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Titanfall release date hype after multiplayer count

If you are looking forward to the highly anticipated Titanfall release date this March, you may be interested in hearing an update on the game’s multiplayer component. This week, it has been revealed that multiplayer only has support for 6vs6 online – a total of 12 players.

Considering that Titanfall is coming to the next-gen Xbox One, we’ve already seen some negative feedback on this from those who are a bit shocked that the player count isn’t higher. Respawn Entertainment has said that 12 players is the ‘best balance’ for the game, adding that this amount of players will still end up as a fun experience for everyone.

Were you expecting 24 players though at the very least, split between teams of 12 on each side? If we’re honest, we also were expecting to see something along the lines of 12 players on Xbox 360, 24 players on Xbox One.

12 players appears to be the cap for both platforms though, so it will be interesting to see what everyone thinks about this in the build up to launch. Will the hype still be there with just 12 players online compared to a few months ago when every Xbox fan could not wait to get their hands on the game?

Titanfall is due out on March 11, so let us know if you are still willing to buy the game despite the low player count.



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