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COD Ghosts DLC with Michael Myers gameplay

We told you that it was coming many weeks ago, but now Activision has finally made it official. COD Ghosts DLC Map Pack 1 will arrive on January 28 in the form of Onslaught – consisting of four new multiplayer maps and one new Extinction map.

However as we’ve just learned this week, one of the multiplayer maps is going to contain a special surprise. The multiplayer map Fog is actually going to house one secret – the ability to play as iconic horror figure Michael Myers.

The famous character from the Halloween films is coming to Call of Duty and players can unlock him on Ghosts by completing field challenges in the Fog map. Once you assume the role of Myers, you’ll be able to wear his trademark mask and kill players in one hit with his trusty axe.

We now have a gameplay tease to offer you now, showing you how you’ll be able to play as Myers. Below is the official trailer for COD Ghosts Onslaught and if you pause at the 1.45 you’ll be able to watch and listen to details about the new Mike Myers mode on Fog.

It looks fantastic and we bet that hundreds of you cannot wait to play as Mike Myers on January 28. Remember though, you’ll have to have a Season Pass and play on Xbox 360 or Xbox One to play it at the first opportunity – PlayStation and PC gamers will have to wait and usual.

As we wait for more gameplay on the Mike Myers mode, give us your reaction to this below. Did you expect anything like this to happen in Call of Duty? It’s not even Halloween!



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