GTA V 1.10 update needs Heists and Casino

By Alan Ng - Jan 14, 2014

Now that the GTA V 1.09 update is live for all players, most fans are surprised that Rockstar did not provide a proper update with multiple fixes. The 1.09 patch notes contained just a few fixes only, but hopefully the next GTA V 1.10 will be a major update – finally adding Heists and other big features such as the GTA V Casino.

We told you about the 1.09 update notes here which only contained a fix for the money glitches and DNS server exploits that players had been using to get free money on the last update.

While it is still debatable on whether these issues have been fixed permanently, we’re still getting messages from you, telling us that you are still receiving ‘dirty’ money whether you like it or not – seemingly suggesting that GTA V 1.09 money lobbies and DNS servers still exist.

Moving on from this though, we should be getting very close to the GTA V Heists release date now. Rockstar has said that this content will be coming in early 2014, so with the update counter now reaching 1.10 – will we finally get to see this after months of delay?

Are you planning Heists already?

Are you planning Heists already?

We have a feeling that we could, since GTA V 1.09 was basically a minor update without any new features for players to enjoy. What better way to start the new year, by having both Heists and the Casino included in the GTA V 1.10 update?

It would certainly bring a lot of players back to the game and it could be the saving grace for Rockstar as they look to earn back their reputation after some debatable decisions with GTA Online.

Many players are still unhappy with the push on GTA cash cards, while some have even told us that it is solely due to the cash cards that players have resorted to handing out free money to everyone.

GTA V Casino could be the big winner in 2014

GTA V Casino could be the big winner in 2014

Do you think Rockstar is planning to make 1.10 a massive update with Heists and Casinos? We’ve included a clip below to give you some ideas on what cool features could come to the game soon. Don’t forget that we already know that a Mission Creator is on the way at some point.

How do you feel like at the moment playing on the GTA V 1.09 update, and what would you like to see with 1.10 to keep you playing?

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  • Nick Stephen Lee

    I heard that they are planing to clean out peoples garage and even band people who own an NOS cars.Now i can respect that decision but not the banning part.How the hell u people gonna ban people because of having funs with cars but aren’t gonna Ban Cheaters who rank them selves up like hundreds and even thousands in rank.Be honest who wouldn’t want a car with Nos on it!!?

  • GtavNetizen

    Here’s a list of would make gtav online feel like a real game
    Helicopter, ladders/rope
    Fighting mechanics clumsy more depth
    Working out/gettingfat
    Own mp3 fm
    Higher money exchange/bounties/
    Sellable cars to other players
    Crew hideout, gear, buisness
    More missions for server itself not having to go through long process
    |that’s all for now

  • Pissed off by R*

    I freaken pissed off at don’t give us a lot of ways to make good money.we have to spend like 20 minutes just to get 10000.if the next update doesn’t include more ways to make money.i am seriously gonna quit the game.

  • Jeff Lauric

    Need a custom music channel to access mp3’s on PS3 hard drive like they used to have independence radio fm!

  • Ronald McDonleld

    Rockstar needs to do something REALLY BIG this next update

  • dicklickernumber2


  • DickIicker

    They should get new cars

  • oafking2

    If the fake cash has been squelched, now would be the time to insert more big money missions as well as cool new things to buy. I couldn’t be less excited about pets when I could be out buying a garageless crackhouse.

  • Sam

    Hopefully more heists and casino for singleplayer to

  • Donald Duck

    One other thing I would be so cool if you could get like dog or something?

  • Donald Duck

    Hey t I think that it would be nice to have houses/mission as well as apartments and there should be night clubs and gambling at the casino hope you consider my thoughts thanks πŸ˜‰

  • disqus_OUsKBJTQYJ

    adding Houses instead of apartments would be nice and more cars and maybe adding some islands and stuff to the map

  • I hate tattooed cornrows

    Id like to see the tattooed cornrows on my head gone. Yea id like that a lot!

  • Jack

    Rockstar games are lying f*cking thieves! They said 75% will be taken away from our cash and I had $4billion, and I was supposed to have $111million left after the fix. They should’ve focused MORE on the mods and hacks and LESS on OUR money!

