Uncharted 4 not anticipated for 2014

By Peter Chubb - Jan 15, 2014

Towards the end of the year it was looking more likely that Naughty Dog was going to make some sort of announcement in the early part of this year in regard to news on Uncharted 4. It’s clear that a new version of the game is coming to the PS4, but its release date is up for discussion.

Earlier in December we discussed how Uncharted 4 might not get a PS Vita spin-off, while also suggesting that a late 2014 release was possible. However, we have reason to believe that this might not be the case for two reasons.

Uncharted 4 not anticipated for 2014 – The first reason is that Naughty Dog usually releases one of its bigger titles every two years, and seeing as though The Last of Us was released just last year, it does not bode well for a new title this year.

Having said that, because we have moved to a new generation of console Naughty Dog might do things a little different, although this might be wishful thinking.

The second reason to doubt the release of Uncharted 4 or whatever it will be called this year is due to the fact that it has not appeared on the most anticipated games for 2014 in a recent PlayStation blog vote.

The list of games covers several big titles, such as The Elder Scrolls Online, Driveclub and Destiny. However, Uncharted 4 does not appear on the list, and so with gamers not anticipating this to be a big game in 2014, it sort of makes you wonder if we will actually see it this year.

Will we see Uncharted 4 this year or in 2015?

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  • Philipp Scheider


    TLoU was set for Nov 2012 and DELAYED.

    A big Game every 2 Years buggered!!

  • Gabby


  • Ps4 pro

    The best date for uncharted 4
    Is on 4/4/14′ if you agree or disagree plz comment back also this game will be. Awesome do good naughty dog

  • Knowledge Power

    Nice game, i always enjoy the story modes.
    The Bs climbing by Drake gets me but it is a game…..Guess i can let that go lol.

  • Dave

    Whatever Naughty Dog do, it will be high quality ‘Game of the Year’ material.

  • Jeffrey Kuhl

    I’m not saying the article is wrong, but people need to stop using the “most anticipated games for 2014” blog as a clue. They can’t anticipate something when they don’t know for sure that it’s coming. Dumb points all around. I still think it has a chance of a Nov 2014 release date, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they waited till 2015 either.

  • Lllon

    I hope it comes out this year.

  • Michael

    I don’t care how long it takes as long as Naughty Dog don’t rush it. I really want the Uncharted 4 game but there is no point in having it if it doesn’t come out right.

  • patsfan365

    Very stupid points. It’s going to have been 3 years since they released uncharted 3 this year. The fact that the last of us came out last year doesn’t indicate anything, since Naughty Dog divided themselves into two separate teams: 1 team to work on the last of us, and 1 team to work on uncharted 4. I mean if you want to go the whole “history repeats itself” route with your theory-making, naughty dog also announced uncharted 3 at the 2010 VGA’s. 1 year later they released it. Or maybe you didn’t know about that. And a playstation blog user poll is a viable source of news? It probably wasn’t included in the vote since all we’ve seen thus far is a teaser trailer with no guaranteed release date. Right now either one of us can be right, but if you’re going to write an entire article on speculation and nothing else, at least have valid reasons for why you think the way you do.

    • Azyral

      No, no, no. You’re the right one here, and what you said is all facts. Unlike this journalist.

  • Ditto

    I think it will release at May or June?

  • Josh101

    Very good points. The biggest reason I would think they Uncharted 4 will be released this year would be, the announcement soo early. If it wasn’t coming this year, why would they tease it if it was far out? The second reason, I doubt they want to miss the holiday rush to release it in Spring of 2014. Sony wants heavy hitters for this coming Christmas. Uncharted 4 would be a very nice card to have in their hand at the end of this year.