Pokemon X and Y Pokebank pressure on Nintendo

By Alan Ng - Jan 9, 2014

The Pokemon X and Y Pokebank release date in US and UK is still not live, with many fans wondering what Nintendo are up to. The delay is bad enough, but perhaps the biggest problem for the millions of Pokemon fans is that there has been no communication from Nintendo on the matter.

As we all know with game content delays, communication is key. Especially with the emerging importance of social media threatening to blow up anything that fans are not happy about.

News of the Pokemon X and Y Pokebank release date delay now appears to have been the last straw for many fans, with some surprising feedback we’ve read suggesting that Nintendo cannot be forgiven. We’ve seen the Japanese company being accused of ‘bias’ towards Japanese consumers vs the Western world, while others simply cannot understand why Nintendo are staying completely silent on the matter.

We understand that there’s a big problem preventing Pokebank from going live, but then again it isn’t exactly hard to send out a few official Tweets to calm everydown down.

Just to give you an idea of how fans are feeling, here’s some reaction from Twitter on the delay:

One user has even gone to the length of teasing Pokemon fans by attempting to photoshop the official Pokemon Twitter account:

As you can see, anticipation for the delayed feature is sky high at the moment. Some kind of official clarification from Nintendo would be welcome. We’ll try to reach out to the company and let us know if we hear back.

Are you more angry with Nintendo about the lack of communication, rather than the delay itself now?

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    with the pokebank being so delayed soon their will be no point of it as the japanese players will be trading these pokemon over gts/wonder trade and everyone can have what they want

  • Willhoom

    Could’ve just made the pokebank something physical to purchase, knowing Nintendo they probably prefer wasting plastic than doing stuff digitally anyway ¦P

  • Derek

    Nintendo just totally dropped the ball on this one. I don’t understand why they didn’t include the option to transfer Pokémon from previous games in the first place. So they make an app that you have to pay for? Now they’re even delaying it?? Come on Nintendo, I know you’re better than this. I know that the game and company is located in Japan, but they have to treat their audience equally all across the globe.

  • Mike Wright

    I just want my pokes man :/

  • Xeric Castillo

    Look at Rockstar’s own cloud-based server launch of GTA Online and you will find your answer. Cloud-Server Technology is still Buggy at best. It took several weeks for Rockstar to fix the problem and finally allowed Gamers to log in to the cloud-servers. Nintendo is anticipating a similar problem with PokeBank.

    There are millions of Pokemon players that will bring down the bank, just like it happen with GTA ONLINE.

  • mapijs

    I find this rather funny and ironic, they want us to pay for poke bank so they can keep it online even thought they can’t even get it online XD

  • Ratata’s butt

    I don’t give a flying ratata’s butt about having the space to store 3000 pokemon or whatever. I just want to transfer pokemon from my previous games. It’s bad enough that it wasn’t available from the game release so we had one less avenue of gameplay but they’re also gonna make us pay for the luxury of a power we’ve had in practically every Gen? I was passive about paying before but now I’m just gonna shift everything in the first month and delete the app. With a game that took me half the usual time to complete I would have at least expected to be able to complete my dex. Thanks Nintendo. You’ve really made this fan happy. -_-

  • PKMN Trainer Andrew

    Its mostly the delay. Most people don’t care about the PokeBank to be honest. We just want a way to transfer Pokemon from previous generations to X and Y. This is, to be bluntly honest, a feature that should have been ready on release day. There was no good excuse to make us wait until December 27th. But we were all patient with them and waited to that day… and then this happens? Not only that, but there’s NO communication at all from Nintendo? Really? Thats just inexcusable. They better find a way to make it up to us.

    • NiftyGam3r

      “Bluntly honest” thats redundant

      • TheCheese

        False, you can be honest without being straightforward. Being blunt means you do not hide behind your words of sugar coat. If you’re gonna correct people do it properly.

        • NiftyGam3r

          Look up your definitions before attempting to correct someone, out of the several definitions listed for “blunt” honesty is one of them. Therefore to describe a perspective as both blunt and honest is redundant. You and the people who liked your comment are idiots

  • Yip

    Nintendo continues to fall behind when it comes to these seemingly feasible issues… What exactly were they working on all these years and additional months after the release of x and y? Common sense would expect such a high demand especially considering they intentionally delayed the bank and transporter till two days after Christmas. Funny how they could strategically delay this releAse for after the biggest shopping holiday season and somehow not have any anticipation for such a high demand. It seems to me they released the date late only as a marketing strategy for the sales and they engaged in some deceptive trade practices… I would be willing to join a class action suit

  • helpful soul


  • helpful soul

    Nintendo will be releasing it hopefully on the 15th if not they have said anywhere between the 10th of January to the 10th of February

  • Awesom914

    Minor events!?!? They get legendary shinies over wifi all the time!! This is just another round of crap while nintendo acts bias

  • Mr. X

    Iunderstand the possible bias towards Japan. I’m kinda mad because of all the events they get that america doesn’t. But at the same time i know how much work it would be to release an event worldwide, so i’m not all that bothered by it, especially since they only really give them minor events.

    • gringo

      It’s not that hard to put something on the internet. Or to even put it on a game pack and send it out like they do anyway. It’s the fact that Pokemon is based in Japan so they spoil Japan players and everything else to world is “rare”

  • Matt

    Its a total mess. Im angry about both the communication and the delay. The asian players are an advantage when it comes to the ranked matches because they are able to bring over 6 IV pokemon for easy breeding and hidden abilities not available in X. Best part is, more people care about poketransfer than the bank. If they allowed trading or an ingame transfer service like previous generations there would be no issue.

    • Michael Ngo

      To make it fair for us, online should ban non-native pokemon over until the issue is resolved. And after that, continue not allowing users who has the bank early from using non natives based on the day of the delays.

  • Lex Ryan

    The communication; this day and age it’s more important than it used to be, but the people running things are, well, old. Nintendo did mention the other day that they are in the process of testing it and will release it when they are sure it’s good, but what exactly does that mean? What steps are they taking exactly? should I expect tomorrow? Or next month? It’s very frustrating.

    • helpful soul

      nintendo will be releasing it hopefully on the 15th if not they have said anywhere between the 10th of January to the 10th of February

      • guest


        • bert

          The source is the inner canal of his anus, because he’s either making it up or he read got the information from a faked image like the “7 Jan 2013” image.

          And to Lex Ryan: the people who run Nintendo may be old, but Nintendo is a MASSIVE GLOBAL COMPANY. To think that they don’t have a team of people well versed in today’s forms of communication would be absurd. You make it sound as though Nintendo is run solely by a team of geriatrics who don’t understand how to “hashtag the twitter.” I can 100% assure you they understand the importance of releasing information, the outrage is stemmed from the fact that they haven’t. No one has any idea where the reluctance to give us SOME sort of feedback is coming from. They just keep saying, “We’re working on it lol thanx 4 ur patience.” It’s completely ridiculous.

        • helpful soul

          thee source is NoA CEO in a press conference two days ago they announced two possible dates either the 15th or 23 of January but also said it could wait and be done either earlier or later so don’t start looking until tomorrow

        • helpful soul

          NoA CEO stated in a Nintendo only conference yesterday i will be released the 15th or the 23rd

        • helpful soul

          should say it