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Galaxy Note 4 demand with display shock

While Samsung wowed the CES 2014 attendees with a selection of new Galaxy TabPro and Galaxy NotePro tablets, one announcement we didn’t see is the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release date, with Samsung choosing not to reveal their latest flagship Note product just yet.

Whether Samsung stays silent on the Galaxy Note 4 is irrelevant though, as we all know it is coming later on in the year. The speculation is that it will be coming during Fall 2014, which will obviously be an ideal time to release – right in the midst of any potential new products from Apple which usually release at the same period.

This week, we bring news of a potential massive change to Samsung’s Note range, specifically for the Galaxy Note 4. An article published by Bloomberg suggests that Samsung are going to adopt a three-sided display for the Galaxy Note 4.

How will this work you ask? Actually, it isn’t the first time that we have heard about Samsung using a three-sided display. This innovative approach has already been unveiled by the company last year, as you can remind yourself by watching the included clip.

Is Youm the future?
Is Youm the future?

This three-sided Galaxy Note 4 could be using the same ‘Youm’ technology that will eventually bring flexible displays from Samsung as well in the future.

Bloomberg has also said that the Galaxy Note 4 is going to be aimed at the ‘high-end’ market, so don’t expect it to be cheap if it is going to shake up the tablet game with these newer displays.

Are you ready to see the Galaxy Note 4 with a completely new display, or would you actually prefer to see a standard display with upgraded hardware specs? We say well done to Samsung for trying something new and being brave.



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