Nexus 10 2 specs hasn’t changed, a gamers delight

By Alan Ng - Jan 10, 2014

Google sure likes to keep everyone waiting don’t they? Similar to a situation in the gaming world revolving around Nintendo and missing Pokemon content, Google has seemingly failed to communicate in a timely manner with their desperate fans who are craving to see a Nexus 10 2014 release date.

Especially coming in the midst of CES 2014 over in Las Vegas, where we’re yet to see any hint of movement from Google regarding the missing tablet. Eyes have naturally turned to alternatives now, notably what Samsung are doing with their interesting decision to go big with 12.2-inch Galaxy Tab Pro and Galaxy Note Pro models.

This week, we have heard rumors that Google has ‘changed’ the processor for the upcoming Nexus 10 tablet. You may have read that Google will now adopt a Tegra 4 processor as the main powerhouse under the hood. Back in November, we told you the very same thing – Tegra 4 on the Nexus 10.

This is coming from an apparent change from a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chip, which again isn’t anything ‘new’. Back in October 2013, we first referenced a Snapdragon 800 chip for the Nexus 10, so we’re not sure why these confusing rumors are again coming back to the forefront.


Tegra 4 looks like a certainty on the Nexus 10, which means that it is going to be a beast for gaming. The Nexus 7 2013 is already a fantastic tablet for gaming, but the Nexus 10 2014 could be the definitive ‘go-to’ tablet if you want to run every single game from the Play store flawlessly.

We do hope that Google announces something soon, as most of you will agree that the thin rumors are getting a bit tiresome now.

How long are you prepared to sit and put up with Google’s silent tactics?

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  • sosoman

    totally agree with Moab34 abd cmfaub…this is getting old and QUICK !!!! if google don’t come out with it in the next month I’m buying something else…sick n tired of waiting…

  • Moab34

    I to am one of the many anxiously waiting for this new tablet and have gone to great lengths to put off buying something. It has been very irritating and inconvenient.

  • Jacob Ian Matthews

    I really hope that Google releases this new Nexus 10 very soon. I have been waiting for months, and I’m getting annoyed. I know that this tablet is going to be incredible when it comes out, thanks to vanilla android. They need to hurry up or they will lose people’s interest.

  • cmfaub

    I’m ready to jump ship. I’m still using the moto xoom. I’m tired of waiting, the only thing that keeps me waiting are the updates a nexus device would receive.

  • Johnny B

    It’s been a couple years, and still no Motorola Nexus device?

    • Todd_in_BMore

      With the Moto X and particularly the Moto G the skinning on top of kit kat is minimal and they are rolling out updates fast. I think this is the future for Moto: not to create Nexus reference devices but to show manufacturers the “right” way to differentiate.

      Most Android devices simply do not update fast enough, frequently enough or long enough – with the US carriers making things even worse with their “testing.” I got tired of waiting and went Nexus 5 because it’s a solid value, a great phone and I finally will get updates at a regular clip (plus having a Nexus tablet means one less operating system in my life: everything is in the same place.)

      I will say having Nexus devices is a mixed bag: sure you get updates first but you also become a glorified beta tester for google. Kit-kat is on 4.4.2 thanks to all the issues Nexus device users experienced (and continue to.)

      • deppman

        Indeed, the Bluetooth stack on 4.2.2 is wonky. I have to disable wireless so that it doesn’t randomly disconnect from my car audio system. Grrr…