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Halo 5 news on Xbox One with beautiful image

Although Xbox One owners have been starved of Halo 5 news in recent weeks, we’re pleased to bring you a small update on the highly anticipated Xbox One exclusive now, courtesy of developers 343 Industries.

You will all remember the amazing teaser video that we saw during Microsoft’s conference at E3 2013, but since then we have hardly heard anything on the game.

As far as we know, Halo 5 is still scheduled for a 2014 release date. 343 Industries has already confirmed that the new next-gen Halo will be running on a brand new engine, and that it will be able to support 60 frames per second.

Hopefully this will also mean that the single player and multiplayer elements of Halo 5 will run at 1080p visuals as well – but we’ll probably be waiting until the final stages of release before Microsoft or 343 Industries even thinks about releasing this kind of information.

In the meantime, we’re pleased to share with you this new piece of Halo 5 imagery, taken and released as a concept design for the game. You’ll agree with us in saying that the visuals look absolutely beautiful and if this is the smallest indication that this will be a hint of the game’s graphics quality – consider us very interested indeed.

The concept image also has deeper meaning, as 343 Industries has also said that it teases a possible new location in the game that the team are currently working on.

It looks fantastic – hopefully this is a good sign that more Halo 5 information is on the way soon. Are you still pumped up about the Halo series, or not so much any more?



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