GTA V Online servers down, 24 hour patience

By Alan Ng - Jan 16, 2014

If you are wondering why you have logged in to play GTA 5 online, but found out you couldn’t, we have a quick heads-up to remind you that Rockstar has taken GTA V servers down for maintenance. Unfortunately, this looks like a big problem for the developer as they’ve already sent out word that the maintenance will last 24 hours.

That is a long time without playing the game for some hardcore GTA V fanatics. The good thing to come about this though, is that hopefully Rockstar will be making GTA V Online a much more enjoyable environment to play in – in relation to the hackers who are still running god mode and those continue to drop millions of GTA$ in player’s bank accounts.

As far as we’re aware, GTA Online went offline at 9.00pm EST on Wednesday evening. As a result, you may only be able to get back online after 9pm EST on Thursday evening, but hopefully Rockstar won’t need the full 24 hour window to fix up whatever they need to fix.

Is GTA Online offline for you now? Let us know where you are and if you have been able to connect to the servers in the last hour or not.

Also: What would you like to see fixed when the servers are back up?

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