COD Ghosts clan update for PS3, Xbox 360, PC due

We have some good news for Call of Duty Ghosts clan players now. An update is on the way to the game, which should see some significant changes to the competitive nature of the game. Infinity Ward has sent out word about the incoming update and we have a list of changes for you to get an early heads-up on what is about to take place.

If you take your COD Ghosts online gaming seriously, the following eSports update to the game should be of great interest to you we feel. Firstly, we can tell you that COD Ghost clan matches will be altered, in specific relation to how players spawn – Infinity Ward has confirmed.

Some other key changes are as followed, confirmed on the Call of Duty Forums along with a lengthy list of other improvements / alterations:

These will be coming to the game at a later date –

– Regarding eSports specifically in the immediate future, we aim to:
– Restrict Ghillie suits in competitive rules.
– Restrict Tracker Sights in competitive rules.
– Restrict Danger Close in competitive rules.
– Disable third-person spectating in competitive Private Matches.
– Add a kill feed to Broadcaster mode.
– Address Broadcaster mode stability (squash crash bugs).

That is just for starters. You will find a full list of other changes that are coming to competitive COD Ghosts clan matches. It’s great to see Infinity Ward take feedback so seriously and send out word early giving all players a heads-up of the changes.

Another thing to note is that some of these changes will be coming via hotfixes, meaning that it will happen automatically on Infinity Ward’s end, rather than you having to install a lengthy update. If you regularly play in COD Ghosts clan matches, we recommend you head to the forums to read through everything clearly.

Are you happy with the issues raised by Infinity Ward, or is there something that you would like to add to this list?



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