstalling software, AppleCare offered to send out a new one. I’m using the new one now and have virtually the same problem. Not really sure what to do now… If it’s software, that’s fine if they *sa*y it’s software. Otherwise, I guess I need to try a third iPad air 🙁

  • CanadaGirl

    My iPhone 5s has been crashing twice a day (mainly in Safari) since I got it in November. I really really really hope that 7.1 will fix it, getting really irritating. If it doesn’t, I know that low memory is the problem. (So I’m hoping it’s an apple issue. Fingers crossed.

  • Walter

    Safari crashes often (maybe a dozen times daily) on my iPhone 5s. Had exactly the same issue on my iPhone 4 and had hoped to eliminate it by upgrading, but no such luck. Always happens when I open the keyboard. Crashed the first time I tried to post this comment.

  • Fed up

    Tom Campbell Ipad Air. Safari crashes many times per day.. Pages with embedded videos crash most often. “Mobile” friendly pages crash a lot. This has happened since ipad was purchased in November. Apple’s non response to this is disgusting.

  • Gary

    Safari freezes or crashes sometimes on my iPad Air, I hope iOS 7.1 fixes these problems. I’m not totally resetting my software just yet, like Apple recommended.

  • MRMac

    I have been using iOS 7 on my iPhone 5 since it launched and had problems with
    Safari crashing at first, then after the first iOS 7 update all my problems vanished. So it might be 64bit related now, as the article explains.

  • Kev

    My iPhone 5S keeps crashing when browsing the web, I wasn’t sure if it was Apple’s fault or the websites I’m browsing. Hope this gets fixed one way or another soon.