Battlefield 4 lost connection to EA servers endures

- Jan 14, 2014

The message stating you have lost connection to the EA servers in Battlefield 4 multiplayer has become a regular occurrence for some players, and we have received hundreds of reports about this server problem from Product Reviews readers recently.

Battlefield 4 server connection issues should be expected on occasion, but according to some gamers it is happening a lot more than it should. Only a few moments ago we received a couple of emails in regard to this very issue, which is certainly not the first time we’ve heard about lost connections or matchmaking issues.

The latest complaints included one comment stating, “I was playing Battlefield 4 for under 10 minutes today, then I got disconnected and received this message “you have lost connection to the EA servers” every time I try to reconnect. Another reader added, “I seem to be losing connection to EA servers almost everyday in Battlefield 4, it can’t be just my router or network”.

Battlefield 4 lost connection to EA servers

Have you been losing connection to EA servers too much in Battlefield 4? Leave a comment below if this has happened to you recently, especially if you are one of those receiving problems connecting to multiplayer today.

The Battlefield 4 PC update went live yesterday, as we reported here, and fixes included server connections and improving general stability but it seems like there’s still issues with EA’s servers.

It is worth noting that the lost connection to EA servers message in Battlefield 4, reported to us today, was on the Sony PS4 but we believe this is a problem on PS3 and Xbox 360 as well.

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  • Mark Drew

    Battlefield 4 on XBOX 360, I have xbox live and a premium origin account with own user name, password and everything is legit. I keep getting a lost connection with EA servers when i want to play multiplayer games with anything that has a EA logo. The only fix so far is to reset your router for wireless and reconnect to the wireless internet on your xbox and then connect back to xbox live. After that start your battlefield 4 game. Should work.

    On another note, my son plays Battlefield 4 also, but while he is playing I cannot. We both have different usernames and separate xbox live accounts. This is definitely a EA/Origin problem and not Microsoft or XBOX Live problem.

  • Joe Vajdak

    just downloaded this game today and tried getting into a game session and it keeps bringing up the connection error.WTF!!?? Can I get my money back?

  • steve

    Sick to death with this game constantly loosing loosing connection a waste of time and money

  • bosshossman

    I’ve been playing fine for the past few days, but when my brother got on it disconnected it. I think it has something to do with portforwarding.

  • cristian

    Same for me i keep getting the message “you have lost connection to the server” everyday since i started playing ps4. Its not my internet i could play other games perfectly so please let me know how i can fix this..

  • ryan

    Hi i have this problem but i haven’t even got on the live yet it just wont connect. Any idea to sort this out?

  • BigShmoDaddy

    I’m on PS3. This problem happens before I start matchmaking, midgame, randomly at anytime. My internet connection is fine. I don’t get kicked from psn. It’s just EA sever.

  • VigorousVerbs

    Every day this happens. I haven’t been able to finish a match in about a week.

  • mikelowe6

    this happens everytime i try to get into a game.


    Same thing happening to me on xbox 360. Super annoying and has been happening in the middle of my best rds usually so I dont get the pts at the end. BF4 has been out a long time and we have been dealing with problems since day 1. Please get this fixed for us who jones on our battlefield. I blow all this money on premium and this is the result, not next time if you dont step up your game EA.

  • bink

    Having the same issue. According to the rest of the comments, this problem has persisted for over a year now? Maybe time to just give up on BF and EA and find a new game to play. Live and learn, don’t buy EA games.

  • Dialed

    I get a couple different messages. The disco from EA servers and one from xbox live… this is becoming a daily occurrence and beyond frustrating. I’ve done all of the steps suggested for the XBL fix and no luck and I have no idea about the BF4 fix. Just plain frustrating.

