Lord of the Rings vs. Elder Scrolls Online demand

By Peter Chubb - Jan 13, 2014

When you take a very popular franchise such as Lord of the Rings and come up with a game centered on an online gaming community, it doesn’t mean there will be guaranteed success. We say this because LOTR Online has not been the success that fans had hoped, and as such those behind Elder Scrolls Online need to be cautious and cannot became over confidant.

We thought we would bring this subject matter up now because things are not looking very good for Lord of the Rings Online, as the team behind the game has said they are not working on adding more content, although older parts of the game could get an overhaul later this year.

According to Turbine community manager there are several technical reasons why new Lord of the Rings content is not going to be added, but one of the main ones has to be the number of people playing the game.

We know that demand from the community is strong and that they would love to see new LOTR Online features and updates, but seeing as though the user base is far less than expected it is having a serious effect on the games future.

It is for this very reason why fans of the Elder Scrolls should not be too complacent and if they want the Online version to succeed, then they have to be prepared to sign up to the monthly subscription.

Do you believe that the Elder Scrolls Online, which will be released in April will be able to achieve a larger user base than Lord of the Rings Online, and if so why would that be?

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  • Jack

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    Not that I think this article is wrong, but LOTRO only announced they weere not releasing any content in 2014. They still had plans for an expansion in 2015. Though I do think their player base is waning. It is an old game, and the LOTR hype is dying down.

  • Because im BATMAN

    Long time Fan of the Elder Scrolls Series. Skyrim is the single Handed best gaming Experience of my life. As much as i would like to see the Elder Scrolls Online Succeed And i truly do want it too, as i will be buying the game and paying a Monthly Subscription. I just dont see it being a Hit. People are already complaining about it, Console Gamers are confused as to why when they already pay a monthly Subscription to Sony and Miscrosoft they are being forced to pay Additional Charges. The Reviews coming from those who have experienced the Closed Beta Classify it as a Mediocre MMO and even point out far too many Flaws, Life long fans of the series who watch Gameplay video’s of the Game are already beggining to worry as they feel the combat looks boring and Basic. Nothing that stands out. I fear that as we get Closer and Closer to the release date this game is losing Hype and Excitement. Therefor i do not Believe that it will do as well as it hope’s

    • Big Eric

      You wouldn’t be worried if you’d beta tested it yourself mate – you’d be very very excited – just saying . . .

      • Because im BATMAN

        And am i to presume that you have Beta Tested the game? I would Beta test it….But alas i do not have a PC that i have spent thousands on to get it in a Gaming ready Stance. Therefore i will be getting it on the Xbox One and im not Ashamed or Embarrassed to admit the reason i spent £600 on a shiny new Xbox One was purely for the Elder Scrolls Online. By the Way i never at any point said that i wasn’t Excited for the Game. I am in fact very excited about it…But i haven’t met a single Beta Tester who has come out and said “Oh Wow!” or “Amazing” I haven’t heard one come out saying it was “God Awful” or “Terrible” Its been more of an Un-easy “Well….Its a Mediocre MMO” From what i hear it has nothing that separates it from your Average MMO which as we all have Witnessed an Average MMO doesn’t pan very well with Monthly Subscription…. Elder Scrolls Online needs to be a “Wow!” factor if its going to draw in enough people who are willing to pay Monthly…. As we have learned games like Star Wars Knights Of the Old Republic and LOTR Online have failed to meet that “Wow!” and now they have all gone free to play….Which can quickly turn into Pay To Win which will result in loss of Publicity and Alas you have failed….But that is just one of Many Scenario’s I hope Elder Scrolls Online the best However…

    • Tom

      As a beta tester I can tell you that you will be very pleased with the game. Well worth the sub fees on any platform.