GTA V Mission Creator before Heists

By Alan Ng - Jan 9, 2014

While everyone waits for Rockstar to go live with the GTA V 1.09 update for PS3 and Xbox 360, it appears that one major feature has leaked. We have discovered that Rockstar may have plans for a GTA V Mission Creator, following on from the Content Creator that is already live.

As far as we’re aware, Rockstar has not gone public with these plans yet but one user appears to have found a way to locate some secret files. If we were to guess – playing a hacked version of GTA V on Xbox 360 and uncover the information before Rockstar has a chance to release.

Evidence of the GTA V Mission Creator can be seen over on GTAForums here – the reliable community where most early information posted there ends up as legit. Along with confirmation of the Mission Creator, there are already several leaked images to look through, showing some of the customization options for missions that will be available once the content goes live.

Is this real?

Is this real?

On first glance, it looks like this could be real. We know that these hacked versions of GTA V have already resulted in the GTA V DNS server problems for Rockstar, so how hard would it be to take a peek of internal files and for upcoming DLC content too?

What we want to know though, is whether the Mission Creator will also include custom missions for co-op play. If so, then Rockstar may have found another way to bring players back to the game as we all know that playing brand new missions will add significantly longevity to the game – similar to a DLC expansion pack depending on the creativity of the community.

As we await further information on this, give us your reaction to the GTA V Mission Creator. Do you think it will release with the GTA V 1.09 patch, or come afterwards?

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  • Matthew

    Rockstar said they will let users create missions AFTER the heist update as the first heist has only 80 000 dollars which is a very small amount however rockstar have claimed that it is their first beta heist because obviously they are not going to launch a 1mil heist and end up with people doing glitches in them and getting rich.

  • Vernon G

    I wouldnt get too excited about it, you will only be able to create last team standing and capture

  • Vernon G

    I wouldnt get too exicted, by the looks of it, you will only be able to create last team standing and capture!

  • Yooo

    Deesspiteeee my fearssss i danceed for youuuuu

  • Yooo

    Maybeeeeee we’re jusssss sleeeeeepwalkiiiiiiinnnnn

  • sam estell

    Anyone fancy a mess around add me on Xbox SaM ESTELL send me a message if anyone is up for it?

  • Cory_Smith

    Holy crap! This is all I have wanted was new single player missions. And now I could have infinite ones. I’m all good now!

  • hodgepodge

    yall enjoy my balls now ya here!

  • Gta lover

    My niggas

  • ceedoubleyou

    Hmm… so does this mean we can make our own heist missions? If so, suh-weet!

  • oafking2

    Story mode style missions are my favorite, making my own will rock.
    I hope short big payout missions don’t become the norm.

    • SadistiCucumbah

      You know it will be the norm, but hopefully R* will make it so you can’t receive the payout until the mission has been validated by Rockstar, I will be legit and make a Heist like mission because I’ve been waiting a while for Heists, oh well at least they made it so you can get an equivalent

      • sam estell

        I have been waiting for them to come out from the first story heists =)