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Skate 3 PC download with Skate 4 demand

What has happened to EA’s popular Skate series? After releasing Skate 3 on Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2010, we haven’t had a new game since. Given the popularity of the franchise, we have now seen efforts to bring Skate 3 to PC, but with questionable methods.

Skate 3 was a successful game on console, so we’re very surprised to see EA seemingly giving the franchise a cold shoulder. We need a good skating game on next-gen consoles, so Skate 4 on PS4, Xbox One would be the perfect choice you would think – but EA doesn’t appear to be willing to say anything just yet.

In the meantime, we have seen evidence of the length that some PC users are willing to go to, just to play Skate 3 on PC. We’re not going to provide a Skate 3 PC download for you right here, but we can see that some people have managed to hack the Xbox 360 version of the game and then transfer this over to PC.

Do a simple search for yourself and see it with your own eyes. Although these extreme tactics are obviously illegal, it should be a message for EA that there is still great demand for the Skate series. Hopefully they will see this in a positive way and decide that Skate 4 should be made as soon as possible.

Have you tried to find Skate 3 on PC as well? Give us your thoughts on the franchise and whether you would like to see a Skate 4 game on next-gen consoles and PC or not.



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