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GTA V 1.09 patch notes live, god mode still on

After Rockstar decided to delay this slightly, we can now confirm that the GTA V 1.09 patch notes are finally out. Unfortunately though, they are not really GTA V 1.09 update notes at all – they contain a few lines, with Rockstar basically using this update to target all of the GTA V money glitches, god mode hacks, DNS servers and other problems with the game.

Players, including us were expecting to see a massive list of patch notes, allowing everyone to see what has been changed in the game following on from the GTA V 1.09 update. Rockstar has hardly said anything though on what is different, as you’ll see below.

The official GTA V 1.09 patch notes are 1) Improved anti-cheat measures and 2) a Fix for several GTA$ and RP exploits – that’s it.

There’s nothing else from Rockstar, no list of bug fixes or anything. It’s clear that the GTA V unlimited problems and DNS modded lobbies needed to be addressed asap, but were you expecting something better from the GTA V 1.09 patch notes?

Even the predicted patch notes that we told you about here prior to the 1.09 update were a little more pleasing on the eye.

Even worse, we have been told by several PR readers and GTA V players, that god mode is still possible on GTA V 1.09. Rockstar appears to have fixed up unlimited money glitches, but the god mode problems are still within the game – which is arguably the biggest issue that Rockstar needs to remove permanently.

Are you surprised with the lack of detail in the patch notes? Send us a message below if you can also confirm that you’ve seen players using god mode on GTA V 1.09.



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