Marvel’s Avengers Alliance PVP desperation

By Alan Ng - Jan 8, 2014

If you are an Avengers Alliance player, you are probably in the midst of playing through Avengers Alliance PVP season 13, in an effort to win Agent Venom and the dazzling Empowered Bruiser Armor.

Unfortunately though, most of you will agree that this is no easy task. Winning the Diamond rewards and upwards remains a tough task for most players, especially to those that are not intending to use a credit card to buy their way to victory.

We’ve seen evidence of the desperation and gambling addiction tactics that some players use, often spending over $1000 USD (every month!) to ensure their place in Adamantium league at the end of the season. Developers Playdom effectively encourage this as well, even deploying a roulette respin system giving players the temptation to spend even more money on the game.

It’s a worrying trend that doesn’t look like ending any time soon. Playdom make something of a fortune by making the PVP feature gold-orientated, while players willing to pay large amounts end up with the prizes each month – a win win situation right?

It’s a painful task though for the free player. You’ll see the screenshot above which shows many players exploiting the game’s mechanics to move up the ladder without even competing in the tournament.

In a nutshell: Ongoing problems with PVP matchmaking, exploits and the endless bugs present in the story mode part of the game, combined with the developers Playdom who are more than happy to ignore these issues as they focus on ways to get players to spend more money on the game.

One question from us: Do Marvel and Disney really know what goes on with this game, deep down amidst all of the bugs? Even mentioning the words ‘Playdom customer service’ is another story in itself as most of you will tell us.

If you are a player of Avengers Alliance on Facebook, give us your thoughts on the current PVP system.

Do you agree with the points raised above, or do you have no problems buying gold to keep the game running?

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  • Akiem Reece-Ciadat

    I think if they cut the cost of everything in half by 50%, they would
    increase their profits overall and it would satisfy all players more.

    It would be easier for Free Players to attain items and characters and
    they wouldn’t have to spend as much money as they do now in order to
    advance rapidly. People who already spend tons of money will be able to
    benefit also because now instead of spending more, they can spend the
    same amount and earn double the prizes.

    Overall I think more people wouldn’t mind spending money if there was more value in it for their dollar.

    Just cut all prices in half.
    For example instead of having new heroes cost 90CP, start making them 45CP.
    Instead of having new weapons cost upwards of 60Gold, have them cost 30Gold.

    More people would buy that overall then just the selected few that can afford and are super addicted.

  • Andy

    I do not spend gold on this game and I do not find any difficulty staying competitive. Everything becomes free eventually and if you are willing to grind you can get most items and enough command points to buy most heroes. Grind for lock boxes to get the exclusive heroes. Some of the ISO special events are the only things that I find difficult to complete. It just takes time. I do not waste the gold you get from levelling. I use my command points wisely and do not buy alternative costumes or 200 point heroes. The only resource I am short on is silver to train everyone.

  • Curtis Lebert-Dean

    I hope Marvel and Disney are unaware of how their names are being tarnished by this game. With the amount of bugs, classless appeal to gambler’s addiction and novelty, in combination with the blatant lack of customer interest/empathy, Playdom, through association, has now discredited Marvel and Disney. The best thing Disney and Marvel could do is shutdown Playdom’s MAA via court order until the game is either terminated or, a quality control department is established so as to prevent further damage to their image and credibility.

  • Shawn Winchester

    this game is very annoying. im not spending another dime. eventually everything is free in time. ppl spemt mad money on winning psylocke, just for her to become buyable with command points. lol. still, the concept is great, the execution is horrible. what really pisses me off is the network. i have an iphone 5. so if i decide to switch to android, im screwed. i cant use my saved datsa unless its in an ios device. this is very condesending…

  • Rexx

    I think that the so called “PVP” should be renamed, because it is VERY misleading. Call it something else like some sort battle of tournament, but it is not a true Player versus Player. Everything in this too am a free player and refuse to blow a small fortune on this game, especially with all of the issues it has right now.

    • NgTurbo

      Have to agree with you on this… it’s not a true ‘PVP’.. especially with no live agent vs agent ally matches.

  • Chớp’s DawnMiracles

    i think that’s how every online game worked, i’m non-gold player, so i’ll be satisfied with my place, the gold-buyers get what they deserved 🙂