Tongbu app danger with iPad download

By Alan Ng - Jan 14, 2014

At the end of last year, we spoke about the potential new dangers that the iOS 7.0.4 jailbreak uncovered, in relation to how the jailbreak could enable Chinese users to install free apps. Now though, we have an update on this, as it looks like the ‘Tongbu app’ is the ending result and further bad news for Apple.

Users have begun to use the Tongu app download to gain access to paid versions of App Store apps without having to pay anything. From what we are aware, this app has been designed by Chinese developers and bypasses Apple’s security methods to create free versions of apps that you would usually pay a small fee for.

It sounds very suspicious indeed and we have already seen feedback gathered from consumers who are unsure of the legality of it. You can view an existing Apple board discussion here on the Tongbu app, while there’s another debate here from some users who have begun to use Tongbu without feeling guilty.

A new headache for Apple..

A new headache for Apple..

It goes without saying that any app that gives you paid iOS apps for free, is a risky business. We’re also willing to bet that Apple are now racing against the clock to prevent the use of the Tongu app for iPad and iPhone before the iOS 7.1 release date.

If you want our recommendation, you may want to be careful before attempting to use this app. If you have already installed the Tongbu app – give us your thoughts below.

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  • ANormalPerson

    I deleted it because I foubd out it was illegal and it could do something bad idk

  • Jeff

    It’s awesome

  • Na,me

    Can’t download apps says error while downloading

  • Brandon Louis

    Tongbu works for me, I have downloaded fnaf 2, scribblenauts, fnaf, and ALOT MORE!

    Very great app for computer 🙂

  • Ryan alam

    Now that I have used tongu for some reason I can’t access my normal AppStore . Any advice ? I keep getting the AppStore is not connected error message

  • Lyla

    It was stupid you couldn’t do anything with the app it would download but that’s it

  • Bob

    It works 100% but you just need to download the tongbu assistance and fix the apple ID thing then it good intill you download something from App Store but in didn’t think it is legal so i deleated it

  • 11 years Boy lives inIndonesia

    It really works for me, i used it for 6 months and my ipad(that i’m using it now) but nothing happens, this app is legit, but not really legit, because when you update/install apps from app store, tongbu apps will crash…. BTW eben, NEVER get your apple id to tongbu, it WILL change your app store, i think..

  • Ryan

    It works mostly for me, I think the apps are to expensive and I can’t really get them.
    Tongbu works mostly fine. But it glitches sometimes.

  • Eben

    This stupid app is nothing but Chinese spy ware DON’T DOWNLOAD IT! It changed my App Store and iTunes Store to the Chinese version and now I don’t have an account or any purched apps and it won’t let me download anything. I can’t change it back to what it was, and it tried to download a Chinese version of an app I had and now it won’t stop or finish and I can’t use the app.

  • Tongbu user

    Btw im using ios 7.1

  • Tongbu user

    I have been using tongbu for a while now no bad stuff but 2 downsides number one some apps crash with the app version of tongbu and of course it is in chinese

  • Sam

    Using for last 6 months
    Works fine with my iPhone 4 (iOS 7.1)
    Doesn’t affect phone speed in any way
    Easy to use(though language is a problem).
    Never crashed my phone

  • Appsarenotworththemoney

    Works for me. Downside – after getting official app updates from AppStore, some tongbu apps crash on load. To fix you must connect to the tongbu assistant and ‘fix genuine app’. All works after. Also, not all apps are available on tongbu (pinnical video editor for one). Tongbu does direct you to the App Store in those cases. I know no Chinese. The app is easy enough to figure and the assistant is mostly English. Best part – no jailbreak.

  • Enalleon

    it work last year but then the app when missing all together with the one i bought.The phone become like it was newly reset.

  • Awsome

    To gnu does not work it is stupid