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Pokemon X and Y Volcanion Power Plant update

After the ongoing disappointment regarding the Pokemon X and Y Pokebank release date, we are very happy to bring you a promising update on the status of Volcanion – the rumored new Pokemon who could be related to the Pokemon X and Y power plant mystery.

The last we heard on the Volcanion, Diancie and Hoopa release rumors, was that a move list for each Pokemon had seemingly been released early. We also told you about rumors that suggested that Volcanion would specifically get a special move called Steam Eruption, which was described as a water-type attack that has the ability to burn enemies.

Now, we’re pleased to bring you some more concrete details. Information posted here reveals that Volcanion is going to be unlocked with a Pokemon X and Y event called Plant Key.

Additionally, we hear that Volcanion is going to be hidden inside the power plant as many of you had speculated and that you can catch Volcanion after solving a puzzle which connects all of the power plant entrances.

Finally, it looks like Game Freak may be giving you a level 55 Volcanion if this information turns out to be true. It looks somewhat logical after many had suggested that the fire/water type of this Pokemon was heavily linked to the power plant secret.

Hopefully Nintendo will confirm this information to us soon, but we’re excited already. Give us your reaction to the information above and whether you think it could be true.

Will Volcanion be your new favorite Pokemon once released?



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