Skyrim PS4, Xbox One dreams with Creation Kit

By Alan Ng - Jan 9, 2014

Could we finally be ready to witness Skyrim running on PS4 and Xbox One consoles? It has been rumored for a long time, but now we appear to have conclusive evidence that this will be a reality.

Bethesda has sent out emails, apparently teasing a big announcement on January 12. They are not saying what this is, but their secret could have been spoiled by their own doing.

Head to the Skyrim website here. What do you see under the box art where it lists Skyrim platforms – the game ‘available’ on PS4 and Xbox One.

It looks like Bethesda has ruined their own party – what an almighty mistake if so. Skyrim on the PS4 and Xbox One though, what an amazing prospect that would be. We’re thinking that the added power could give PS4 and Xbox One users the option of having the Skyrim Creation Kit on board too.

Could this be real?!

Could this be real?!

That in turn would ensure that console Skyrim players will finally have endless content at their finger tips once modders start their magic.

We’re very excited about this. As we wait for more evidence – give us your reaction of Skyrim coming to PS4 and Xbox One. What does this mean to you?

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  • Jon

    Really doubt it’s going to have the creation kit. Probably a simple port with 1080P. And even if it did, SKSE wouldn’t work, and therefore every mod that requires it wouldn’t be able to be ported. Also, I don’t think PS4 supports keyboards ATM, so console commands are out.

  • bob

    Lol its january 12th…. why put 14?

    • NgTurbo

      I obviously intended to create a massive cloud of confusion on Thursday morning…

      Sorry bob, it’s fixed. I’m human! 🙂

    • Pun Pun

      2014 moron it’s the year not day STupidFCK haha