GTA V 1.09 patch prep with secret DNS update

By Alan Ng - Jan 8, 2014

Those of you preparing for the GTA V 1.09 release time need to pay attention, as it looks like Rockstar has finally taken action. Players have been using various exploits to use unlimited money glitches in 1.08, including using DNS servers which players have been going nuts about.

However, whispers are emerging now that Rockstar has secretly deployed a pre-1.09 patch – which specifically targets these DNS servers and have shut them down before 1.09 lands with all access closed off for good.

This may be debatable though, as we are still getting feedback from some of you who tell us that GTA V DNS code servers are still live in the game, even after this stealth hotfix before 1.09. Rockstar has attempted to fix the problem though behind the scenes, so those of you playing legitimately should be hopeful that the 1.09 patch is going to bring the fun back to GTA V.

These unlimited money lobbies were badly needed for some GTA V players, but ultimately it’s a good idea that Rockstar removes them from the game for good – for balance reasons.

Watch the clip below to hear a summary of the stealth patch that Rockstar has sent out for GTA Online, just before the imminent 1.09 update which is surely around the corner.

Have you noticed anything different when playing online over the last few days? If so, leave your thoughts below and also your reaction to DNS servers behind shut down.

Don’t forget to check out the predicted GTA V 1.09 patch notes here.

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  • Malik225

    Typical, R* wants you to pay 50 US dollars for 2.5 million in GTA cash? 50 bucks? really? I could basically buy another PS3 game for 50 bucks. Get into a few lobbies with a couple A*holes and you will spend 2.5 mill in a week just trying to defend yourself. What to do then? Pay another 50 dollars for more cash? Not I.

  • Mtoomb

    Why ANYONE would play Online right now is ridiculous. I got to lvl 60 with a cool $2 million and got so bored I restarted the FAR superior Singleplayer game. Until heists come I don’t want anything to do with it, especially on a public server?! Hell no! Invite only 24/7

    • stephen

      someone sounds scared, hiding in a lobby by yourself whats the point of that

      • Mtoomb

        I’m not alone, I’m here with my punctuation and grammar. Jackass.


    Rockstar have messed up what could of been this centurys greatest online gaming world, their loss, and now so many who used the exploit are feeling it, for being banned for excepting money given to them, im still waiting after being wrongfully banned 6 weeks ago, only just received their support notification that thwy were going to look into it. ROCKSTAR YOUR SHARES GOING DOWNHILL

    • Adrian Ellis

      You’re wrong. Nobody has been banned for accepting money from
      hackers/moders. Everybody I know from GTA Online has been given
      millions/billions of GTA$ by hackers. There’s not much you can do about
      that money unless you ask R* to take it from your account! Even then
      there’s just too many players for them to consider.
      Maybe some hackers have been banned, but it’s the people who promote/provide the hacks (on youtube) that R* want to target. I doubt they’re even going to ban players for using hacks. They’re still in almost every public lobby.


    ok so im lvl 259 do any of u think i hack or no?

    • deezeknuts

      Yes…or you have absolutely no life

    • justin chapman

      Yes been on hours everyday busting my ass only at 69 so without cheating how did you get to 259

      • SwAy CKrebel

        For all of you new people at this game who think high levels hack… When online first game out it was very easy to level up. Only with the first few patches was the leveling made much more difficult. If you paid attention the first level 1000 was hit a month ago, live streamed in fact, all legitimate. Proud to be a legit high level and a person who worked hard for what I have in the game

        • SwAy CKrebel

          Also for all my fellow legit players prepare to get screwed along with the people who cheat the game. Rockstar has made record money off this game and honestly just doesn’t care who they screw over. A strong opinion I do realize, but for those who follow this game and how things have been going it is a very shady process. And I’m not referring to the difficulties of an online open world. Everyone knows that is a tough accomplishment

    • cheater

      Anything over level 200 then yeah you cheated or were a victim to a hacker mod. Sorry but I been busting as since they released and I’m finally at level 100 and that’s me playing over 10 hours a day. I have no job or gf I’m a lower that does nothing but play gta so yes you cheated or were a victim of a hacker. Bye bye now. Time to jack off then play more gta. Maybe I’ll do both at the same time. Hmm yummy yum cum in a big barrel drum. Open up your mouth and get some cummy cum cum on your fugly ugly tongue.

