GTA V 1.09 patch notes live, god mode still on

By Alan Ng - Jan 12, 2014

After Rockstar decided to delay this slightly, we can now confirm that the GTA V 1.09 patch notes are finally out. Unfortunately though, they are not really GTA V 1.09 update notes at all – they contain a few lines, with Rockstar basically using this update to target all of the GTA V money glitches, god mode hacks, DNS servers and other problems with the game.

Players, including us were expecting to see a massive list of patch notes, allowing everyone to see what has been changed in the game following on from the GTA V 1.09 update. Rockstar has hardly said anything though on what is different, as you’ll see below.

The official GTA V 1.09 patch notes are 1) Improved anti-cheat measures and 2) a Fix for several GTA$ and RP exploits – that’s it.

There’s nothing else from Rockstar, no list of bug fixes or anything. It’s clear that the GTA V unlimited problems and DNS modded lobbies needed to be addressed asap, but were you expecting something better from the GTA V 1.09 patch notes?

Even the predicted patch notes that we told you about here prior to the 1.09 update were a little more pleasing on the eye.

Even worse, we have been told by several PR readers and GTA V players, that god mode is still possible on GTA V 1.09. Rockstar appears to have fixed up unlimited money glitches, but the god mode problems are still within the game – which is arguably the biggest issue that Rockstar needs to remove permanently.

Are you surprised with the lack of detail in the patch notes? Send us a message below if you can also confirm that you’ve seen players using god mode on GTA V 1.09.

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  • onlines worthless

    I’ve had people steal my cash by switching lobbies, I’ve had people kill me in my garage when I enter the game, I’ve thrown c4 pack on cars to have them disappear like it was never there, I’ve had people turn off my passive mode, I’ve had people purchase clothing that I did not, I even had someone make an insured car in my garage disappear. Every lobby is hacked and no one cares, it’s all about stealing your money and wasting your time, find a new hobby because the hackers run online gaming.

  • WhamBam

    If ‘Godmode’ was costing rockstar money you can guarantee that it would be patched up. Post-Haste!

  • no

    I hacked for cash. THERES NOTHING FUN TO DO WITHOUT MONEY. Death matches, survival, races, etc are ALL BORING! I WANT HEISTS! Without my billions, i dont want to even play. -_-

    • Knowling

      I hate people like u

    • pptz

      then just leave, you won’t be missed.

  • Tim Chirillo

    after the 1.09 update the game is unplayable. Stuck in the loading screen, it never loads

    • R*_R_SOOKS

      That’s because they have banned you. Did the same to me so I had to start another account.

  • knowling

    I wrote a report to rockstar after being in a vs. match with a player on god mode. he survived a car explosion while driving, and my minigun onslaught… and simply walked away. this happened January 14th on ps3. no report back from rockstar.

  • Judes

    After updating, I immediately saw a few with god mode on – I didn’t see any after Rockstar “fixed” the money, dns glitch on the backend a few weeks ago. I’m either thrown into lobbies with 2 other people who aren’t doing anything, or a lobby with 12 others, 3 or 4 have tanks with the invincible glitch. Pointless to even play in these lobbies…so I just keep jumping around to other lobbies. You hear them over the headset, they are such arrogant lil sh*ts too. I do take some pleasure of those – who ARE NOT on god mode and using tanks. I don’t know if its a glitch or what. It is possible to snipe them while they are in a tank. From a high rooftop and from a distance. Of course the tank is not destroyed, so they will respawn and get back inside..just snipe them down again to aggravate them.

    • HazardousONE

      Granted any method of dealing with tanks is HIGHLY dependent on where you are and how many people are with you (and willing to die a dozen times). The intentions of the tank driver are also a factor; if he/they are obviously trolling, there’s no point in feeding the trolls or perpetuating their “giggle-fest.” Even if you get lucky, the cost of replacing the tank is laughable. However, one method that has worked a half-dozen times is to lure the tank into a parking garage. Most drivers end up getting wedged at some point trying to make the tight turns inside. If you have buddy, have him get up on an adjacent roof with a rocket launcher or pick you up on the top level in an attack helicopter and use the passenger rocket controls to turn the tables.

