iPhone Phablet 2014 release date picks up pace

By Alan Ng - Jan 9, 2014

Not content with Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 4 release date in 2014, it looks like Apple are finally ready to make their move. Rumors from the Far East are now swirling, suggesting that Apple may have plans to release a 2014 iPhone Phablet, which could be coming as soon as this Summer.

We have heard numerous times about plans for a bigger iPhone that will be on the way after the 5-inch iPhone 5S, but obviously nothing concrete from Apple.

This Chinese website suggests it will be happening in 2014 though, with Apple planning to release a device that is bigger than 5-inches in size and may feature a new Apple A8 processor as well. With rivals Samsung moving forward with 12-inch devices this year, it does seem logical for Apple to step up as well with large screen devices for consumers to choose between.

Will the fabled iPhone phablet become a reality though? A 6-inch iPhone would be an interesting prospect, just below the company’s iPad Mini range. It’s worth pointing out that if this iPhone phablet does arrive in 2014, it will be separate from the iPhone 6 range that will most likely launch towards the end of 2014 as normal.

As we await more conclusive evidence on this, treat this as an exciting rumor for now. Would you be willing to buy a 6-inch iPhone phablet or not? Give us your thoughts below.

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  • Barry Plunkett

    Yes I am going to buy the new iPhone 6 Phaplet with the Big Screen! Along with the Sapphire Glass Screen! No more screen protectors! With the 64 Bit processor and the Quad Core A8 Chip Apple will be back on top of All Cell Phones! Apple Rocks!!!

  • Sexybomber

    I am not buying iphone if the size is not at least 5.7 or 5.9. I am tired of using small phones