Pokemon Plus and Minus authenticity debate

By Alan Ng - Jan 10, 2014

Forget all of the Pokemon X and Y Pokebank discussion right now. A new debate has now been started rather prematurely, in the mould of the next possible Pokemon game. Rumors are running wild suggesting that it could be called Pokemon Plus and Minus – we have information on that now for you to analyse and mull over.

It seems very strange for the next-generation of Pokemon games to be discussed so soon after the launch of X and Y, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo and Game Freak are certainly working on the game behind the scenes – who knows, it could be the reason behind the Pokebank / PokeTransporter silence.

In all serious though, there are some strong claims behind this actually being real. A ton of information has turned up here, including the following key points on the game:

These involve potential plans for GameFreak to “completely overhaul the basic systems of battle, simplifying the process.” Also, we hear of Pokemon Plus and Minus featuring a world map based in South East Asia.

There’s even details on the possible Pokemon Plus and Pokemon Minus legendary Pokemon. No names yet, but the same source claims the two creatures to be a Psychic/Ground-type with multiple faces for Pokemon Plus, followed by Ghost/Fairy type for Pokemon Minus with many arms and hands.

Is the Strange Souvenir a hint about the new 'South-East Asia' region?

Is the Strange Souvenir a hint about the new ‘South-East Asia’ region?

Interesting stuff, you will agree. Head to the source link to read a lot more. Even better, we advise you to watch the analysis video that we have picked out for you below. It discusses the Pokemon Plus and Minus rumors in detail and gives you as fans, something to debate.

Do you honestly think that Game Freak is working on the next Pokemon game already? This game could be on Wii U as well – which is massive if true. Discuss everything below and we’ll update you when we gather more information.

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  • ThatGuyOverThere

    As long as they keep it basic and not go to crazy with new stuff, I’m fine with it, also the starters sound ridiculous except for the fire starter, but I’ve never been a fan of them. I like the water types, but this one just sounds retarded…

  • Kay Mew

    It better not be only on Wii U, I just bought a 3DS and I don’t want to spend money on a such a crappy console.

  • Nothing

    Please don’t let it be on Wii U.

  • xTrucho3

    Remake of Hoenn will be awesome too but massive will be if it’s released on the Wii U.

  • King

    its probably a Hoenn remake or maybe its simaler to Pokemon x and y

  • leo

    better be like gale of darkness with the rpg elements

  • Batdan

    am i the only one who thinks the next game will be a remake of Hoenn and the “plus and minus” thing is an easter egg for plusle and minun (originally from hoenn)

  • rumors are rumors

    Background in that picture looks a lot like it is from and old tekken game.

  • Kage

    Serebii has said nothing about the rumors, so I’m taking them with a grain of salt…

    • Angeliclily

      Serebii doesn’t address rumors anymore, because in the past, they got in trouble for leaking the entire Gen V Pokedex.