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GTA V PC gameplay causes mass debate

It looks like we could be very close to a GTA V PC release date announcement. Over the last 48 hours, GTA V PC rumors have been in overdrive, resulting in footage that was uploaded recently but also removed off the face of the earth in record time by publishers Take Two.

We would love to give you another glimpse of the alleged PC footage that was revealed a few days ago, but it looks like Take Two has destroyed all evidence – regardless of whether the video was real or not.

Either way, this apparent PC gameplay for GTA V has created an almighty debate, a debate which you can still see ongoing over at Reddit.

Head to the thread here and you’ll be able to see reasons from many fans on why they believe the footage could be fake, but also from those who think it is 100% real. If you read through all of the comments though, most think that this is fake and that Take Two has deleted it to stop users getting their hopes up with regards to fake gameplay.

Somehow, we have a feeling that more GTA V PC clues are just around the corner. Check out the theories over at Reddit and let us know what you think about it.

Did you see the leaked GTA V PC gameplay before it was removed by Take Two?



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