Sony hire ex Star Wars game developer for new PlayStation projects

By Matt Tran - Jan 10, 2014

A seasoned game developer who previously fronted Star Wars titles at Lucasarts, has been hired by Sony. Dominic Robilliard was in charge of the cancelled Star Wars 1313 project and is now expected to work as a design director for new PlayStation projects.

Robilliard worked as the creative director during his time at Lucasart, which was closed down once Disney bought the Star Wars franchise for $4 billion last year. The new Sony man claimed to have worked personally worked beside George Lucas for 2 years.

Now that Robilliard works for Sony Computer Entertainment America he will focus his efforts on a number of PlayStation projects, centering around the PS4 no doubt. The design director has also worked for Sony’s European branch in the past, being involved in development of The Getaway series.

It has been rumored that Electronic Arts is working on a new Star Wars game behind the scenes, it will be interesting to see if they use any content from the previous 1313 project. Is a new Star Wars game something you would like to see made now that the next generation consoles have been released?

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  • TheinsanegamerN

    since all future star wars games are going to be made by EA, i consider star wars dead in the water. anyone dumb enough to cancel 1313 and a nearly finished battlefront 3 cant possibly make a good game. RIP star wars.

    • Chris Radenovic

      I agree. Having the ability to make a good game is one thing, but being able to make a good game AND listening to your consumers is a whole different playing field.

      Speaking of which, WHERE THE HELL IS KOTOR 3?