Pokemon X and Y Shiny Mew gameplay is epic

By Alan Ng - Jan 14, 2014

While the wait goes on for the Pokemon X and Y Pokebank release date, we have more evidence of the enjoyment that awaits you once you finally get your hands on the delayed content. Mew is one of the Pokemon that you can transfer over to X and Y, and now we have some epic shiny Mew gameplay that is simply unmissable if you’re a big Pokemon fan.

There are plenty of rumors floating around, suggesting that Nintendo are finally ready to go live with the Pokebank in US and UK. We heard that the latest date was ‘January 13’, but obviously it has proven to be yet another case of disappointment.

As we wait for Nintendo to give the green light, we have some Shiny Mew gameplay for you to enjoy. Don’t forget that some users in Japan have access to the Pokebank and Poketransporter, after the service initially went live in the country.

As a result, it has enabled these users to freely use the Poketransporter to move any Pokemon into X and Y as many times as they like. Below you can see evidence of these, with YouTuber PIPENITE treating everyone to an epic WiFi encounter featuring four Shiny Mews and two normal Mews!

Shiny Mew looks so good!

Shiny Mew looks so good!

We’ll save the discussion on how to get a Shiny Mew until next time, but for now just enjoy this early treat below. Are you looking forward to having some epic battles with rare Pokemon in X and Y once the Pokebank is live for you?

Do you have a Mew ready to transfer or not? Feel free to leave your FC below in case other users are feeling generous and want to trade.

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  • Tptrsn

    I want one I’ll trade genaset name Tyler

  • shmoody

    Hey I would love a legit event shiny Mew please! I will trade a normal Meloetta for it! c=

    FC: 2535-4415-8057
    In-game name: Coraline

  • pokeman

    my name is shakeel and my friend code is 4484-8794-9363

  • Rachel

    Would love a mew fc: 0619-4244-2752

    please 🙂

  • jhavalen

    My friend code is 3282-3201-0899
    Jhavalen is the name

  • knuckles2007

    i will be willing to trade off my genesect and extra legendaries.
    my fc: is 1134-7612-9969
    name: gary

    • Ky

      friend code 0533-5024-8612
      my name is ky

      • knuckles2007

        fc is incorrect please try again. that is the message i get from ur fc.

        • qpid360

          Please add me! I’d appreciate legendaries!


    • Dawn c;

      Hey can I trade with you also? My FC is 3067-5289-8927