iSense 3D scanner for iPad unveiled at CES 2014

By Matt Tran - Jan 8, 2014

If you are looking for a cool new accessory for your iPad then turn a glance over to CES 2014 where 3D Systems has unveiled a little treat. The iSense 3D scanner connects on to the back of your iPad and will pick up real time 3D images, giving you options to edit and print.

The iSense device has come a long way and by far bettered its predecessor, the Sense 3D scanner. For starters the size has been decreased big time, and having the accessory clipped on to the back of an iPad seems far more smooth than pointing a big scanner at people. You can get a better comparison of the scanners by looking at the images.


The iSense scanner is being tipped for a second quarter release, although this may be ambitious considering the product is still at prototype stage. A price of roughly $499 is widely expected, a $100 increase on the Sense. Whilst this is a hefty price for a periphery, the iSense is a huge upgrade on the original and is now far more portable which could tempt more buyers.

You can see some hands on images from CES with the iSense 3D scanner over at Engadget. Is this an accessory that you would buy for your iPad? Let us know if you think the 3D scanner is worth its price tag.

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  • jamie

    So I’ve got to remove my apple made, iPad cover to fit this.