  • Shasta_McCool

    I am level 32, I have accumulated about 700,000 dollars so far in my total time of playing for 1 day, 18 hours, 32 minutes and 13 seconds. The game was made to be like this. Though I have not made even a million dollars, I still own: a 200,000 apartment, a sports car that may be free, the elegy, but still kicks a ton of ass in races, a wardrobe containing enough clothing, that I could clothe 100 other people, and my guns are also pretty well suited suggesting my kill/death ratio of 3.64. I am not a cheater, yet I still have all of these nice things. So stop complaining about how you were put into a hacked lobby and money was forced upon you, that’s why they have the invite only option on GTA: Online.

    • Crusina .

      I joined a normal server and got that money. I don’t join a lobby and have a “hacker alert!” radar go off.

      You have some seriously stupid logic. I shouldn’t have to play invite only. That’s like saying you should only play Private Servers in Battlefield because their are some aimbotters.

      • Shasta_McCool

        It’s called feeding the fire 🙂

      • Shasta_McCool

        By putting random and useless information out into the comments allows for increased energy within the comments section. This allows me to see how people within society would react something they disagree with. Obviously you enjoy your time on GTA: Online and I respect that. KEEP PLAYING 🙂

  • mike

    Players blowing up my personal vehicles and not having to pay for them I’ve paid over 10k to replace my cars, i dont cheat so i dont have a billion dollars 10k+ is a lot for me

    • TheDudeThatKillsYou

      I am level 479 and as soon as I join a lobby I call Pegasus to deliver my million dollar tank down the street from my house. I then proceed to kill every player I come into contact with (even hunting most down and of course never having to pay for their cars) repeatedly until they leave or I get bored and go to a new server to start over. I also use a DNS server to escape the cheater pool and do it to players that can’t possibly afford to fix their cars. 🙂

  • tyrace

    I think it’s stupid this is a video game so what if someone wants to give you millions of dollars Rockstar need to fix this damn game make the playoffs I want to jump you don’t dive head first the police do too much The game glitch too much why can I give my money away crew member why don’t try to hurry up and open up the damn casino and the real estate on the game is starting to get a little barand let us fight inside of the strip club inside of our apartment because sometimes it be people there that you don’t want there and got a bday ass to get them out if you want to put the people somewhere forget that Chipotle just build the jail when you can sit in there for couple of weeks or something make some activities that you can do a lot of your house

  • irritatedwithrockstar

    I recently joined a lobby and found 3 people over a level 400….one was a level 1000 and that guy had the nerve to tell me he has gotten his rank on his own with no glitching….I am calling BS. I was in the same boat as many others where people were putting money in my account…I think that was very nice but it puts a target on everyone’s back. I just want the people who use these invincibility glitches and mission and race glitches where they rank up multiple times after a race to be banned. I cant even remember how many emails I have sent to rockstar with people’s gamertags who are ranked some ungodly amount knowing full well you couldnt acheive even if you played every hour of every day since the game came out.

    • YaBoi Sa’Ditty

      I been playing since October to 3 a.m. Central time and I’m on level 93 with no cheats or glitches….but I agree they should be kicked for that reason..

  • Princess Ward

    This is crap I’ve been put in a bloody cheaters lobby for 3 weeks an still in it for something I didn’t do so rockstar instead of putting innocent ppl in a cheaters lobby take us out of it

  • Burdy

    I dunno. GTA Online seemed so promising to me until they tried pulling that Micro Transaction BS. I mean, yeah it’s fun and all but trying stressfully to have people buy micro transactions is just going to lead to these kinds of things. And in truth, why the hell would I want to pay $50 in real money for 3.5 million fake video game dollars? Considering that this game was based on stealing fake video game money, I think the people that modded the game servers to get money have truly understood the moral of the story

    • BOB


  • O4ts’s glorious killing people in god-mode. Get any land vehicle (except a bike), hit them, drive on top of them, and just sit there.

