PlayStation Now beta code signup problems

Now that the dust has settled on CES 2014, gamers are once again turning their attention to Sony’s massive announcement of PlayStation Now. We know that the streaming service won’t be available until this Summer for the US market, but Sony has confirmed however that PlayStation Now beta codes will be available at the end of January.

Unsurprisingly though, Sony has remained silent on how exactly everyone will be able to get in to have an early look. As far as we’re aware, it looks like the PlayStation Now beta is going to be very closed affair, with Sony only selecting certain individuals specifically, rather than letting the masses all in at once.

While we wait for official PS Now beta code information for the UK and US, there may be a way to jump ahead of the queue early. If you look at the official PlayStation Now website, you’ll see that Sony are leaving gamers with the option of leaving your personal details.

These details include real name, email address, zip code and most importantly PSN name. To our horror though, it looks like this new section of the website has been set up by an amateur. If you have a surname that is two letters in length, you’ll get an error that looks like the image shown here.


Furthermore, if your chosen email address has a hyphen in it like hmm, we don’t know “” for example, Sony doesn’t like this either.

We’re wondering what Sony are playing at here, as surely they didn’t intend to restrict sign-ups in this way. This may not be a guarantee that it will get you a PlayStation Now beta code, but it is definitely worth a go – as you never know.

Have you had any problems trying to sign up to get a PS Now beta code?



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