GTA V 1.09 patch prep with secret DNS update

Those of you preparing for the GTA V 1.09 release time need to pay attention, as it looks like Rockstar has finally taken action. Players have been using various exploits to use unlimited money glitches in 1.08, including using DNS servers which players have been going nuts about.

However, whispers are emerging now that Rockstar has secretly deployed a pre-1.09 patch – which specifically targets these DNS servers and have shut them down before 1.09 lands with all access closed off for good.

This may be debatable though, as we are still getting feedback from some of you who tell us that GTA V DNS code servers are still live in the game, even after this stealth hotfix before 1.09. Rockstar has attempted to fix the problem though behind the scenes, so those of you playing legitimately should be hopeful that the 1.09 patch is going to bring the fun back to GTA V.

These unlimited money lobbies were badly needed for some GTA V players, but ultimately it’s a good idea that Rockstar removes them from the game for good – for balance reasons.

Watch the clip below to hear a summary of the stealth patch that Rockstar has sent out for GTA Online, just before the imminent 1.09 update which is surely around the corner.

Have you noticed anything different when playing online over the last few days? If so, leave your thoughts below and also your reaction to DNS servers behind shut down.

Don’t forget to check out the predicted GTA V 1.09 patch notes here.



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