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Tubemate app for iPad relieves stress

If you have been looking for a Tubemate app download for iPhone and iPad, it looks like a solution has finally become available. Tubemate has been making Android users very happy in recent weeks, but now those with an iPad can finally give the app a go as well.

The legality of the app is still up for questioning, but at the moment we see that the Tubemate app for iOS is available to download freely on Apple’s store. It essentially includes a built in YouTube app, but allows you to download videos into a Tubemate folder for quick access.

Using the TubeMate turbo mode, the process is quick as well. Simply type in the song you want to listen to and an option will come up whether you want to download it or not. Once you have done that, head to the Videos tab at the bottom and you’ll see the downloaded video is available for quick listening.

Theoretically, users can download multiple videos and essentially create a YouTube playlist which may be quicker and easier to do than using the official YouTube app from Google.

We’re hearing that the Tubemate app for Android also allows users to save YouTube videos as MP3 files, but we’re guessing that’s when Apple will have a big problem with the app.

Have you tried out Tubemate for iPad and other devices yet? If so, give us your thoughts on the app below.



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