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Minecraft Marvel skins tease for PS3 owners

Back in December we knew two things, one was that Minecraft was going to get a set of new Marvel skins for the Xbox 360 version, and secondly there was the release of the PS3 port. It was obvious that the latter was the bigger news, and we have heard from so many PlayStation 3 owners about how much they are enjoying the game on their chosen platform.

Like the Xbox 360 before it, the PS3 version of Minecraft has to play catch up because we know that the other platforms have the head start and as such has far more to offer.

The Minecraft Marvel Avengers skins is a fine example of this because Microsoft has been teasing this add-on with a video showcasing what you get from the skin pack.

It is obvious that Microsoft is doing this for two reasons, one to promote the new skins and tempt fans into downloading them, and secondly to tease PS3 owners who cannot get hold of this skin pack just yet.

Now that this skin pack and PS3 version has been released we wonder what’s next, the Xbox One and PS4 ports or updates for the versions already available?



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