Cartoon HD app vanishes for iPhone, iPad

- Jan 8, 2014

The Cartoon HD app for iPhone and iPad has been building in popularity thanks to its ability to offer free movies, as well as cartoons, although these free downloads seem to be for films that should be paid for and this is why you will experience problems finding the Cartoon HD app on iTunes right now.

In fact, the free Cartoon HD app has vanished completely from the Apple App Store and we found the message below when looking for this application in the US iTunes Store. We found the Cartoon HD app for iPad and iPhone in Google and was told the item requested is not in the US store, but is in the UK store.


After getting the message above we were redirected to the UK iTunes store, and then received another message telling us the free Cartoon HD app is not available to download in the UK store either, as seen in the screenshot below.


You can find out the main features of the Cartoon HD app on iTunes by looking at the cache of the page. This reveals some photos, like in the screenshot below, along with details about the app like being able to watch your “favorite cartoon films”. You would have found the films listed by categories and the ability to watch them in offline mode, also the films were updated daily.


Some still use the Cartoon HD app on iPhone – it is worth noting that we received feedback from Product Reviews readers about this app and some people installed it a few weeks ago before the application was removed from iTunes. “I installed the Cartoon HD app weeks ago and it still works now, although I agree it has been removed from the App Store”, said one reader. Another added, “I heard about the free films at work today and when I got home tried to download the Cartoon HD app, but it is not on the iTunes store anymore”.

We did hear that the Cartoons HD Pro version of this app was still available to download on iTunes, although that is not true and this paid for version has been removed as well.

Some of Product Reviews readers were asking if the Cartoon HD app was legal? The answer should seem obvious now that the application has been removed by Apple, although thousands of potential users are not happy considering they gain access to free films but Apple’s position has been strict on apps like this for a few years.

Did you download the free Cartoon HD app before it was removed, and if so is it still working for you? It is worth pointing out that the application almost reached the number spot on Apple’s App Store in the UK before it got pulled.

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  • G

    On android u can get it

  • A

    I am so sad it has stopped working!!! Anyone know of a similar ap?

  • Rebecca

    We had it on 2 iPads and 2 iPhones and all 4 have stopped working today, as have friends and relatives. If anyone knows how to revive it let me know,.. Kids are devastated!

  • Micky

    I changed date back a month and it works fine ;)££

  • caira

    Same here, absolutely gutted as my little one loved all the disney and barbie movies 🙁

  • Sputum

    Any luck anybody???

  • Sputum

    Change the date of your iOS ANC it will work again. Strange I know but it works I had to change it back a good week or so

  • Mathew Perkins

    Website shut down too. Not possible to get it anymore.

  • alan

    Sorry should have been porky pig damn spell check

  • alan

    As poorly pig would say “Th… Th…. That’s all folks”. It was good while it lasted but I think that’s our lot.

  • Cat

    Mine has stopped working tonight?…..I must find something similar to this app as used it loads ;( gutted!

  • Hannah Rushton

    Ours was working fine with regular updates, but today ‘connection error’ gutted. Would live to get it back if anyone has a link?

  • Su

    Can someone email me the app thankyou

  • Su

    How can I get it back just lost it

  • Clare Saunders

    Anyone having problems as I can’t get mine to work

  • batman

    Download it directly off of their website, it still works

    • Yorkietexan

      What is the website name

  • Sam

    Hi, I downloaded it recently and selected open and it works fine.

  • Peter

    Mine is not letting me play rugrats and other episodes just movies:(:'(

  • Terry

    I have it and still more films get downloaded but it now it says they will stop using this version soon and asks if want to download the new hd version which downloads another exact same app so now you have 2, and when you go to open it, it actually asks if you want to open the app published by iphone distributor, open or quit?? Has any one opened it? As I always quit then delete the new copy of the app…

    • Ray

      How do you save the app? When I back up my iPad it does not save it?

  • how do u find the videos you downloaded in iFile or Dropall cydia tweak in Dropbox app?

  • Alisondvd

    Hi I got the app on my new iPad Air no problem watching them but cannot find how to play or where to find downloads?? It defiantly showed 2 downloading but a friend who has iPhone 5 can see her downloads mine is blank says long press the film to download which I’ve already done, also offers me the chance to upgrade everytiime I open app?? Just have no clue!!!

  • it still works

    if you know someone that still has the app get them to share it via text or email

  • baller_pimping

    This app still works perfectly for me and is still being updated with new films/programmes 👍
    The app even got updated a few days ago! After they removed it from iTunes! Redirected to a link and press ok and the new one comes downloads itself, trying to work on the link to put on here and other places!

  • Mishamishoo

    Hi, I’ve download this app before Christmas and it’s still work fine till now. Do I need to remove it from my ipad since they said this app is not legal? And what happen if I keep this app? Will I be in trouble?

  • nick

    does anyone else have issues with downloading films/cartoons onto their phone/ipad? i recently updated to a new phone and before i could download onto it no problem to watch later. now, it doesnt download on but is fine to watch when streaming!

  • Cartoonhd79

    Ive recently downloaded app from gapcenter website! Amazing! Love it! 🙂

  • kev


  • Rebecca Cleary

    My daughters has disappeared this morning, she is gutted too 🙁 Would love to know how to poss get it back…

    • kev

      gappcenter/cartoonhd for googleplay and itune app

  • Faye rads

    Pls pls pls can someone email me the link to download it? Had but it just disappeared today, my 5 year old is gutted, plus kept them entertained!! I would be so grateful.

    • LadyApril

      Try Google search “gappcenter”. Top search result of page will lead you to the app. Good luck.

  • Jordan Gayle

    I know how to get it

  • Jes Harper

    I need it back please.

    • LadyApril

      Try Google search “gappcenter”. Top search result on page will lead you to the app. Good luck.

      • Josh

        This app can harm your device as it has not been downloaded directly from the App Store any therefore could have viruses etc. People have reported having to reset their iPads and iPhones as it has caused issues to the operating system. Don’t you think it is a bit weird that it asks you if you are sure you want to open the app? I would personally deleate the app straigthaway.

        • LadyApril

          Thnks Josh for the reminder. I’ve the app installed from the site for a while now & had yet to encounter any real problems related to the app on my iPad Mini, touch wood. I found the link by chance too. I am well aware of this issue as reported here & some other sites and i believed many know the issues related to it too.
          A friendly reminder for those who found the source link, if you think you want the app & with the reported problems that it might cause to your devices, refrain frm installing it. But if you do feel the app won’t cause any harm, then it’s your choice.

  • Jes Harper

    If someone could send me theibk that would be amazing email

    • Jes Harper

      The page just come up with loads of link and symbols? How am I suppose to download it from there?

  • Jes Harper

    I had it until today watched films very day . I accidentally delete it. Is there anyway I can get it back?

    • Josh

      If you backed up your device before via iCloud or computer you will be able to retrieve the app again. Alternatively go to the gappcentre website and click on download from App Store icon and will automatically download to your device without redirecting you to the App Store .

  • Anirut Pop

    Can u send me as well

  • shanice

    can u email me the link pleaseeeee

  • alliemcg


  • alicja

    could someone please email me the link thanks :0)

  • Stuart

    Can someone please email me the app – My wee girl would absolutely love this!! Stubo x

    • LadyApril

      Google search for ” Anime/Cartoon Plus TV “. You’ll get download source link frm there. Your wee girl’ll surely njoy the cartoons 😀

      • Stuart

        Thank you so much! It works perfectly. She will be so happy 🙂

        • LadyApril


  • Khala

    My sister has the app. She is in Italy as her husband is in the army. Her app still works and has new movies such as “frozen” on it