      (Side bar: I was on one of those rare servers where nearly everyone was cool. Some kids started tank-trolling outside of a garage/apt. A couple of us got on a platform across the street in passive mode which snowballed to 10 or 11 players up there after a while. The worst thing you can do to a troll is laugh at their failure to troll. They were screaming like little girls; demanding that we drop out of passive mode.)

  • Alpha Supreme

    They’re still hacking & it’s really much that R* can do about it. R* lowered the payouts & RP in so many matches prior to the launch of Shark Cards. GOD Mode is still alive & so is Gifted Money. What’s even worse, they’ve hacked Passive Mode now.

  • Derek

    I’ve heard more than one “hacker” gift money under the pretense that RS is with holding heist content in order to sell more shark cards, and they feel this is greedy. Agree or disagree with their tactics this point is hard to ignore.

  • Ricky bobby

    Ive not seen god-mode since 1.09, but left a room immediatly when I heard somebody offering more hacked money yesterday… the worst part is Ive had to creat a 2nd account cus the 1st got hacked, disabling me from ranking up in my own crew, and seemingly changing my social club password (pissed off a hacker in a gun fight, I won at least). Now Im constantly paraniod my 2nd acc will be hacked in the same manner, and would NEVER consider purchasing a cash card as long as people can screw over my whole acc, then I just lose real life money.
    Rockstar needs to get rid of the hackers, hacked money and seccure peoples accounts before they can expect to sell any cash cards. Honestly though, theyd make alot more selling new map content, cars/vehical and gun DLC; and scraping the cash cards for fair mission pay-outs. Thank you.

  • Derek

    Yeah I’ve spent as much on those cards as I paid for the game pre money glitch. I’ve never attempted to cheat but have been gifted billions. This is my first run at GTA, total nooby. I only play online and like it quite a bit even with all the ” problems ” RS fix stuff, add stuff, do whatever you’ve made your money off of me and everyone else. However, if you take one dollar from my bank account or one item I’ve acquired through playing the game with all your problems, I will never play your game again period. I will not be punished for your mistakes…

  • Fred

    R* only cares about selling their money cards. They’ve got stockholders and Wall Street analysts to please. They don’t give a crap about us!

  • Mikey123

    Honestly at least they’re fixing it I remember playing red dead redemption and not having a single fix for years. Same with gta IV too. The money update is gone and sooner or later the god mode people will be thrown in the dunce pool with all the other bad sports

  • Professional Hit

    Honestly, I’m not surprised. Rockstar didn’t do anything to stop the rampant money and RP glitching when it started back in October so now they’re basically in over their heads with hackers and glitchers. What’s sad is how quickly it got like this, it took GTA IV a couple years before it was taken over by the modders..

    • NgTurbo

      Do you think it’s solely due to the early implementation of the cash cards… or is that an easy excuse?

      • Dat Gai

        Rockstar is playing a greed card. They had plans of using the stock system but then they realized they wouldn’t have made any money so they created shark cash cards.It’s stupid and that’s probably why they’re delaying heist or super nerfing its money rewards.

        As of the end of October, the game sold 39 million copies. Anyone who tried to use the beta online was given that 1million by rockstar (stimulus package/plan). Therefore, we all probably have the apartment with the plans to do heist. Maybe they’ll change how you do heist too.

      • Alpha Supreme

        I do partly, but it also has to do with how they reward in the game. GTA V reward system is jacked. You spend 30 minutes in Survival, get 3400+ RP & 20K. You’ll spend around 3-5K on Ammo for it as well. In a hours game play you make 30K & 6800RP. That’s not very much @ all.