Snapchat hacked victims need GS Lookup app

If you are worried that your Snapchat hacked pictures are circulating online, we’re pleased to say that there is a solution that is now available if you are fearing that your Snapchat account has been hacked. We’ve been notified of several online checkers, allowing affected users to check whether they have been targeted by the attack or not.

We first told you about the troubling Snapchat hack here, where a team were able to obtain phone numbers and Snapchat hacked pictures. As you can imagine given the social nature of Snapchat, these pictures are very private to some users so you can understand the panic that is currently going around.

Fortunately, some clever developers have created a way for you to check within seconds to see whether you are a part of the Snapchat leaked list or not. The first Snapchat hacked app you need is called GS Lookup.

It’s an online tool available to anyone – simply type in your Snapchat username and the tool will tell you if you have been hacked or not. If you are in the clear, you’ll receive the message ‘You’re safe’ and that your data hasn’t been obtained by cyber thieves.

Has your data been compromised?
Has your data been compromised?

The other tool that you may want to try is This operates in a similar way, but also allows you to enter your phone number for clearer confirmation.

Try it out for yourself now and let us know how you get on. Hopefully none of you have been caught up in the mess.



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