GTA V 1.09 update now live

By Daniel Chubb - Jan 11, 2014

The GTA V 1.09 update has gone live within the last few minutes and we just got asked to update to the new patch, although once the improvements were installed it looks like the money is still there online without any change.

This install took place within the last hour, so if you haven’t been on Grand Theft Auto V online within that time you should check and see if patch 1.09 is live for you.

We have had confirmation of the GTA V 1.09 update being live in London, UK and a few locations in the United States. The gamer feedback received so far reveals that money gained through glitches and gifted hasn’t been removed at the time of writing.

This is why a number of players want to know what the GTA V 1.09 patch notes included thanks to the money glitches or millions in the bank through gifts remaining. If you have had money removed after installing the GTA V 1.09 update, then please leave a comment detailing this and what location you are in roughly.

Fallout from GTA V event connection problems

One Product Reviews reader stated, “Yep, I still have billions after installing the GTA V 1.09 update and I see high money levels everywhere. Not sure what they patched, but no one cares unless it fixes the online money problems”. Another added, “I expect the GTA 5 1.09 patch notes to be live within 24 hours and the update just gives Rockstar the ability to make a sweeping change”.

In our opinion, the GTA V 1.09 update has a number of hidden changes that will let Rockstar make a big change to stop the money glitches and cheats when they are ready to make that live. We already saw some preparation towards this update that we documented in an earlier article.

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  • NOBODYhook

    Can’t Join a lobby after this horrible Poor Rockstar update. Rockstar is just becominga n infamous piece of trash!!!

    • Evan Greeneyedmonster Sturgis

      it was down for maintenance

      • vilifyhjjjff

        I’m sure this person didn’t know. Lol.

  • Hayden27889

    When I downloaded 1.09 update for ps3 it made it so I can’t join any of my friends or invite them to my lobby. It says that I haven’t completed the gta online tutorial but I did I’m level 20.

  • Jason Perez

    I was ready to quit GTA until I was gifted some money. I don’t have billions but millions. Ammo was too expensive. Take my money and give everyone one million and the money they earned. Everyone happy with that?

  • subsideeDJ

    I HATE it when I have a suppressor equipped, even in the middle of nowhere or the mountains, I still get a wanted! I’m in the MOUNTAINS! Do the police have spy birds something?!? “Los Santos police” are C.I.A agents apparently. Oh, and they also have some new aged transportation device because they just “POP” out of nowhere. Oh R*

    • ceedoubleyou

      Hee! Yeah, I hate that. I took all the suppressors off my guns because it didn’t seem to be giving me any advantage and I kinda like the sound the un-silencered guns make.

  • Malik225

    I wish everyone would realize that this whole situation is not about making the game balanced and better for everyone. It’s about R* being able to cash in on their cash cards. God does not reward Greed. And guess what? Check youtube, there are already new DNS codes/hacks/ways to avoid being bann after the1.09 patch. A lesson to be learned by R*.

    • Evan Greeneyedmonster Sturgis

      read the news….and retards would post there sh!t up on youtube. big F-ing target

  • Juneerawr

    I’m getting sick and tired when the payment after a job isn’t equal. Wtf?!?! How does someone get paid more than me when 1) The player wasn’t host 2)The player died 3)I had more kills 4)I was a higher rank 5)I was the ONLY one alive! No logic in R* whatsoever.

  • Sean

    I killed a guy with a bounty on him, he had 225 mil on him as the bounty, will anything happen?

  • Your pal, Jesus

    The easiest solution for R* is to reset everybody, certainly in terms of cash, and let people who have invested in the cards reclaim whatever they have lost. I expect they will then sweep GTA Online and ban anyone who is at a ridiculous level compared to jobs completed etc.

    The problem of taking this approach is that they risk killing the game. I found it pretty boring until someone gave me $4 billion one day and I could finally afford the best apartment, the best cars etc. I managed to get rid of most of the $4 billion in a cash dump on a DNS server (yes, I was the one person who went on a DNS to LOSE money) and brought my balance down to $4 million, which I think is about right for a level 108 character. Missions that were pretty boring before become a lot more fun if you can do them in the Buzzard or a Tank. Having experienced that, if my character was reset then I doubt I’d go back and go through the grind of getting to level 100 again, and it is a grind. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels like that and there are many people out there with a much higher level and bank balance than me.

    I would accept any ban that comes my way, just like I’ll accept losing anything I bought with money I was given. The more I play it the more it seems like an opportunity for R* to follow Activision and wring as much out of their customers as they can. The value of the credit cards you can buy are woeful when you look at the price of ammo, cars and upgrades in GTA Online. When the heists eventually become available I’ll be amazed if any reward you with more than $150k, some rumours have the totals as low as $80k. I’ll pay for DLC that expands the single player game, or I would have done if one of R*’s patches hadn’t ruined my game, but I won’t pay them money so my little imaginary character can pay them again to wear nice clothes and drive a nice car. I’d be interested to find out how many credit cards have been sold, I bet it’s somewhere in the range of a shitload, sadly.

