GTA V PC desperation milestone is meaningless

By Peter Chubb - Jan 14, 2014

Several months before Grand Theft Auto V was released on the PS3 and Xbox 360 a petition was started to bring GTA V to the PC, and by September there were around 500,000 signatures. However, a milestone has now been reached because more than 650,000 have now signed the petition.

While it shows that PC gamers are still desperate to see GTA 5 released on the PC, this desperation is meaningless because the fact that Rockstar will not be swayed by the petition and also we pretty much know the game is coming to the PC, we just don’t know its release date yet.

We have seen several of the big gaming websites saying that GTA V will be coming to the PC, we just have to wait until Rockstar makes it official. The developer must have its reasons for delaying its release for PC, and maybe one of the reasons is a fear of the game being pirated.

However, we do not want to be drawn too far into thinking that PC gamers pirate everything. One thing is certain though, we cannot wait for the PC release of Grand Theft Auto 5 because we are so eager to see what GTA V mods people can come up with.

We said earlier that we have no idea of the GTA 5 release date, but we expect it will be before the PS4 and Xbox One get the game.

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  • esobetterbebetter

    Gta 5 online was complete poop

  • Narafian

    I don’t pirate a game unless it’s really old and I cant find it a game like GTA5 which I downloaded for Xbox on day one and bought it on PS3 because I wanted to play online.
    I download a lot of games onto the Xbox but not on PC because I want to go online I also have over 12k downloaded movies and shows but that wont stop movie studios coming out with more movies.

    • Narafian

      or if I can only get the game on console and I want to play only I buy it on PS3 i forgot to add that.

  • Milos

    “We said earlier that we have no idea of the GTA 5 release date, but we expect it will be before the PS4 and Xbox One get the game.”

    NO, gta 5 will be realised same date on ps4/xbone and pc, I GUARANTEE THAT!
    No before April, no after December.

    • John

      Don’t be so delusional. You can’t “guarantee” anything. Do you work got R*? No.

  • TheinsanegamerN

    lets see…..650000 signatures at $60 apiece, that is 39 million dollars in profit rockstar. plus, you could port the game to ps4 first, at which point you get two markets (3 if counting the xbone) and porting would be dirt simple.

    • Fred

      650,000 signatures = 649,999 pirated copies and $0 profit. You must have failed math when you went to school.

  • Maximilian

    I can’t imagine the piracy argument still holds much sway over them considering GTA V for the consoles stormed the torrent charts at the end of last year.

    • PC(PirateClub)

      That is why it is ALL about piracy. Everyone accepts that is HARDER to torrent on consoles and it was still prevalent. Mate, I’m a bit technically challenged, but even I can copy the cracked file over the exe. It would be torrented like crazy on PC and you all know it. Basically, unless a game is like WoW or the new TESO coming soon (pay to play/win) or chiefly online SC2, then releasing on the PC will cost sales even console version sales. Why? Well, because of lot of generally PC gamers knew they had to buy the console version of GTA V, they did. If it was free to torrent on day one, they would not have bought it at all. I admittedly feel sorry for PC gamers who buy all their games…but if I had a mainly SP game that I knew was going to be highly anticipated, I would let everyone at least think there would be no PC release for at least a year, thereby maximising sales and minimising piracy.

  • Crúsh

    Yes, people pirate games. Do they get the best of the game when they do pirate? Heck no. This is a very neat, and a very big game that i cant wait for! i would support it by buying it. I would also love to play online as well, there is another big part of this game. When most people pirate a game they don’t get online access to the game when doing so.

  • anynomous

    So essentially u r saying u know nothing. That’s good 2 know