    • Kane- Rollin Heights Ballas

      thats what i do to people like you with tanks

  • O4ts

    Noticed that 100% armor on cars feels like 40%. Merryweather jeep isn’t as fast or as tough as it once was. Random plane and helicopter spawns are annoying at times.

  • Grumpy

    The HotPatch is not working people r still in that God mode and still giving out $1b bountys.

  • Sarwar

    Rockstar should have an option, where people can host their own lobbies, with their own settings and it won’t harm the actual online. That way, it’s win-win.

    • Bjarte

      You can host your own game you dipshit. Make a invite only game.

      • justin chapman

        Lol,well put

      • Lisa D

        oi, your the dipsht, yea you can host a game, and what exactly are the settings? no options, at least gta4 has a decent party mode, no cops no missions, or you can choose your own * Settings * just enjoy your freinds with no bad sports risks, or other anoying gta5 online factors. so before you call ppl names stfu and think!,

        • Grammarian

          Learn to spell.

  • ian

    Just done a mission with crew and getting sent in to open lobby, just to get
    Given 2.2 billion bounty my head , rockstar you suck big time, this game is on the
    Same track as red dead redemption , pull you’re finger out

  • rob

    yes i have noticed that the 2 ps3’s i have in the house all legit game play, except for getting free cash-both playstations only get 5 to 10 minutes game play in public lobby before booted back to a 1 player lobby

  • mistahrich

    i never used a dns code or server or whatever. i play legit, i have about 7 billion. i dont want it. i never asked for it. i was just playing one day and i recieved 500 million and than 800 million and then 240 million twice and so on. its quite annoying. and ive been reading online and i hope they dont reset my level to level 30 because i worked hard to get to level 63. all i want them too do is take all that money and leave me with the 2.5 million i had before that and leave me with my cars and my house and ill be ok. i hate that all these lame ass kids have to cheat just to have fun. i feel like they should just play a different game

    • Lean_City

      you can say wat u wan u asked for that money

  • ChrisP.121

    I hate them because ur supposed to work for ur money not take a 2 billion dollar bounty
    And I also hate the invisible ppl in the servers its like they are saying that they suck at the game so they need a cheat so no one can kill him or her but spawn traps u for hours

  • jimmy karlo

    people only use dns cause theyre not going 2 sit there and try and level up they us it and mess about with friends not sit on their ass all day 2 level up

    • witepower

      God damn fn nerds

  • oafking2

    “oh but the cheaters and their needs for things” F the cheaters.

  • Kyle Scuffins

    I am so annoyed with the DNS servers and people giving out loads of money which I don’t want, I have left all the money they gave me in my hand so if I get banned for having too much money I can say nope just take the money they gave me which I didn’t want which is in my hand because I have spent ages on GTA V trying to get the best cars and everything and if I get reset for too much money and lose everything I won’t be happy

  • jimmy69

    lol I glitched around $20 million with the selling car glitch and have a good apartment and the best cars, I knew the DNS would get people banned so I avoided it but F*ck R* for nerfing all the payout greedy company

  • jimmy69

    R* have proven to be a greedy company, I get the hacks need to be removed but they have nerfed everything for online. The Single player was good but too short I thought the online would make up for that. There are too many costs e.g. ammo is expensive $12k for insurance to replace car. They want everyone to pay for fake GTA$. We already paid good money for the game. And they can’t even fix the connection problems with their rubbish servers instead the blame the problems on the players. Once some good games come out for the PS4 I will move to that

    • Trey

      What do you mean rubbish server? I never lag clearly get a better connection you goof

      • Kane- Rollin Heights Ballas

        i never paid 12k for insurance. if u glitched up enough to get an adder, u should glitch enough to have money to pay for insurance

    • Blake Frye

      12k insurance deductible is only on the adder a.k.a the “best” car in the game

      A sultan costs under 200 to replace, while a carbonizzaire is about 3000 if I’m not mistaken.