    • Juneerawr

      R* never listens 🙁

  • Troy W Suza

    Gta V needs poker to play in your apartments no limit Texas hold ’em. Bowling, baseball, basketball, football, more games to play with friends

  • Beauregard John Murphey

    the only change i have noticed is my single player freezes when i try to start or load any single player game. including new games, i cant get the 70 gold medals now. no trophy for me

  • Bro usury

    I think new fighting styles would be pretty cool. Like in Gta San Andreas there was a boxing fighting style and karate fighting style. It would be awesome! Ooohhh wait…R* doesn’t care…right…

  • Nel

    you know what id like to see in gta v online? id like to see R* adding animals or the stock market, or actual different apartments or at least you being able to paint/decorate your apartment. id like them to add more things to do and more places to explore with friends. who cares if someone wants a crap ton of money? im starting to get bored of this game because i can only do the same things over and over. if someone is in god mode just find a different lobby. or go play by yourself if you cant handle ppl giving you free money. all this crap is just a big waste of time. R* should focus on making the game more fun for ppl instead of punishing ppl for giving themselves or others free money.

    • Tyler Heileman

      Obviously you haven’t been given a bunch of money – someone gave me 100. Mil, and it ruins the entire point of the game, why even play if you own everything? I don’t care if other people cheat, but they gave me money against my will, and it needs to be removed… I’m all for new content, but they certainly need to fix this money issue

      • Malik225

        I was given a load of money, over a billion unwillingly. Im only level 41, still most of the clothes, nice guns, things to fix up on cars, tanks etc,airplanes, boats, I cant purchase because Im not on a high enough level. There are still missions I cant start alone because I haven’t reached a certain level. So to say it ruins the ENTIRE point of the game, I cant agree with you.

  • Malik225

    Typical, R* wants you to pay 50 US dollars for 2.5 million in GTA cash? 50 bucks? really? I could basically buy another PS3 game for 50 bucks. Get into a few lobbies with a couple A*holes and you will spend 2.5 mill in a week just trying to defend yourself. What to do then? Pay another 50 dollars for more cash? Not me.

    • Malik225

      Cant believe people are complaining about being given money. It definitely does not ruin game. Money unlocks NOTHING. God mod/Level-up-glitches/invisible-glitches ruin the game.

      • Tyler Heileman

        Earning money to buy stuff is the WHOLE POINT – take that away and there is no reason to play, nothing to work toward

        • Malik225

          So you are saying that a level 10 person with 100 mill can get anything they want on the game? Wrong. If you don’t level up 80% of that stuff you cant purchase anyway. All you can maybe do is get an apartment and some cars that you cant trick out because you are not on a high enough level.

        • Tyler Heileman

          I’m saying you could buy any car you want, any apartment you want, and money no longer has any value in the game – your right you have to level up to get stuff, so I suppose I shouldn’t say making money is the WHOLE point, but its at least half the point – also, I personally am level 100, someone gave me around 100 mil against my will – for me, that has taken away the ONLY thing I had left to play for

        • Gary Gooner Harper

          you must have no imagination if money is the only thing keeping you no the game

        • Tyler Heileman

          There is a reward system for a reason – its not that there isn’t stuff to do, its that there is nothing to gain, which gets old very quickly

      • Gary Gooner Harper

        i found that after i got a massive bounty off someones head and i got all that money i started to enjoy the game not having ppl blowing up my personal cars all the time id just get a rand0m car off the street do it up then burn around killing ppl not having to worry about my money ..It is money that has ruined GTA online and ppl with god mode and ppl that glitch into walls also there should be an option to turn off the bloody police and they should get rid of bad sport pool and keep the cheater pool Free mode should be free to do what you want with in reason and there should be a time line on dlc so we no what we are getting and when…..

  • erocksnips

    The fake money is ridiculous. I got paid 3bill. On my first day playing by a random guy and i cant get rid of it. Its so stupid.

  • granixteGirll

    Still won’t fix the Make-up problem! -_-

    • Juneerawr


  • Nick Woodhead

    To the publisher of this article. A friend of mine got put in the cheaters lobby due to claiming a 10 billion dollar bounty and sharing it between the lobby. He only did it because he already had over 35 billion from gifting and crap. When he called Rockstar and explained everything they gave him a temporary character and stuck a 72 hour hold on his main one. When he asked about the money Rockstar told him that there is no way for them to remove the money from 1 person. The only way they can remove money is by doing a mass reset of all players. Now seeing as Rockstar is already facing charges pending on stealing someones money in game that they had bought with real money, Rockstar is not going to risk wiping everyone. I have read from a few buddies of mine who work for other companies that Rockstar is discussing doing a mass reset of all players back down to a level below 120 because of how many people have hacked levels and money. They will then be wiping everyones money down to a certain amount and those who had purchased the Shark Cards can call in with confirmation numbers and get all their money back. But like I tell everyone this is all hear say, until Rockstar grows a pair and speaks up to its commmunity with more than 1 liners, everyone is in the dark.

    • surferjames

      sorry nick but rockstar are not pending any charges for taking money from somebody account….if the money has gone they need prove they bought it and then rockstar will give this back.

  • mehhh

    still wont fix the blurred tattoo problem -.-

  • Frodo

    You’ll get banned if you continue leaving job lobbies?!?!? Are you kidding me Rockstar?!? I just got killed by a cop when I wasn’t even wanted!!! Of course I left that bull! R* fix what’s IMPORTANT! It’s irritating that you had so long to fix everything wrong with the game and you did nothing. Where’s the commitment? Just pathetic.