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Sleeping Dogs Xbox 360 revival before 2

We all know that Sleeping Dogs 2 is on the way soon, and it could be called Sleeping Dogs Triad Wars. In the meantime though, the original game has been given something of a revival on Xbox 360, thanks to Microsoft deciding to offer the game for free as part of January’s Games for Gold promotion.

For those who are not familiar with the game, it’s something of a hidden success for United Front Games, with the open-world game taking place in Hong Kong and featuring an accurate representation of the vibrant city with some truly gorgeous visuals.

With that in mind, optimism is high for the sequel but Xbox 360 players have the opportunity to play the original for free. If you have a gold subscription, you can now head to the marketplace and download Sleeping Dogs for free, until January 15th.

Most of you have probably already done this, so consider this a final heads-up to those who haven’t yet before the deal expires.

Watch the clip below for a reminder of the great gameplay that awaits you. Let us know if you think Sleeping Dogs is actually better than GTA V.



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