    • Chris

      You sir, are an idiot. You received all that money FROM mods and hacks. It should be all stripped. Your lucky they didn’t take all those cars you bought from that hacked cash.
      Cash cards are where they rip you off

  • Edward

    trhey lost me when they startesd forcing cash cars to be bought to make enouph money to survive in the game and have any nice cars are houses. then they lied about hiest to make more money off cash cards, then removed the job payouts that was low already with even lower payout greedstar lost me and many others. i am now waiting for my new fdavorite company ubisoft to finish up watchdogs wich has everything fans have asked rockstar for for years and got ignored. watchdogs has real cars with realistic damage, real nextgen graphics, better physics, hacking, side jobs, a big headquarters, better driving system, a real city instaed of fake garbage. and much much better love for thire fans by not realeasing it in a buggy mess like rockstar did. i can wait till spring 2014 since it means a game without major bugs. ubisoft also
    has a better preorder incentive and more intiror buildings than gta 4 and 5 combined. greedstar can shove gta 5 with its out of date graphics and forced cash cards up thire asses. gta 5 is just another cash cow that was not beta tested at all and was not even any fun. and had cheat restrictions for singleplayer that ran alot of us off real fast. just like the restictions in midnighclub LA had. goodbye Greedstar hope you choke on youre fanboy retards cash you forced on everyone stupid enouph to still be playing gta ansd buying cash cards for money in game. watchdogs allows you to hack and get paid better cash and much more.

    • Laredo

      i’ve never used a cash card. havent cheated to get my money, made it all by hard work, playing missions, deathmatches, survivals and races. the cash cards are optional if you want an easy buck and not get the satisfaction of working for it.

  • Edward

    they already lost me when they made it to where i could not make any real money without buying a cash car. i quit and am waiting on watchdogs so i can get it on ps4 and tell greedstar to shove gta up thire asses.

  • shakira rua

    Fix everything and take most of the money away I got from unwanted people. More cars, clothes, letting us buy mansions would be epic, more missions on both single and multi player.

  • Marx Booth

    Man they need to add new cars like maybe a buyable FBI car or something and we definitely need new boats like a buyable submarine.

    • Jack

      OR maybe a Yacht.

  • enoch

    gta online definitely needs new vehicles and missions. once you get over level 120 there’s only about 5 good missions to do. gta online got boring fast and they need alot more than heist missions to keep people interested. new cars and weapons would be a good start.

  • JC

    The Casino will have ridiculously low paying games, just as the heists won’t pay anything close to the single player heists. If they did who would buy those pointless credit cards? GTA Online could have been great, instead it’s just another cash grab from a greedy publisher.

  • sharris91

    OPEN UP THE GYM! Would be awesome to make our characters bulky! Definitely in need of New cars aswell and also New clothing. I wanna play GTA without eventually getting bored

  • TreePop

    Let my character be an overweight cross dresser, and how about a chainsaw. Also what happened to the Harrier jet from San Andreas.

  • SIMS


  • Kev


  • Connor

    I want rockstar to fix the problem of people destroying your personal car with a tank and not having to pay. I have wasted a lot of my money by paying $10,000 to get my Bugatti back.

  • Ted

    Missed a word in my previous comment I wanted to say,
    spikes at the back

  • Ted

    You are so right but they should add weapons to the James Bonds car it will be so cool if it had mini guns,spikes at the,ejecter seats and rockets

  • Daneil Childs

    If Heists within the first month of release then I think people wouldn’t have felt the need to create money lobbies.
    there’s lots of multiplayer aspects that GTAIV had that should have been included in GTAV
    i.e the ability to toggle on and off wanted levels in private games.

    on a final note… the snow that was released as a Christmas day special should be re introduced into the games weather systems but put as a either a selectable weather for private and friends only or as a randomised event online with a 0.5% – 1% likelihood of occurrence in online play.

    as for a Casino, that would be another aspect in which would reduce peoples urges to accumulate money through non legitimate methods.

  • justin

    How about more actual jobs for the people 100+ and a search filter to weed out all the races,parachute,LTS,and deathmatches i want to do missions with my friends and missions only if i wanted to do anything else i would search for it.

  • Fred

    I want R* to stop trying to force us into buying their overpriced GTA$ because it ain’t going to happen! If you keep reducing the job payouts in the game, people are going to leave (if they haven’t done so already).

  • Johnny


  • My Name Here

    I want rockstar to fix how transport helicopters don’t matter in this game. You have to charge 1k for Pegasus to deliver it. She delivers it so far away, and that gets rid of the point of a transport heli. They need to make it so Pegasus delivers it to you.

    • Adam

      yeah I totally agree they should be like the mercenaries, if you call merry-weather and choose the option for helicopter pick-up you can kill the pilot and take the heli…

  • Pun Pun

    First comment

    • taco