  • Steve Smith

    I am having the same problem on 360 tried everything restarting router worked until I turned the xbox off then it happend again such a joke

  • TooLiveDoe

    I have the same problem… Just got my ps4 with BF4 today and it doesn’t connect to EA servers…

  • dadandson

    Me and my son have an Xbox 360 a piece and our own copy’s of bf 3 & 4. were in the same home on the same wifi. Seems which every Xbox we turn on and let connect first to the router is the one that will connect to ea. The other will not. This just started for us about three weeks ago. We are die hard bf 4 players on the weekend while he is at my house. I really hope this is fixed soon not played with my son on bf for three weeks now. My son is getting tired of playing halo again. Lol. He said to E.A. FIX IT. FIX IT FIX IT. LOL

  • Kris Crabtree

    I am having the problem right now, i just updated it and i want to play with my friends.

  • Rearea

    We have 2 xbox systems side by side, one works and the other gives the stupid you have lost connection message EVERY TIME!

  • Rearea

    Every time I try and play on my Xbox lately I cannot get on. It says, “you ave lost connection to th ea servers. Online features will be unavailable.”

  • Allen

    having the same issue, I just bought the game on ps4 two days ago and this seems to be a problem that was never fixed, my brothers reported no such problems so I thought it might be my network but everything else in my house works perfectly and even turning them all off to prioritize the ps4 still doesn’t help, I even returned my ps4 for a new one since I thought the problem was with the console, now I know its ea/dice/sony/whoever is responsible for not fixing this. it is unacceptable to not be focusing ALL of your attention on a problem which is persisting on a game this popular for this long

  • joe

    Cant play online at all

  • FAKE

    Happining to me now

    • jackson

      same here

  • Drew

    Strangely this NEVER used to happen to me, now it is a regular occurrence. I haven’t been able to get through an entire game without this happening since it became regular.

  • Mike

    I no longer have the ability to play multiplayer. Get that annoying ‘you have lost….’ message every time I try. I definitely don’t have the best internet connection but COD seems to work. The result, I am pretty much only playing COD or goofing around on the test range of BF4. I am getting tired of spending my time on the test range!!

  • Rich

    Mine cuts out regually daily it is so annoying as I enjoy the game but this lets it down….

  • Travis Vetter

    I can only manage to play a maximum of 20 minutes, not enough to ever finish a round, and that’s if I’m lucky on a good day, when playing multiplayer. Not only is it frustrating but it makes it hard to enjoy the game and gain ranks and skills and advancing weapons and kits. And note, I am a PS4 player. FIX IT!!! At first I thought it was my internet since it is sorta crappy internet… only it says the connection is good and great when I set up my house so my PS4 is the only thing using the internet… and still I lose connection.

  • POdAtEA

    Same here! I want the friggin thing to work out of the damn box without having to be a NASA scientist! EA you should be ashamed of yourselves for releasing this steaming pile of donkey dung!
    So…. what…you whopped together a game prior to a next gen launch that is heavy on multiplayer WITHOUT having an exiting base of millions of players and decided that just because it linked with Fred down the hall in the storyboard dept. it was good enough to feed to the unwashed masses? BS!
    I wish I hadn’t dropped the exta money on the DLC’s…all that did was gape my a$$ even wider. I had faith in EA and their commitment to fixing the problems early on but see now it was all PR BS.
    Absolutely unexcuseable given your pedigree in the gaming industry…but then, you could care less I suppose; you already have our money.
    I’ve been a gamer since graphics looked like stacked Lego’s and I have NEVER seen such blatant disregard for ‘getting it right’. I don’t care if you release a 1GB patch every damn day as long as there’s forward motion but what do we get?….nutten but the sound of crickets.

  • Toospineless

    Every game i enter i loose the damn connection

  • Martinez

    I have not been able to connect to EA for the last 3 days. I reinstalled the game, updated the damn thing. I can login to Origin, but when I launch Battlefield 4 I just get cursors blinking. Cant even play a campain or training game.

  • Bennimz

    twice in one hour

  • mikael

    lost Connection ea servers. bf4.