      It’s all relative

  • MadGuy74

    How can anyone enjoy the game if it freezes/crashes everytime?

  • geramy

    this is all gay I say if they take everything away im not gonna bother to play it ever again

  • Your pal, Jesus

    I can’t wait to see how R* deal with the modders and all of the billionaires (myself included) in GTA Online. There were so many different mods used to increase cash and RP that I would expect the easiest solution would be to wipe everyone’s balance to 0, probably killing the game in the process.

    I got to over level 50 before I got given a DNS code for a server that supposedly only had the Xmas DLC (snow etc), but had a lot of other settings altered too. In no time at all I ranked up almost 20 levels and when I reset my connection to normal and removed the DNS I was over level 75 and had 5 billion in the bank. I haven’t reported this to R* as the game was actually enjoyable when you had money to spend. A ten car garage full of super cars and the Buzzard and Tank on call definitely improve your options. I’m sure I’ll get banned, and have no complaints if that happens, I went on the DNS of my own free will and I accept any consequences. If I don’t get banned I have a feeling I will be seeing an empty garage and bank account when I log in after the 1.09 update…it was fun while it lasted and at least I’ll not have to play low paying heists. Anyone who thinks they will be worth serious money are kidding themselves, those overpriced credit card things don’t sell themselves…

  • amanda

    i have snap my gta v game, i peronally think its crap.. the story mode was not long enough, there should more to the story. Gta v online was worse, got reset so many times when the game first started, same boring missions, same boring races, there nothing new online, the free dlc was crap, too many modders, got sick of dying from these hackers, but i know some ppl were a bit happier as at least the could buy things instead of trying to earn it.. ppl got fed up with the crappy rp n money from every mission n race they did. since day 1, ive hear at least over 100 ppl complaing how borning it was, nothing to do, always kicked, no new cars, planes, clothes, hairstyles, hats,masks,make up, tattoos, no new paint colors, no new mods to cars, too hard to level up,no pets,no customize ur own appartment n not looking the same as everyone else, should be more than a 10 car garage, better houses to live in, why is there a bath if u cant use it. there should b missions we can do with micheal,franklin n trevor. make things fresher, newer, exciting. ur not thinking about the ppl that play it, ur only thinking about the money u get..i be going back to play black ops 2 n saints row 4 at least they know what we want…

    • Blake Frye

      Why did you snap it? GameStop could’ve given you 3 bucks for it

  • Fred

    GTA Online is a mess. First, many promised features were disabled shortly after online went live. R*’s servers apparently couldn’t keep up. Things like the BAWSAQ come to mind. Also, payouts for missions have been reduced, and a number of missions have been eliminated altogether. So, I want to know, whatever happened to that “vibrant economy” they promised us. The fact is, there’s not much left to do to make money in GTA online. Who wants to do the same old missions over and over again just to make ends meet? They don’t want us to make money in the game, they would rather we buy their overpriced $GTA. Face it folks, the game is no longer about making us happy. The game is now about pleasing R*’s shareholders and Wall Street analysts.

  • Geoff

    Someone gave me 4 billion when I was just doing nothing in a game and now I’m stuck and I don’t want my xbox banned as I have done nothing wrong.

    • 12345+678

      u wont get banned there not banning anyone that had money given to them

    • jimmy69

      put a ticket in

  • god

    people have godmode still. i seen a clan of 3 with godmode ect this was yesterday 7/1/2014

  • anon

    since the quickfix!!!

  • anon

    gta lobbys are dead

    • JerbyJoober

      I just got a $1000000097 bounty placed on me and another person in my lobby. Explain that. I have a picture to prove it.