Viber app update skips iPad, iOS 7 features

- Jan 13, 2014

The dedicated Viber for iPad app still manages to avoid a release in 2014, even though the current offering will work on both iPhone and Apple tablet, but users want something tailored to the bigger display size.

This month we noticed the latest Viber app update launched to take the application version to 4.1.1 and to the dissatisfaction of some users, the new update notes stated two words, “Bug fixes”. Some users want more and considering how long iOS 7 has been released, a few Viber app users demand full support for the latest iOS version.

If you have been a Product Reviews reader for many years, you might remember our article from just over 3 years ago that touched on the ability to make free phone calls with Viber for iPhone, although this was before Apple’s iPad really took off with the demand seen today.


In 2014, we expect much more when it comes to really popular apps offering full iPad support and also iOS 7 features now that operating system update is a few months old.

Need for a dedicated Viber app for iPad and iOS 7 update – we would love to hear from our readers about the need for a dedicated iPad app to take advantage of the new Air and Mini, also what features should we see supported with iOS 7? One commenter stated, “What is going on! Another update that lacks a redesign for iOS 7, this is getting frustrating”. There comment was followed by many more on the official iTunes page.

We should point out that the Viber app has over 36,000 ratings and the latest version features a 4 star average rating, so the majority of users seem happy. Leave a comment with your wish list for new Viber app features and need for iPad/iOS 7 support.

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  • Šặmy ÅbǿȜǿmër


  • Hi guys, update for an iOS 7 look is coming soon… Thanks for this article!

    • Shanila

      You said this 2 months ago and viber was not able to release IOS7 version!!

      • iOS 7 in advanced development, and we’re working as fast as we can to have it available for you soon. It will be worth the wait, we promise!

        • CodeRuby

          I hope it is released soon. Good luck and Thank you for running a great service for free!

        • We’re happy to hear that you enjoy Viber! You can look forward to the next iOS version in the next few weeks!

        • Radad

          By the end of this month? How will the quality affect for Viber to Viber calls?

        • The iOS update will not affect Viber calls in any way. You will still experience HD-quality calls!

        • Radad

          Lovely. Since I use Viber to Viber internationally quite often, I must say that is better than any other Viber-like apps out there. However, when talking over 2G or 3G, quality drops and there’s lot of lag between the conversation. I am early waiting for the redesign. Any updates on that?

        • Viber is not supported over 2G networks. Please check that you 3G service provider has no limits on data usage – that could cause lags

        • Raghu Sunderam

          Please give us an approximate ETA