  • jockness

    This is utter crap ea take your money quick enough when you buy the game premium then you get a few games now its lost connection aggggaaaaiiiinnnnn fix it for once

  • Estevan

    Having same problem on bf4 for ps3 it says “you have lost connection to the EA servers. Online features will be unavailable. what’s the issue? I’m trying to play naval strike

    • Vladamir

      Seems to be happening to everyone on ps3 today, although EA haven’t said that their servers are down

  • Themeanphil

    I have the same problem as Hooligan1488, would also like to know why

  • Hooligan1488

    PS3 BF 4 Can not open multiplayer or my soldier content… why?

  • Darthlordy

    Is the ea server down today?
    as I lost connection, psn network fine, can’t pin point problem as hardware all in working order

  • Grace Restauro

    Yes, just bought Battlefield 4 for the PS3 for my husband, and have been having a couple of issues. The first is half an hour into the game, the video wouldn’t load, but the audio does. Haven’t figured out how to fix this issue yet. The second, is being unable to connect to the “EA server”. Definitely having some buyer’s remorse. :/

  • Jimmy Swift

    can’t connect at all today, clearly not my internet as my laptop works fine and so do the other 10 connected devices in my house…..very frustrating…. only have minimal windows of time to play and can’t use it

  • Harleyd007

    Lost connection 5 times tonight on ps 3

  • nigel

    Im losing connection to servers on xbox 360 on average every other map sometimes even every map. In the past its never been this bad but ever since the latest multiplayer patch which gives you the carrier assault homescreen its become virtually unplayable due to massive frustration at playing well for 15 mins only to be told ive lost connection 2 mins before the end and losing all hard earned upgrades. I am truly fed up

  • Steve

    I can’t even get past the main home screen without getting this error. I just bought this game today (Xbox One) and EVERY time I click “Multiplayer” it says “You have lost connection to the EA Servers. Online features will be unavailable.” Same thing with Madden “The EA servers are not available at this time. Please try again later. All of my other non-EA multiplayer games work fine (COD, Dead Rising, Assassin’s Creed). Waste of money…

  • Bawbagtat

    Same here. Utter pish!

  • nelly

    same here

  • Porta

    Just had the same problem as Graeme today

  • Graeme N

    Waited in anticipation to play this game, arrive today and I cannot connect to the EA Server. What a load of shite!

  • Josh

    i connect to the game the ones that im able to finish have this horrid 2 second lag that happens every few minutes. the other ones i always lose connection. and its always at least 5 min in – 15 minutes of game play before i lose connection. Its so frustrating!

  • Kevin H

    Exact same issue on my Xbox ONE. Haven’t been able to play multiplayer for two days now. Been several other issues before this (screen never loads and can’t play). Bought this game for multiplayer, not terribly written campaign.

  • Tom

    Haven’t been able to play for the last 3 days…WTF… Fix the EA Servers already!!! I switched over from Modern Warfare for this?!?

  • Lando

    I’ve played Battlefield 4 on 360 just fine. I got my Xbox one a little over a month ago, and try to play online every day since I got it. I’ve only played 2 complete matches without connection glitches. Trying not to give up on it, this game is therapeutic for a war vet like me.

  • Macafly

    A month and a half that I have not been able to play Battlefield 4! “The connection with EA was lost”. I can´t do nothing, however I insert battlefield 3 and I can play perfectly! What is going on? Please help!

  • Joe

    Yep. Still not working. I’ve owned the game for xbox one for over a month and haven’t even been able to play multiplayer.

    • Joe

      And just a side note: it’s kind of a rip off when you spend 600$ On an X1 and accessories, plus the cost of battlefield 4 and you can’t even enjoy it. That’s the one game I own and my X1 is useless at the moment.

  • Leo

    Does not work. I have been able to play for a total of ten minutes since I got it a little more than a month ago. This is really upsetting.

  • Steve

    Servers down at 14.15 pm U.k 31/01/2014, blecchh!

