Elder Scrolls Online vs. WoW in iPhone claim

By Peter Chubb - Jan 14, 2014

Fans have demanded an online version of Elder Scrolls for many years now, and knowing that the multiplayer edition will finally be released is great news for fans of the franchise. April will see the release of the Windows PC and OS X versions, while those of you with a PS4 and Xbox One have to wait until June, although in that time gamers will be able to gauge a reaction from Elder Scrolls Online reviews.

Since its announcement we have seen many claims on how Elder Scrolls Online will compare to other MMORPG’s, but the latest does seem a bit out there, as they believe that the former will be a WoW killer.

This is such a huge claim, one that this article tries to back up, but then we have seen such claims before from the likes of Samsung and HTC when they say that one of their new smartphones will be an iPhone killer. We know that the Galaxy S4 and HTC One have seen impressive sale, but they are still no iPhone killer in terms of sales.

Elder Scrolls Online vs. WoW – Comparing these two games is silly because they cater for different audiences. World of Warcraft already has its legions of fans because the game has been out for such a long time. Elder Scrolls Online has to start from scratch and try to persuade a new generation of gamers, although they should be able to count on the millions of fans of the Elder Scrolls series.

Personally, I believe that WoW has nothing to worry about because Elder Scrolls Online already has a mountain to climb, and that is persuading gamers to pay a one-off fee for the game itself along with paying a monthly subscription fee. Having said that, Many World of Warcraft players have said that the game is starting to show its age now, so could this play a part in the success of ESO?

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  • WoWser

    Hope it does not do well as it would adversely affect more franchises coz pay to play/win brings in a lot of revenue for the devs. Then you just might see other IPs ruined with the same business model. I don’t do pay to play/win. I can live without TES series coz there are other decent Western “fantasy” RPGs out there, but they’ll probably do it with FO, too. That would really hurt. Maybe why there has been no Fallout 4 announcements. For PC gaming it is the most attractive model for devs as pay to play/win prevents pirating. Oh well, I hope Dragon Age doesn’t go down this path.

  • Starmon

    No WoW-Killer. Too much WoW elements in TESO, unfortunately. They should have concentrated more on multiplayer instead of MMO.

    • Thommy Kane

      I beta TESO and you are so wrong it’s ridiculous. The game is nothing like WoW. i can’t get into why due to an NDA but it literally is it’s own game. If speaking in terms of being a player inside a 3D world doing quests, than yea it’s like WoW. So is every single MMO in existence. WoW is like every MMO before it in this regard. but people are speculating on this game and since I have actually played the game, the speculation is so off that it hurts.

  • MC446

    Hey, just to point out.. The article you said backed up that TESO could be a ‘WoW Killer’ said “Probably not”, nearer to the end..