Minecraft PS Vita Vs Windows Phone demand

How bad do you want to play Minecraft on PS Vita? We recently spoke about the lack of Minecraft PS4 and Xbox One news, but the confirmed handheld version is nowhere to be seen either. It looks like 4J Studios have a lot on their plate to deal with at the moment, not to mention fend off demands for Minecraft to finally appear on Windows Phone as well.

Unfortunately, there is no idea whatsoever on when Minecraft will release for PS Vita. It is supposedly scheduled to come out in 2014, but we have heard developers 4J Studios say many times that they will only begin work on other platforms (ie, PS4, Xbox One and PS Vita), once they have fixed bugs with the existing console versions – since they are still playing catchup to PC.

Meanwhile, the odds on being able to play Minecraft on Windows Phone in 2014 seem slim to none at this point as well. The last we heard about this potential release, was when Mojang’s Jens Bergernsten distanced the likelihood of a Windows Phone version appearing any time soon.

A quote from him reads: “Currently the problem is that Windows Phone uses a different API for rendering (DirectX vs OpenGL), and the Minecraft code has bad separation between the game logic and rendering. We are not saying “no”, but it’s currently not being worked on, as it’s a big project to fix.”

Do you think 4J Studios need a little help from other developers to speed up process on the PS4, Xbox One and PS Vita versions? Another question for our readers specifically: Would you prefer if Mojang stepped in to focus on releasing Minecraft for Windows Phone, before the game is ported to PS Vita by 4J Studios?

At the moment, it seems awfully quiet on the Minecraft front. If you are waiting to see other versions, give us your thoughts below.



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