Latest PS4 system failure, cause divides opinion

By Peter Chubb - Jan 14, 2014

One very unhappy PS4 user took to YouTube yesterday to share his frustration in the latest PlayStation 4 system failure, which is nothing to do with the issue that had plagued the system early in its release. However, after looking at the footage the cause seems to have divided opinion, and it has nothing to do with the TV or its connections.

You will see that the PS4 is okay at first, then not long after a buzzing noise is heard through the speakers of the TV, which is shortly followed by a flickering.

After a little while the PS4 controller turns itself off followed by the system itself. We know that many Xbox One owners will say the obvious and say yet another PS4 system failure, but after seeing the guys setup and also some of the comments on YouTube and gaming forums the cause could be obvious.

The guy in the video has placed his PlayStation 4 on the carpet and other owners have a real issue with this. While there are no vents on the bottom of Sony’s next-gen console, gamers say that you should never place your games console on a carpet because there is a chance of an electrical discharge.

While we have no evidence to prove or disprove this it is food for thought. We have never placed a console on the carpet for the simple fact that while there are no vents, it will still conduct far more heat than being placed on a hard flat surface.

Watch the video of the new PS4 system failure and let us know if you think the carpet is the cause?

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  • jan

    to close to the wall and the carpet obvisiously

  • PiXeLbLuE230

    ld say that it would be static electricity in the carpet making this issue we all know that rubbing a Balloon on the floor would make static electricity to our hair this is probably the same effect does the ps4 is having.

  • Adrian James Purtle

    He probably has one from the first batch