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Whatsapp Plus for Android without virus

We have a heads-up for Android users now, especially those who are big fans of the social messaging service Whatsapp. If you regularly customize your device and software, you may be interested in trying out the popular Whatsapp Plus app for Android that is now available to download.

Unlike the official version, Whatsapp Plus will actually allow you to customize areas of the messaging app, such as being able to choose your own color themes. Digging deeper, you can also choose to change the shape of the chat bubbles if you wish, or change the color of any incoming or outgoing chats when outside of the app.

The good news about Whatsapp Plus though, is that it is a trusted app. We have seen many Whatsapp viruses floating around from those downloading dubious clones, but many Android users have already tried and tested WhatsApp Plus – and love it.


It’s essentially the same app as the main Whatsapp app, just with the added bonus of customization options for those that like to inject a bit of brightness into their Android app collection.

Give it a go now and let us know how you get on. Do you recommend Whatsapp Plus for Android or not?



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