GTA V Online servers down, 24 hour patience

By Alan Ng - Jan 16, 2014

If you are wondering why you have logged in to play GTA 5 online, but found out you couldn’t, we have a quick heads-up to remind you that Rockstar has taken GTA V servers down for maintenance. Unfortunately, this looks like a big problem for the developer as they’ve already sent out word that the maintenance will last 24 hours.

That is a long time without playing the game for some hardcore GTA V fanatics. The good thing to come about this though, is that hopefully Rockstar will be making GTA V Online a much more enjoyable environment to play in – in relation to the hackers who are still running god mode and those continue to drop millions of GTA$ in player’s bank accounts.

As far as we’re aware, GTA Online went offline at 9.00pm EST on Wednesday evening. As a result, you may only be able to get back online after 9pm EST on Thursday evening, but hopefully Rockstar won’t need the full 24 hour window to fix up whatever they need to fix.

Is GTA Online offline for you now? Let us know where you are and if you have been able to connect to the servers in the last hour or not.

Also: What would you like to see fixed when the servers are back up?

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  • Caulin

    RS should make game lobbies you can only join if you have a good reputation or if you’re a “good sport”

    • Phroq

      “Obviously you are not a golfer.” That’s how the game has been since online was released on day one.

  • JC

    It’s up in the UK, logged in to find I only had $50k left from my 5 billion. I’m just glad I bought the most expensive apartment, 10 cars (all upgraded), all the weapons, all the clothes as I still have all of them. Surprised I didn’t get banned or placed in the Bad Sports pool, although both could be on their way.

    • GoodTryRockstar

      i was like your situation except only $3500 after their cleanup….but i got other accounts. They didn’ take our character lvl ranks…..

  • Matt

    When does gta work for Australia nsw

  • Heather

    Back up in uk

  • zackk504

    Its back up

  • 37soccerbosss

    i hope they will fix DNS codes and also take away the money that people got from the codes. it seems hard but if anyone can do it it’s rockstar. Theres no point in fixing the glitches if there are still level thousands who have trillions left over from the hacks. they should restore normal RP, and take away money earned. Also the things purchased with that. even if the money is gone, we could still have level 4 people in Tanks and bugattis. i also want them to fix it so you can give money to whoever you want whenever you want. not just after a job,

  • Chris101

    Is the servers still down? and if so when will it be back in the UK?

  • David Mundee

    Can’t get online hate the hacker why there is no need 4 it

  • Candy_Monroe

    They Took My Money And Im Ok With That Bcuz Having All That Money Made The Game Boring….I Hope RS Bring In The Heist Real Soon!

  • Jonzey

    To be honest i dislike it when i see players that are rank 300+ but not only that i have seen one player at rank 1000… You dont even need to be at that rank, everything in online unlocks after you have reached rank 120 so for ppl to abuse the system is just unfair for me and other cronic players, i love the game and play it everyday or i will get withdrals. P.S i hate hackers and they sould get there PSN I.D’s and XBOX LIVE I.D’s banned for life.

  • Chachee

    I hope the update punishes the cheaters, removes all their money and removes all their vehicles and property. People have complained that online is boring now, well that’s because they cheated and have everything! If you play fairly the game is awesome and challenging.

    • sweg

      thats what this update is about

      • Rockstar CEO

        We got all of your counterfeited money, take that modders! Now all of you go to the Xbox/PS store and buy GTA Credit Cards!!! They are great value (honest!), and who wouldn’t want to invest real money to make their little imaginary character have a nice car and apartment? Seriously guys, you should all go and buy them, now!!! Don’t you know I have an expensive house to pay for?

        • Hackz’R’Us

          I tried to sympathise, be good. But screw that, they released a beta game, so they will get played repeatedly. Claim to have no car duplication, Dns servers blocked, rp glitching….there is always something round the corner. yes you can car duplicate. yes you can go to north yankton still. DNS servers….yes still out there. RP glitching….we still have lift off. F*ck R*.

  • Thomas Jones

    The hackers don’t make the game fair and they run around in tanks and just spoiling the whole game for you. Get them banned they are just cheats. Please rockstar bring in some bank heist online that would be a fair way to make millions of dollars. P.s will there be a gta 6 can you guys really top gta 5 if that’s even possbile

  • DogTop

    The majority of us don’t care about hackers, we just want the damn heists.

  • hitman

    Friendly server !!!