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Pac-Man app for iPad vs. Android offering

If you consider yourself to be an old-school gamer, you are going to want to pay attention now. The Pac-Man app for iPad and other iOS devices is free to download, for a limited time. Unfortunately, the same app on Android appears to be suffering from some issues preventing a download.

Namco Bandai are obviously feeling very generous as we kick off the new year. Pac-Man for iOS used to be a $4.99 download, but head to iTunes here and you can download it for free – for a limited time only. There’s in-app purchases, but they are not forced on you and are only if you are wanting to play some new mazes.

It’s good that Pac-Man on iOS is the official classic game that you remember and love, too. It’s not some third-party effort – it’s a Namco Bandai game, meaning that this app is likely to be updated with brand new content as the weeks go on.


While some of you may be dismayed that the same treatment isn’t available on Android, there are plenty of other alternatives to choose from. In actual fact, Namco Bandai’s Pac-Man selection on the Play Store is massive, offering games such as Pac-Man Dash for those that are looking for a more 3D affair.


There’s also Pac-Man Jump on Android if you are looking for a completely different style of game – Namco Bandai really have all bases covered as they look to cash in on the Pac-Man brand.

Going back to the iOS deal though, we strongly recommend you download this before the offer ends – you’ll appreciate it once you find out it’s selling for $4.99 again.

If you have already tried Pac-Man apps on iPad and Android, let us know if you think they are worthwhile. Are the in-game purchases a distraction or not?



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