  • ungodly sin

    it does not work

  • ian

    I just got it and it has said that for the last 3 days strait

  • Brian

    Everyday for the past 4 days I cannot connect to the EA servers in either battlefield 4 or madden 25 on my xbox one. I’m returning these games, hope you guys do the same.

  • Jesse V

    I’m constantly dropping from servers on the Playstation 4. I just got a new updated modem, new router, and hardwired my PS4 finally, there are no connection issues. I just tried playing today, and can’t get more than 3 minutes into a game without dropping. Yesterday’s record was 20 minutes for one game, and multiple other drops.

  • JoshuaLeeFrazier

    I think I have played 3 matches about a week ago. Since then, it has been a lost connection.
    Side note:
    System: XBOX ONE
    All Ports Open
    NAT Type: Open
    Connection test for Multiplayer: “All Good”
    Always rebooting/power cycling modem/router.
    Still no go.

    This is on EA’s end. Not mine. This is the only game I have multiplayer issues with.
    They need to fix this, and give away the “Premium” downloads and credit back those who paid for them as a “Sorry, our bad. Hope you keep playing”.

  • mike

    im on the playstaion 4 and this exact thing is happening to me too.

  • DH_n_HD

    purchased xbox one 3 weeks ago and haven’t once been able to connect to ea servers for battlefield 4, need for speed, or nab 2k14. super pissed.

  • K

    I cant connect

  • Steven

    I cannot connect. When I try to access the Multiplayer Option or any content which requires access to EA data it says “you have lost connection to the EA servers.” the most frustrating thing for me is that the company doesn’t acknowledge or indicate it is an issue on their side. This is new for me. It was working on Tuesday and part of Wednesday then I haven’t been able to get on. I know they recently updated with a patch for Xbox One.

  • 2NY

    Been having issues all week. Just got disconnected 3 times in the past hour. It’s driving me nuts.

  • Slap

    i’ve been having the same connection problem. this is terrible!

  • my xbox is a paperweight

    Unplayable. Can’t even start a game due to this problem.

  • PogoAttack

    Was playing fine last week with the usual issues here and there, got kicked from a game for a server crash and now i can’t even connect to multiplayer or battle log on xbox one. Time to play the campaign i guess.

  • bulldog_947

    Just downloaded the latest update now I cant get on a server

  • Connor

    Haven’t played for about a week, got on to play and downloaded the newest update Now can’t seem to connect. Keep getting the You lost connection to the EA servers message. I’ve only played online once and didn’t have a problem and now this crap… They need to fix this asap.

  • Paul

    been waiting all night to get the tv, finally do and can’t get on

  • braders135

    Just happened to me again. Getting really fed up

  • Dave

    Yup same here. I got dropped about a half hour ago and still can’t get on. It happens way to much!

  • Nick

    Had the game for 2 days only been able to play for a roughly 45 min. Just bought x box gold membership, what a waste! I think buying a ps4 is the way forward now.

  • will665

    Same here. Server seems to drop pretty regularly.I currently cannot even get into the game, and am getting a server drop error message


    Kicked off twice in yestrdays session of 1 hour, An all too regular ocurrence in BF4. Rarely ocuured in BF3

  • 7Cs

    I cant seem to even open the web site now. Lots of ping issues over the last few days. Is not my connection. BF4 page is not there to connect to according to my browsers. can log into BF3 web site…

  • AutowizNaz

    Defiantly happening a lot on ps4. Gave up trying cause I couldn’t even play and now am playing ghosts. I will wait for it to say can’t connect. The one time I joined a match the game was stuck on a black loading screen after showing the map and game mode loading screen. I love battlefield and am very disappointed that I can’t play it…

  • Asad Khan

    BF4 XB1 – server kicked me out after playing 2 minutes ; cannot connect to server after; haven’t played online for a 9 now

  • Michael Tisdell

    Currently having this issue. 6:05am eastern. So much for the update.

    • Glockness Monster

      yeah i thought it kicked me for the update but nope

      • Michael Tisdell

        These folks need to do some serious making up to its players.